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  1. Room will be up around 9 EST. Hit me up on skype (Jeremiahakar2d2) if you want to get in on the conversation. US EAST Ranked room name [cKs] pass is classic.
  2. Well we had 11 on tonight. I'll be on every night until the PSN is back up. Maybe we can get more on around the same time tomorrow!
  3. Looks like I goofed and only made the room for 8 instead of 16. So its full now, but if anyone else is getting on soon just post in here and I'll get a new room up.
  4. Yeah had a blast! We had 10 on tonight and there are 7 of us still going strong!
  5. Room is up! US EAST RANKED pass is classic
  6. Hey guys! Since no one else has posted anything yet I'll go ahead and take the lead. I'll be putting up a CA room around 7 PM CST / 8 PM EST. I'll try to have it in US East Ranked but if its too full (yeah right) I'll put it in US Central Ranked. The room name will be [cKs] and the pass will be "classic" (no quotation marks) I know I have two others besides myself that can make it for sure. We'll start off without DLC maps but can add them if everyone has them (they're free just get a flash drive). We'll start off using skype to communicate but not everyone can so it doesn't really matter which you use. But if you want to add me on skype I can get you in the call; name is jeremiahakar2d2 just tell me you're from UF and I'll add you. Also my screen name is R2D2__ (2 under scores) if you need to message me on the game. Hope to see some of you there!
  7. It's still up and we're playing if anyone's still interested.