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  1. Medux


    sweet, good to hear !!
  2. Medux


    Oh alright sir, That would be mint.. Ill pint em off and sit through and go through em myself. We want this to be a fun and competitive turny. Seeing as SOCOM is fairly dead i see it as more of a turny too play with Old friends/clan,. with the little bit of competitive edge !!
  3. Medux


    I dont even know what you guys are talking about.. Why dont we just use prior rules and adjust them..Takes no more then a few hours.. lol i mean it really is that simple and everyone gets too play..
  4. Medux


    I think almost all of the people i bring will ONLY play if there is no specilzations and some other rules (no night maps, water camping)..I mean this isnt a serious turny per say were here to war with old clans / friends. We want people to rush..Not camp with thermals for 2 hrs. More clans the better man, would love too see RVN in it.
  5. Medux


    Let me know if your clan is doing it im writing clans that are interested in doing it down so we have an idea on how many will be playing in it.
  6. Medux


    I will get an insane amount of competition for this turny if people can start getting there teams together it will be FUN !! TRUST
  7. Medux


    Yeah thanks man, YEAHH MAN !! Actually do you have skype so we can discuss some details or whatever ahead of time ? So , i can start recruitment too the site. mines silz687
  8. Medux


    Haven't been here in forever haha. Lost my Original account on this site too dang. RENIX IS A HOE !!