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  1. Whats up everyone its your good old friendly neighborhood TRaSH here and I was wondering ROC took a break and has been practicing on COD and SOCOM for about 6 months. We have taken up a sponsorship through an Arizona/Ohio music label that goes by the name of Welt Muzik in which will be hosting our forum as well as sponsoring us for other league entries.. My question is from ROC and myself being previous members of the Urgent Fury world as well as playing with many of the current members.. are we still enlisted or do we need to roll back through the HELL WEEK all over again? I mean the only real thing different about the clan is that we are not known as ROC UNDEAD anymore we are now Welt Muzik's "Team Frequency"! So the clan tag as well is now "WTF" instead of "ROC" ... We would like to keep our good will towards your league and keep playing if there is anything we need to do we would do so .. Also if we you want we can roll through this Bootcamp that is new this year and assist in keeping new players up to date on the rules in which we ourselves had to learn and abide by.. Well either way please let me know because we are eager to show Ravenfall as well as the rest of Urgent Fury what we have left to offer! thanks again -Joey Logan aka TRaSH
  2. Well I its a long shot but i am hoping either way this might light a fire under their asses .... thanks keep it going!
  3. So I am running a Petition to get SOCOM 1, 2, 3 and CA on the BlueRay List like they did with God of War... So if you want to support the issue please follow the link below.. we need all the signatures we can get... Thanks TRa5H
  4. I think its a good step for certain areas of the gaming world.. I am a game design major which doesn't say much but i will be working with fields like this so in my eyes this is a good step for only certain areas. I think if you are playing online games with dedicated servers like World of Warcraft and games you pay a monthly subsription for it would make sense, but for games that you buy for the replay value this system maybe faulty. An example is I waited 4 years for the Wii and didnt buy it. I waited for this system for one reason .. they stated at the e3 demoonstration when it was under a different name that you would be able to go in and download any game in history that was on previous Nintendo Systems well with the copyrights that third party companies have this was not true and for games like Chrono Trigger from what is now Square Enix this did not happen .. So instead of going in and downloading any game from the nintendo generation. You could only download what they released that week or month. Very Faulty disbeliefs led people to buy this system. Now this system is a casual gaming system. I dont mind casual games but that is what is killing the design part of the gaming industry for the dedicated fans. Its like Guitar hero and Rock band.. Not bad games or Ideas but they will be a party favor and not be a traditional style that becomes a collectors item and will never go up in price or anything because everyone and his mother owns it. For Casual gamers I believe this OnLive would be great but for dedicated gamers this is a very cloudy world for us and I would prefer to own the rights to download them yes but I would like the hard copy sitting on my shelf in case of system failure.. Backups are always the way to save a world!