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  1. Yeah, that would be great. We may know some of the same people. Eric Bass of Shinedown use to be in Sheldon and he has a studio in Charleston that the guys have used in the past, but any exposure to more people, especially making new fans and getting the Sheldon name out there is great. Send me a friend request on Facebook if you have it, and maybe I can twist your arm and get you out to a Sheldon show in the near future. I'm currently also working on getting them booked to play at the Rock House Original Bar on Tybee Island GA.
  2. Are you going to Rockfest?? I'll be there with the guys from Sheldon. I'll more than likely be working the show, doing load in load out and recording their set again.
  3. Sheldon is a rock power trio that formed in 1994. Sheldon has released two full length albums PsychoDeLia(1997) and Sleeping with the Enemy(2000). Sheldon also recorded two previously unreleased albums (Illinoius & Electric Shotgun Sounds) that will be released in 2012 as well as an album of totally new material. After a 6 year hiatus, Sheldon is back! These guys are good friends of mine and recently won first place in Battle of the Bands in Charleston SC. The winner will be the opening act at Rockfest in Charleston on Friday April 27th. We recorded the entire set from the Battle of the Bands Finals, and we're trying our best to get the bands name out to as many people as possible. I'd greatly appreciate any support from the UF community in spreading the word of "Sheldon". This is the video from the BOTB's. Sorry for the low sound quality but we didn't want the mic just picking up noise, we wanted to actually hear the music. Please check them out and feel free to give me your thoughts and feedback. Sheldon on Facebook: Sheldon on Myspace: Sheldon - Swivelneck (Psycho De Lia) Sheldon - Yankee Rose (acoustic) I may edit this post to include a couple more songs if anyone would like to hear more from them Thanks in advance for your support!!!
  4. We're usually in US East or US Central if we have enough for our own room, otherwise we go where ever we can get a game.
  5. I didn't have a "Remove all History" link or button. I have two buttons, 1 that says "No Thanks" and the other says "Turn Web History On"! I just clicked "No Thanks"!
  6. We're just looking for good people to play Confrontation with and have fun Irish. Do you guys usually have a room up on there? What server?
  7. Sinners and Saints have gone retro. We've been in limbo over the past year and a half with all of the "shooter" titles that have been released. We've tried numerous games from Battlefield to Call of Duty. We've been extremely frustrated with all of these games because they lack so many things that we as a clan look for in a shooter. So, we've gone retro and returned to Socom: Confrontation. Don't get me wrong we still have hopes for some future releases like Spec Ops: The Line and Ghost Recon, but Socom always has been and always will be our home. If there are any other clans or players that are looking for a good game on Confrontation feel free to send me a friend request and join us in game.
  8. Get ready for MASSCHAOS 2012 featuring Staind and Godsmack on tour starting April 13. Spread the word for a chance to win tickets to a show in a city near you and a meet and greet with Staind and Godsmack. Enter your email to the right for a personalized link. Copy the link and message and share it with as many people a possible. The top three participants who get the most clicks on their link win!
  9. Come on, a Socom Confrontation tournament has got to be better than sitting around twiddling your thumbs, and doing nothing. I know one of the things Sinners and Saints loves is to play competitively and let's be honest, the games we have to choose from currently don't excactly make tournament matches easy. I'm pretty sure most of us here had a blast competing against one another in Urgent Fury matches in Socom Confrontation. Yeah, sure the game isn't perfect, but from where I'm sitting it beats any of the games out currently, hands down. I know the Holidays are upon us and most if not all of us have plans and won't be doing alot of gaming until afterword, but shortly after the Holidays I'm thinking about putting up an Urgent Fury room on Socom Confrontation. Depending on the turnouts, will depend on how often I'll put a room up, but I definatley plan on getting my team back on Confrontation again.
  10. Amen!!! I felt like a little kid a christmas when I saw the lobbies. I know it's the beta but I am hoping the organize the lobbies more.
  11. Gamers can play through the final, fatal moments of Osama Bin Laden's last stand in Abbottabad, Pakistan in the latest, last episode of video war game Kuma War II. In The Death of Osama bin Laden, players are randomly selected to take on the roles of either U.S. Navy SEALS or the men defending Bin Laden in a careful recreation of the compound in which Bin Laden was killed. The animated recreation of Bin Laden is always controlled by the computer If you start as a SEAL you're given a number of tasks to complete to win. You need to find and kill Bin Laden, take his body, find critical intel to "end al Qaeda" and destroy the downed U.S. helicopter in the compound. If you start out as a defender your only goal is to protect Bin Laden. All but one of the defenders in the game start out unarmed, but the compound is littered with easy to find weapons. While the actions in the multiplayer don't mimic what happened in the real world, the compound itself is meant to be a faithful recreation of the location. The playthrough of the level above was created without any other players, so there are no enemies, just a single Navy SEAL and an automated Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden always starts out unarmed, but with a nearby weapon. The mission is designed to have no single player mode. The game is a free download from Kuma Games.