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  1. As many know the sponsor for the prize pool for the UF on Tour Chicago event failed to follow through and left us in a poor position. With the lower than minimum threshold turnout, we actually did not bring in enough revenue to cover the cost of the event. We were actually comfortable with the latter part because we were led to believe the sponsor was covering the Prize money. This was a difficult position to be in and has affected everyone involved. With that being said we had a second solution worked out, and everything was going to be good. That has since changed. Unfortunately they decided that it was not financially possible to come to our need. While we are disappointed about this, we do respect that they did come to us and actually inform us of their intent to decline. Where that leaves us and those affected: We are still working on a solution to get our teams that earned winnings their compensation. For those that need new checks or have not received them, we will not send new ones until we can send a cashier’s check. We understand that many of you will be upset, and you have every right to be. We are as upset about the situation as you guys are. This is a low blow to our community. We will continue to push forward and our priority is to get the winners taken care of and our next event 100% prefunded. We will continue to be available any time to provide updates on our progress as we work to resolve this situation. For direct contact you can reach us via the Contact Us Form.
  2. As many have noticed it has been quite stale here for the last year between the unfortunate issues with the Chicago event last year, the overall lack of games and most clans being split across platforms (PS3/PS4). So with that being said I think it's time to let you guys in on what we have been doing and what is here to come. First of all to all of those that have stuck by our side from the community and our Staff members (Dis, Money, Cntry, Doc, Guillermo and Sierra) we are eternally Grateful. It is this core team that has kept the fire lit here at UF and will be the driving force for the next phase in Urgent Fury's progression. Chicago Update Let's get this one out of the way first because it is one of the most important. Many of those following this have seen that I am finally after almost 4 years of lack of work changing industries and going back on the day job grind. What this means is that I am personally paying out the winnings for Chicago. Now this is not all going to happen at once, I will have to pay chunks at a time. I officially start working the first week of September, so I will not see my first paycheck until late September. I have picked up a pretty good paying job in the oil field and hope to have everyone paid within a couple of months or so. Do not take that as a hard date, it's an estimate based my pay rate and my schedule given to me. We are going to pay the teams in reverse order so that I can get more paid quickly. The first place team will be the last paid not only because of the amounts but also because members of that team are the ones responsible for our site, paypal and financial accounts being hacked and attacked. Even though many express that we should not pay them after all that, I would rather get them the winnings and they will never be welcome at one of our events again. I will continue to update the post dedicated to the Chicago event as more info comes. Giveaways We have been doing a ton of giveaways this summer thanks to our friends at Naughty Dog, Pop Cap, and more. Friday we will draw the winner for The Legendary Destiny Giveaway and Monday for the The Shooters Get Weird Giveaway. We also have given away several copies of The Last of Us Remastered. Expect to see continued support and giveaways via the PunchTab Contest App and on our live streams at Twitch. Major Overhaul Inbound Look guys we know 99% of the community has hated the site layout, vbulletin and our attempt to get a system to better track war stats. With that being said over the next few weeks we will be converting to Invision Power Board. We are doing this for several reasons. First and foremost design wise it is much easier to work with and the site design will be much more appealing when complete. We are bringing in Dan who helped with the original SOF Studios design to help with the page and skin designs. Our graphics team is working on an updated look on UF as well. This will be more inviting to PlayStation Players as they visit Urgent Fury for Competition and other activities. One of the many additions will be a Live Streaming portal where members can share their streams and watch other streams from community members as well as our featured streams by developers, PlayStation and Partners. We are adding a revamped video gallery from what we have now. Inadub over at Happy Thumbs Gaming will be featuring their content as well as a few other of our friends. Community Members will be able to submit videos as well for everyone to enjoy. With this conversion, we will no longer have a system to track wars for the time being. Next year we will focus on working with a developer to design a system exactly how we want it to schedule and track leagues, tournaments, etc. We want to build this right so that once launched, every user will be able to showcase what events they played in and how they did. Clans will have full on stats and we can keep an on going leaderboard for those teams and clans competing at Urgent Fury. We have not forgotten about the complaints about the ads. While the ads have covered over half of our monthly costs for the server, many still do not want ads. We get it, we really do. We are going to continue to offer a way for you to remove the ads. IPB has a built in e commerce system that will let you support UF without the pesky ads. The rate will be the same we have now which is $2 per month or $20 per year. We have had several take advantage of this and it will be available day one of the new site launch. We are also offering direct payment now, PayPal is not required. We will however still offer PayPal as an option. All content from the current site will carry over and we will be reorganizing everything before bringing the site online. This will include archiving sections, consolidating some forums and having dedicated forums for the games we will be offering competitions for. Based on the Conversion process, your passwords will not have to be reset either. The Future of Urgent Fury Many are wondering where are we going from here? Well we have a pretty small set of goals, some hefty, some simple but all with one outcome. Our focus for the remainder of the year will be on Destiny and possibly COD: Advanced Warfighter. Cntry and Money are working on a Battlefield 4 event now that the support for it is there. We have a pretty good size group that wants to play this so we are going to give it a shot. Our primary focus will be league style play similar to the good old UF: Black days with an ongoing monthly event for teams to compete in and smaller tournament events built around the same games. Our Live Streaming has been ramped up with the help of a whole new streaming team and we have a few other surprises in store. We will bring back live events in the future but for now our only plans will be at PAX South in San Antonio at the end of January 2015. So to sum it up, once again thanks for all that have stood by Urgent Fury through our trials and tribulations and here is to a bright future. We hope you guys will enjoy what we have in store this fall and welcome many of the new faces coming.
