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Found 94 results

  1. As many know the sponsor for the prize pool for the UF on Tour Chicago event failed to follow through and left us in a poor position. With the lower than minimum threshold turnout, we actually did not bring in enough revenue to cover the cost of the event. We were actually comfortable with the latter part because we were led to believe the sponsor was covering the Prize money. This was a difficult position to be in and has affected everyone involved. With that being said we had a second solution worked out, and everything was going to be good. That has since changed. Unfortunately they dec
  2. As many have noticed it has been quite stale here for the last year between the unfortunate issues with the Chicago event last year, the overall lack of games and most clans being split across platforms (PS3/PS4). So with that being said I think it's time to let you guys in on what we have been doing and what is here to come. First of all to all of those that have stuck by our side from the community and our Staff members (Dis, Money, Cntry, Doc, Guillermo and Sierra) we are eternally Grateful. It is this core team that has kept the fire lit here at UF and will be the driving force for the
  3. [TABLE] <colgroup><col style="width: 120px"><col width="120"><col width="120"><col width="120"><col width="120"><col width="120"><col width="120"><col width="120"></colgroup><tbody> [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]Timestamp[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]Name of Headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]Does chat come through a separate feed?[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]Does the Headset work (Game Audio)[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]How does it connect?[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddd
  4. The last week and a half or more have been really crappy for me. I live in Vegas, and its damn hot here. We left a couple of computer’s on when we left the house Monday before last. The A/C went down, then my daughter’s PC and mine over heated and burnt out some components. It took most of 4 days to get the A/C back and another 3 to get the parts to fix both my daughters PC and Mine. I’ve been busy with college classes since then, and I thought my troubles were behind me. Then the **** hit the fan. Specifically, Esports ****. It had in fact been hitting the fan during the entire t
  5. About the Event FraggedNation is proud to present the Grid 2 "Playstation Community Challenge Series" that will occur throughout the month of June. This event is challenging you to weekly events where we either race together or we provide you with a challenge to win some DLC codes for the game. The community event will be led by Playstation MVPs and our main focus is creating weekly events that breed competition inside of the community. Event Details Registration To register for this event, Playstation gamers simply need to click the sign-up link below for the correspond
  6. If this isn't the proper place for this thread, please feel free to move it to the right one, or just close it all together. Anyways, I was wondering if any Black Ops 2 clans here play League Play, and if so, what division and sub-division are you in. I just thought it would be cool to know if I ended up playing a clan from UF. Unfortunately, I don't know how to look up my division on the CoD website, but I'll be sure to update this once I get home. Solo: Masters (Sub-Division and Rank coming soon) Team 1: Masters (Sub-Division and Rank coming soon) Team 2: Masters (Sub-Division and
  7. Welcome soldier, you are taking the first steps towards becoming one of the legendary 55′s. We shall point you the way but it is up to you to read, listen watch and learn. We are no ordinary clan I assure you and we have been rollin high across the world since 2007. We are very well known and respected throughout the gaming lands and this is down to the activity and conduct of our brothers and sisters at The 55′s. So first things first. If you want to join the 55′s you will have to first Sign Up to the site with your PSN as your username. Fill out our Application Form with the foll
  8. Happy New Year everyone. We spent the last few hours updating to the latest and greatest versions of vBulletin as well as other critical software components because of 4.2. We have opened the 2013 Ladder for Starhawk and are considering opening one for Battlefield 3, let us know if you guys are interested. Some of the new features include: Activity Stream Members who have Visited Today UserCP Reputation Display Reputation Notification User Profile Reputation Display Who has Read a Thread Doublepost Prevention Enhanced Reputation Checks If you find any issues
  9. As we have been working with several programmers over the last few months to optimize the way we control users with multiple accounts on the site we are happy to announce that we no longer need to lock rosters for events that are ladder and league based. We are still working to implement an eligibility period on the site that will indicate if a player is eligible to play. We are not quite there yet. We have been using the system exclusively now since May with no issues. As teams set up their rosters, remember players have to actually confirm their accounts before they can be on your r
  10. So I have one of my ps3's on auto update. I don't use this one much, so the auto update is nice so I'm not spending a hr playing patch update catch-up before I can use it. It's an older one so its low on the gigs by nature. Apparently, with the newest system software update, for some reason I didn't have enough space in my hdd to accommodate the update. Well, none the less, it tried, and bricked the ps3... Just and FYI and a watch out, so someone else might be able to avoid a system death of their own.
  11. This time we got a bit of a gift bag, the winner will receive 3 - 30 PS Plus codes, which you can use all three for 90 days of Plus or share with a friend or two. Entry is simple, first for this new system we have added two new private profile fields which are for shipping purposes, I know this does not apply to this particular drawing, but we will need it for the next drawing, so we went ahead and set up the system. Only the Directors and Staff have access to these fields, privacy is our utmost concern. You can update these fields by going to
  12. To whomever can help, I'm hoping to update my sig to represent my new staff position here at UF for GRFS! Unfortunately, I don't have the tools to do it myself! Any help with this would be MUCH appreciated!!!
