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  1. Name: Clan Killas®: “25 Soldiers” (short film) Category: Videos Date Added: 02/09/2019 Submitter: CritiKiL Recap, on our version of the infamous GTA5 “Pacific Standard Bank” Heist, with an [SCK]-twist. Credits of music by: Swiss Beatz. All Capturing, Filming, Recording, Filtering, Sound-Sampling, Audio Remixing and Video Production/Editing Processes - performed “solely” by: CritiKiL, Inc. All Rights, Reserved. Community Discord: http://discord.clankillas.games Social networks: @ClanKillas Official App Portal: http://clankillas.games Clan Killas®: “25 Soldiers” (short film)
  2. Name: Clan Killas® - GTA5: “Should’ve Known” (Montage) Category: Videos Date Added: 02/09/2019 Submitter: CritiKiL Clan Killas® - GTA5: “Should’ve Known” (Montage) Short and brief Montage of the struggles with Griefers, on GTA5. We are not Griefers, but we “are” Known - to cause them Grief! Lol 😂 Join our Community of: ”Gamers, by Gamers and For Gamers:” Discord: http://discord.clankillas.games App Portal: http://clankillas.games Follow Us: We are on All Social Networks: @ClanKillas Clan Killas® - GTA5: “Should’ve Known” (Montage)
  3. Name: Clan Killas® - GTA5: “Acquiring DJ Dixon” (Short Film) Category: Videos Date Added: 2019-01-06 Submitter: CritiKiL Remastered, CritiKiL acquires new DJ for the club... CritiKiL, SCK, Clan Killas, Online, Gaming, GTA 5, Rockstar, Arena Wars, DLC, Grand Theft Auto, Afterhours, After Hours, Nightclub, ClubLife, DJ, Dixon, Clan Killas®, Short Film, Clan Killas® - GTA5: “Acquiring DJ Dixon” (Short Film)
  4. Name: Clan Killas® - GTA5: “The Bogden Problem” (Short Film) Category: Videos Date Added: 2019-01-06 Submitter: CritiKiL FILM SYNOPSIS: “The Clan Killas® stop Bogden’s plan to hold the world hostage by stealing the AI and data from his nuclear submarine, while simultaneously becoming the ‘new’ threat of now being able to Obliterate their targets - from space...” DISCLAIMER: “We’re a Video Game Group. We don’t use or condone the use of real weapons of 'any' kind. We’re not Vigilantes. We play Video Games. We’re not affiliated with 'any' terrorists or terrorism. We play Video Games. We’re not responsible for 'anything' inferred from our Sites or Apps content, other than the fact that...we play Video Games.” The Clan Killas®: Gaming are “actively” on all Social Media Networks, and here's a list of them below. Simply CLICK on any of the them, to go to that page. Don’t forget to Follow Us: JOIN OUR DISCORD: http://clankillas.games/invite FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/clankillas INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/clankillas TWITTER: http://twitter.com/clankillas YOUTUBE: http://youtube.comclankillas NOTE: You can find us anywhere on the internet - just use: @ClanKillas :sunglasses: Our Company info: BUSINESS NAME: “Clan Killas®: Gaming” MOBILE APP: http://clankillas.games PHONE / FAX: (877) 414-9447 (same #, for phone and fax) E-MAIL: critikil@gmail.com Clan Killas® - GTA5: “The Bogden Problem” (Short Film)
  5. AWESOME! I do t play it but a few of our members do...
  6. http://discord.clankillas.com We are now on discord! Join us using the link below or by clicking on the 'Use App' button on our Facebook community fan page. http://discord.clankillas.com
  7. Name: [SCK] GTA 5: “Get The Strap” (Montage) Category: Montage Date Added: 2018-08-31 Submitter: CritiKiL [SCK] GTA 5: “Get The Strap” (Montage)
  8. Name: SCK: “Rebirth” Category: Videos Date Added: 2018-08-19 Submitter: CritiKiL Cover Video - “Rebirth” Facebook Fan Page - Our New Domain name. SCK: “Rebirth”
  9. Name: SCK: “Mobile App Returns” Category: Videos Date Added: 2018-08-19 Submitter: CritiKiL Cover Video - Facebook Fan Page SCK: “Mobile App Returns”
  10. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Mog8sS8cy6 Solomun - Customer Is King

  11. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/3kMlpUQqh1 TRUMP’s Comments Made U.S. Look Weak Like A PUSHOVER

  12. [SCK] News (REVIEWS): Diving To More Difficult Depths https://t.co/bNbhv4Tih3

  13. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/NF45wZ8AhG FOX Faceoff - 8-year-old black girl selling water

  14. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/v8Fhft8tgL #RDBLA Dual Rolls Royce Builds, Scott Storch Dawn, Ferrari F12 LOUD...

  15. [SCK] News (REVIEWS): Novel Puzzles In A Sushi-Obsessed Land https://t.co/Yi4mxUgE5T

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