  3. [TABLE] <colgroup><col style="width: 120px"><col width="120"><col width="120"><col width="120"><col width="120"><col width="120"><col width="120"><col width="120"></colgroup><tbody> [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]Timestamp[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]Name of Headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]Does chat come through a separate feed?[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]Does the Headset work (Game Audio)[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]How does it connect?[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]Does it work out the box?[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]How Happy are you with your experience?[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dddddd, align: center]Why are you happy/disappointed with you're experience? [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 18:46:29[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtlebeach Earforce DPX21[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 18:55:05 [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Afterglow 5.1 wireless headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 19:05:54 [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle beach px3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 19:23:28 [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]playstation pulse[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]1[/TD] [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 19:23:32 [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sony Pulse Elites[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 19:23:55 [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Tritton Kunai[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 19:52:05 [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Astro a40s[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 19:59:47 [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]pulse wireless stereo headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 20:03:57 [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]V-Moda LP2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 20:04:33 [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech G930 Wireless[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 20:14:51 [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach Z11[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 20:22:26[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]ASTRO A40[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 20:36:32[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech H540[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Works with no issues out of the box.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 20:57:43[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Astro A50[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 21:12:09[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Beats by Dre MIXR[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 21:16:19[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]iPhone headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]You can use it for a quick fix (if you hate the PS4 mic that much) while you wait to get the headset you want.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 21:24:09[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Plantronics GameCom 780[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 21:51:24[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]PX22[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]NOTE: The PX22 headset has only one jack that you plug into a adapter, when plugging the headset into the controller directly, it does not have the function to mute/unmute Not surprised it works, it should afterall for $80+[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 22:00:17[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]turtle beach px21[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]works great on ps3, ps4 is only chat or game audio and chat on same stream[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 22:14:21[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Official Sony Stereo Wireless Headset (for PlayStation)[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]I really love the headset and it was so great for sound on PS3, but it's not even compatible with PS4! The OFFICIAL Sony headset MADE for PlayStation isn't compatible while other headsets like Turtle Beaches are??[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 22:19:29[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Bose Quiet Comfort Over Ear[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 22:24:17[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Creative Labs Soundblaster Wrath (Tactic3d)[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unfortunately the volume control on the headset doesn't seem to change anything. Other than that it is awesome[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 22:31:26[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach PX22[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Works fine through USB connection as long as you use the adapter that comes with it, you can also use the DSS2 and get the same results for chatting.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 22:41:23[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach DSS2 (Adapter)[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]This is the DSS2 adapter which upstreams audio to 5.1 or something really similar to it. Works fine through optical on the PS4, although it seems the PS4 outputs to all audio sources unless you disable this in settings. Any USB that shows working on here for respectively for chat and/or game audio should also work on this device without any issues.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 22:47:21[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sennheiser PC G4ME 360[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Absolutely phenomenal experience. This headset has separate male jacks for game audio and voice, but if you have a Y connector cable it will work as a game/voice headset amazingly well.