  13. So I thought It would be a good idea for all to post the information to there Rent-a-Server... Maybe even a link (if that's possible) TNU is still waiting for a server to become available in which I will update This post, But if anyone has one that is purchased already & you would like to post it here so We can all Add each other to the "Favorites" List... & then play together consistently.. Just post The Name & Server Info Here!!! [TNU] Threat Neutralizing Unit Server - (Search [TNU] Urgent Fury Gaming League (search Urgent Fury) [$K$] Soull
  14. Update: The “Matches” feature is now live! We’re taking the next step in advancing online competitive play in the Battlefield 3 community. The “Matches” feature will allow players to coordinate competitive multiplayer sessions with their friends and squad members. Battlefield 3 players will be able to select the time, server, game settings, and roster for their Matches creating a controlled and definitive environment for competitive play. Players will be able to coordinate Matches for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 through the Battlelog. To coordinate a Match a player must be actively renti
  15. Revealed this morning on the Starhawk Facebook Page It's no surprise that Urgent Fury rocks. Thanks to the many, many $$$ we have given Urgent Fury we have been "awarded" this INCREDIBLE prize. Urgent Fury has bestowed Starhawk their "Best Tourney Game" ribbon!!! UF has seen (secretly) our Tourney System and has chosen to give us this blessing. Whilst the tourney system is still "under construction" and will be a "really #%%# soon and it's free so stop asking as it'll be released so close to the May 8th release event and (its free as an update - so there) you'll never remember that it wasn
  16. [h=1]Rumor: SOCOM Creators Being Shut Down by Sony[/h]Zipper Interactive, a first-party Sony studio responsible for the creation of the SOCOMseries and PS3 shooter MAG, is in the process of being shut down, according to Kotakusources. Sony has repeatedly declined to comment on the matter to Kotaku this week, citing their policy not to discuss rumor or speculation. But we've heard chatter for several days that Zipper was in the process of being hit with layoffs and a project cancellation. The scope of the layoffs appears to indicate a studio shutdown. Zipper has been in the busin
  17. You Freq is Urgent Fury's latest site update, and we want to know how you get "Your Freq On" in the battlefield. Upload videos, images and more of your game play. Clans have you got a hot recruiting video, we got a category for that. And if you want to go all out, get your video ready for UFreqTV's Kill House segment (just remember, you can edit the footage, but do not put any additional sound effects or music or you submission will not be approved). And for all of you guys that are trying to be like the Nuke Town Hooligans or Happy Thumbs Gaming, we got the category for you, Gaming Tips a
  18. Mines been freezing up a lot since the last update. It froze the other night right at boot up. Then it's been freezing mostly during BF3. I have another game that I have been playing that it has not froze at all with. So I'm not sure if it's the BF3 game or my PS3 and the update. Also using the internet now is laggy after the update.
  19. I've been waiting to post something because I wanted to wait until after I activated the AT&T data plan. Which I did last night. It works O-K, but obviously it is no where near as fast as a Wi-Fi connection, but it's sufficient when a hotspot is not available. And I found out it isn't exactly a "free" 30 days. Technically it is, but only after you purchase the first 30 days. So the free 30 days starts right after the purchased one expires. Moving on to the the touch screen. To me, it is exactly like the iPhone when it comes to how responsive it is. There is zero lag I guess is what I'
  20. This was posted on the PAX site today, and needless to say it has everyone's attention in the Gaming PR world... Read below From: Dave To: Ocean Marketing Dec 26, 2011 12:11 PM Then cancel my order if you want to. I’m making a legitimate complaint about your poor communication and you’re the one stooping to childish levels, a patronizing attitude, and threats. Hell you can’t even get the spelling of my name right. And Gamespot pre-orders…wow what a terrible comparison. Retailers take a couple dollars IF THAT for
  21. December 14, 2011 Temporary Suspension of "SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS" Operations (Update) As a result of our continuing investigation into the unauthorized intrusion reported yesterday, Square Enix has now determined that user login credentials were not accessed. Moreover, we have not found evidence that the individual was able to access any personal information at all. We will be sending an email to all SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS advising that an incident took place. This email will not be requesting any action from you. We have reported this incident to the Japanese Government.
  22. This is how my day went so far><O.M.G><Denial is the first problem in life! Dave Wakefield Tech Specialist Dave Wakefield Reporting! Matthew hello, were trying to have clan battles but can only get 9 ppl in a private room Dave Wakefield hm do they all have good connections? Dave Wakefield What happens when you invite the 10th? Matthew like they will join than get timed out] Matthew like i have two ps3. mine and my wifes.. i wait for the 9 to be in the room and ill try to get her to join and it will say unable to join the host Dave Wakefield They need to check the co
  23. Battlefield 3 has seen its fair share of issues since its release, but DICE is finally releasing a patch to fix, in my opinion, the biggest issue with online multiplayer: squad joining. With the latest update set to release on November 30th on PS3 (360 soon after) the patch will fix a ton of issues including spawn locations in TDM and Conquest, and some balancing fixes as well. Starting November 30th at 09:00 CET there will also be a scheduled maintenance that will take approximately three hours, and it will affect all formats. For those who don’t have a Battlelog account read on for the ent
  24. BF3 patch went out to PC. Console patch is waiting for certification. Date is TBD. Patch notes for Nov 22 patch Major client update for the PC version Battlefield 3 as well as a server-side update for all platforms. The update will be made on Nov. 22nd 7:00 AM UTC / Nov. 21st 11:00 PM PST. We’ll share release timing on the console patches as soon as we are clear on the timing, these take a bit longer due to console certification process. ---- Client-Side Changes: -- Visuals, Stability and Performance Fixes: • General performance and loading time improvements
  25. This week, Home and PSN will go offline for some scheduled back-end maintenace in addition to the usual Thursday Home content update publish. Here's the schedule: MONDAY: 10pm (Pacific) / 1am Tuesday (Eastern), Home will go offline. 4am (Pacific) / 7am (Eastern), Home will re-open. THURSDAY: 8am (Pacific) / 11am (Eastern), PSN services will go offline. 7pm (Pacific) / 10pm (Eastern), PSN services will re-open. Thank you for your patience, and we'll see you on the other side!