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  1. Hello everyone, Free Fire is an extremely popular game nowadays. The game has extremely beautiful graphics with a good storyline. The game attracts all ages to participate. To become stronger, players must equip themselves with items purchased with money, or can use a promotional code. I heard the game is issuing diamond codes. So I want people to be able to show me how I can find the code? Thanks everyone.
  2. Hi everybody, There are upcoming matches that I don't want to miss but want to watch on TV at home. Can I earn discount codes for watching those matches?
  3. Hello everyone, Currently, the video game market is extremely developed. Video games are now fully playable through the controller. On the market today, the most popular are Xbox and PS4 controller. I want to ask everyone if I use the Xbox controller to play with the PS4 controller, will I be able to play it? Thanks everyone.
  4. Hello everyone, I love playing games on my phone, especially action and shooting games. I am currently experiencing the game Call Of Duty. But I couldn't play the game completely on my phone because the phone's battery doesn't work. So I want to ask if Call Of Duty Mobile is playable on PC? Hope everyone can let me know. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hi everybody, Currently on the market there are many good games for phones. There are a lot of games on the store so I don't know which one to play. So I hope everyone can tell me which game is worth playing on the store for me to download experience. Thanks everyone.