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 23:34:00[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]GameCom 780[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Only think that sucks is you can't use the volume knob on the headset itself to manage the volume.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/17/2013 23:48:00[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Beats Studio by Dre with mic[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]chat volume is crap! it's very low and can't hear anything.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 0:01:54[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach x42 (with optional USB cord)[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]It works but being tethered to the system with a cordless mic sucks. Also the receiver connects through an optical cable and the chat connects usb[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 0:18:01[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Skullcandy Ink'd Earbuds w/ Microphone[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 1:31:03[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Astro A30[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]The Astro A30's don't need the Astro MixAmp to play high quality audio on the ps4.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 2:09:36[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sony Pules [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 2:15:49[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Playstation Pulse[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 2:25:39[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]A50 Astros[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Have ps4 update and Astro mixiamp and headset updates._._chat just will not work.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 2:50:34[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sony Wireless Pulse Headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sony won't support there own headset for next gen?[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 3:30:15[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech g35[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 3:33:51[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Audio Technica ATH M50[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 4:01:28[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Tritton AX 720s[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 4:10:57[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]CECHYA-0080[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]It is the ps3 Sony headset and when you plug it into the ps4 it says that it is not supported. Note I did install the 1.5 update. [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 4:20:40[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech G930[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Just plug it in, switch audio settings on ps4, and good to go. [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 4:41:30[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech G430[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]It has a mute and volume control function on the headset wire that works great if you want to lower the overall sound. The headset itself has a long durable cable and can be worn for hours comfortably. [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 4:51:39[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]This headset appears to work out of the box. But as soon as it connects, it will disconnect anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes later, then reconnect and ask you which profile it is for immediately afterwards. When it works, it sounds AMAZING! But if you are playing a multiplayer game, the constant popping up of the menu asking you which profile the headset should be associated with... it almost negates the fact it works.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 5:00:25[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]sony pulse elite[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 6:01:21[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sony pulse[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 6:13:53[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]turtle beach px3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 6:18:05[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Munitio MW3 Bullet Earbuds[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Chat audio is probably bad. Haven't tried with online people, my game mates are local. Game audio is fantastic![/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 6:46:52[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Skull Candy SLYR Universal Headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Works great. Game audio and chat come through the same feed. Adjustments to chat volume can be done through game audio options (tested on BF4 and party chat). [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 13:47:53[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Ifrogz headphone with mic[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]they fit in your ear better than the crap headphones that ps4 gave you.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 21:36:02[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Monster DNA[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/18/2013 22:33:58[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]ASTRO a40 + Mixamp[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 2:03:51[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach PX3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Output on TV[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]One of the only totally wireless headsets with the PS4 only downfall is that the volume controls or presets on the headset do not work. You have to use the ps4 menu volume controls. The box connects USB to the ps4 and then audio RCA out from tv.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 2:29:12[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtlebeach px4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 3:39:17[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach X11[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]You just need a USB soundcard to make it work, which you can get online for less than $5.