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  1. FRANKLIN, N.J. (AP) -- Police said a Franklin man dressed up as his mother in an attempt to withdraw money from her bank account. Tita Nyambi, 25, was still at the Chase Bank in Franklin, in Somerset County, when police arrived Monday afternoon. Tellers called to report that a man wearing women's clothes and speaking in a high pitched voice was trying to withdraw money through the bank's drive-through window. Police said Nyambi handed tellers his mother's license and a bank form forged with her signature. Nyambi was arrested and charged with forgery and attempted theft by deception. Franklin police Sgt. Philip Rizzo said Nyambi was wearing his mother's pink blouse, her black coat and head scarf. It could not be determined Tuesday whether Nyambi, who was still in jail, has an attorney. No phone listing for him could be found.
  2. Never mind, the question was answered via aim. CT's planned tourneys are not tacmaps either so be careful just like i believe every other conflict should be resolved..there are various ways to resolve conflicts in here. There are PMs, AIM or any source of communication that doesn't involve the general access forums (any forum EVERY member can see). I would have LOVED to solve it in a private manner, however I (Shadow) was banned before I was even informed of the situation and I was blocked and ignored on AIM.