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 7:01:16[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Samsung S4 headphones[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 7:10:41[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Px4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]I need to clarify the previous comment about the Px4's... Bluetooth is unsupported right now. Also, you cannot control the volume of ur mic throught the headset, nor can u mute urself, you have to go into the PS menu and set the volume, but when some kid screams in your ears, you really wish you could control it from your headset. For the price, don't buy em, as you still need to use a cable to connect it to your controller to talk, might as well buy one that fully works.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 13:49:50[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]AfterGlow Prismatic[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Basically this thing WILL work 100% wireless. USB from the console and Audio Out from TV for game sound. The only thing with this is the volume controls on the headset will turn both game and chat volume up or down at the same time. It will not work independent. If you plug the 3.5mm from the controller to the headset, it bypasses the audio out from the TV and the volume buttons on the headset DO NOT work. You will have to control sound levels from the PS4 settings menu. This also will not control chat and audio independently. So in the end, if you dont need INDEPENDENT control over chat and game audio these are not bad.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 14:14:45[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Wireless Stereo Headset - OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]the Official headset from sony doesnt work. Dafuq ?[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 15:08:00[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]SteelSeries Siberia V2 Cross-Platform Gaming Headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]The headset has a dual 3.5mm mic/audio connection. I had to buy a $5 adapter at Radio shack that has inputs for both the mic and audio and adapts it to the single 3.5mm jack that the controller uses. I confirmed both mic and audio. Both work great. The headset also comes with a separate wired USB connection and additional 3.5mm jack to run the audio out from the TV and the chat through the USB. I have not tested this yet as my TV downstairs doesn't have a headphone jack and is wall mounted and hard to access. I am just going to stick with the first solution above which works great.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 17:41:20[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Afterglow Universal Headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]For Afterglow Universal Wireless: requires a "hack." While the wireless dongle does not fit in the USB port of the front of the PS4 you have two options: 1. keep it plugged into your last gen system, 2. plug it into a USB port on your TV. I have mine plugged into my Xbox 360 and it transmits sound fine. Use the gray audio cord to run from controller to headset. On PS4 settings set audio output to headphones: All audio. Chat/Game audio is flawless. PM me at /u/ShazbokMcCloud if you have other questions.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 19:10:22[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]tritton 720[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No chat[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 21:50:19[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Afterglow Prismatic[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 21:55:10[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Apple Earpods (iPhone 5,5s version)[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Constant buzzing feedback reportedly heard by others when I speak.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 21:56:01[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Bose [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 21:57:56[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Dreamgear Broadcaster Headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]This USB headset was for the PS3. I was hoping it would work with the PS4, but it doesn't. The PS4 detects it, but nothing works.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 22:36:42[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]PS3 Wireless Headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]I love this headset...just can't use it with the PS4...oh well ugrading to the Pulse![/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/19/2013 23:36:54[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Pulse Wireless stereo headset Elite edition[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 0:36:15[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]turtle beach shadow[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Output on TV[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 0:46:46[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Pulse[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 1:18:04[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach P11[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Works perfectly, plugs into USB port and controller jack, need to separate cord down the middle so you don't have to sit a foot in front of the tv[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 1:55:32[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Razer Kraken[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Plugged it in and it works perfect. Crystal clear audio.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 2:20:09[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech g930[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 3:41:50[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach Tangos[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]i am very happy[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 5:35:48[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sony pulse[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 7:47:26[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]TRITTON AX 720+[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]It plugs in via optical and usb. I use it for both my Laptop and PS4. Mainly for Teamspeak, but it does work on the PS4 as well! Voice volume on the PS4 is on the low side I have attempted to boost it, but it still comes in quiet. Overall very happy i dont have to purchase a new headset![/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 10:29:14[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Razer SWTOR Headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Volume on max isn't very loud. Cannot control volume with buttons on earcups. The surround sound is very accurate though.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 11:58:00[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Playstation pulse[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 17:15:02[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]turtle beach x12[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 18:13:48[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach PX11[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 19:01:15[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Beats[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 19:01:41[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Beats[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 19:48:16[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach XP400[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 21:01:21[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]astro a40 wireless mixamp[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]please fix astro wireless mixamp [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 22:06:08[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]xp510[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 22:45:34[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech G35 7.1 Version[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Friends have 5.1 surround sound version i have 7.1 when i plug mine in nothing happens/not detected. [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 23:19:08[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Razer Kraken[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/20/2013 23:21:34[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle beach[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/21/2013 1:00:28[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle beach px3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/21/2013 2:18:13[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach PX5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]The chat capability does not work![/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/21/2013 5:42:48[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sony pulse[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/21/2013 6:49:15[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach P11[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/21/2013 17:48:45[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Tritton ax 180[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/21/2013 22:01:08[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach PX22[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Good but u cant use the volume control thing that comes with the console.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/22/2013 1:03:13[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Tritton 720+[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/22/2013 3:50:21[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]logitech g930[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Wireless works as long as receivr is plugged in[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/22/2013 4:20:06[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sony Pulse Elite[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]If anyone else is getting audio through the usb then please let us know how...aux cable through controller is just nasty.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/22/2013 15:00:51[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]PlaystAtion wireless stereo headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/22/2013 16:09:42[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach DX11[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]VERY long cable gets tangled, otherwise perfect.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/22/2013 16:43:30[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]It works out of the box. You can connect the headset directly to the controller (without the inline amplifier). If you want to control volume/mix, you can also connect the headset to the amplifier and the amplifier plugs into the controller jack (but the amplifier needs to also be plugged in to USB power to work).[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/22/2013 18:29:20[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech H340[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Worked fine [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/22/2013 18:32:39[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach COD X-Ray Wireless[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Headphones work and are clear as day. Microphone does NOT work AT ALL, even when connected to the DS4 with the appropriate wires. Tested with 2 DS4 controllers and several wires. It acts like it's connected (Tells you when you unplug it, etc.), but it doesn't actually *do* anything. Nobody can hear you. Re-tested on PS3 and PC to make sure the unit wasn't defective. Worked flawlessly there. Does NOT work on PS4 as of 11/20/13.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/23/2013 1:39:06[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech F540[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Headset works great for audio, but PS4 does not detect Mic. [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/23/2013 1:42:17[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech F540[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Correction, I had to turn off the PS4 completely and turn it back on, but the PS4 is now detecting the Mic[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/23/2013 6:59:25[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach Z2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Output on TV[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Game Audio and Chat audio only works when connected via 3.5mm out from TV. Purchased 2.5mm to 3.5mm from Turtle Beach to connect from controller to "Xbox" input on headset. Microphone works but no chat audio. If PS4 allowed chat audio to output on HDMI out while 3.5mm was plugged into controller then it would work fine wired.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/23/2013 12:19:26[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach P11[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/23/2013 12:21:32[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]SkullCandy[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Well, up until yesterday (11-22-13) it worked flawlessly. As of yesterday, it no longer recognizes the mic on the headset but the game audio is flawless. I'm not sure if it was the patch or if it's the mic, messed with every setting imaginable and I haven't gotten it working again.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/23/2013 15:52:56[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sol Republic Amps HD[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sounds great but chat doesn't work[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/23/2013 18:29:53[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech G930[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/23/2013 21:50:36[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Beats by Dre SOLO[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sound great but the inline mic does not work with or is not supported by ps4 so other players cannot hear your chat. [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/23/2013 23:29:26[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]fgh[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/24/2013 2:15:06[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sennheiser Momentum [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sound is crisp and clear. Inline mic does not work.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/24/2013 9:16:49[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Tritton pro+ 5.1 surround sound[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/24/2013 13:42:50[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Turtle Beach p11[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]They're nice[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/24/2013 15:38:41[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Astro a50[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/24/2013 20:54:38[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Sony headset[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Unsupported/Don't Know[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/24/2013 20:56:34[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yamaha Pro 400[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]The headphones come with two cables. To work with the PS4 you need to use the cable with the in-line mic.[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/24/2013 22:37:01[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Vmoda Crossfade LP 1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]No[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Controller Jack[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]4[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]I don't like that I cannot mute my microphone. Besides that the sound quality is excellent. [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/25/2013 0:31:05[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Tritton 720[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Optical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Great sound and perfect mic[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/25/2013 4:24:19[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Logitech G430[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee][/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]11/25/2013 22:39:47[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]SteelSeries Siberia V2 Frost Blue[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]USB[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Yes[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #eeeeee, align: right]5[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #EEEEEE]Volume is a bit low can be tweaked if the game supports it. Everything else works fine.[/TD] </tbody>[/TABLE]
  4. The last week and a half or more have been really crappy for me. I live in Vegas, and its damn hot here. We left a couple of computer’s on when we left the house Monday before last. The A/C went down, then my daughter’s PC and mine over heated and burnt out some components. It took most of 4 days to get the A/C back and another 3 to get the parts to fix both my daughters PC and Mine. I’ve been busy with college classes since then, and I thought my troubles were behind me. Then the **** hit the fan. Specifically, Esports ****. It had in fact been hitting the fan during the entire time I was offline. It probably started just before I went offline, and I was blissfully unaware. My main concern is competitive gaming, Esports (even though I hate to call it that), and a lot of bad things have been happening in Esports lately. I decided to run through these things even if they’re a couple of weeks old, because it touches on some arguments I have had in the past regarding competition and competitive players intolerance for noob and casual players. It’s not a one sided argument either. The link below is the first part. It’s a video of supposedly “professional gamers,” team impact, at a supposedly “professional event,” going off on their opponents and the crowd of spectators and fans. Without those same spectators and fans they wouldn’t be where they are to talk the trash that they are. Their Sponsors were NOT pleased, and it looks like they’re going to lose one of their team members if it hasn’t happened already. The worst thing is that the event organizers didn’t step in to stop them, even when they started trash talking the crowd. These guys are basically cutting off their nose to spite their face. It’s not exactly E for everyone, so if that bothers you don’t watch. http://www.charlieintel.com/2013/08/12/team-epsilon-takes-trash-talking-to-a-new-level-at-umg-atlanta/ Update: End of story, Epsilon dropped the entire team, and two members have left the team. Here’s an article about it. http://www.charlieintel.com/2013/08/12/team-epsilon-takes-trash-talking-to-a-new-level-at-umg-atlanta/ In 2007 WSVG’s season opener in Wuhan China had 100,000 live spectators, that’s 100,000 people actually attended the tournament. By august that same year WSVG was burnt toast. In their last tournament they had technical problems, and the tournament was delayed for most of a day. They finished but they lost their sponsors and that was it. WSVG never recovered. I never found out if they managed to pay off the prize money, but people were complaining about that for months afterward. Sponsors have ditched their obligations for less, and organizers have screwed the pouch on that a time or two themselves. That first video in this post is an illustration of how the players themselves can screw these things up for a lot of others besides themselves. The quote below is from a Starcraft2 write-up on reddit, it’s 10 months old. I’ve included a link in the quote. If you’re reading this entire post, and going thru the links, you’ll find out why this write-up turns out to be nearly prophetic. They’re having some problems, and they’re not the only ones. Present day… MLG has no fall season. There is an invitational tournament for BOPS2 and Dota2 at Winter Park, Florida. That’s it. The prize purses are smaller than usual and the dates were conflicting with a UMG tournament schedule, no one was happy about that. The invitational will also have an impact on seeding for the next season. MLG has dropped SC2, (See the prophetic write-up above) and the rumor is that “riot games” has pulled LoL out of MLG. I haven’t seen confirmation of that yet, regardless, they still don’t have a fall season, and LoL is conspicuously absent from the invitational. I’m virtually certain that MLG is also experiencing issues with their sponsors over this. I’m coming from the Xbox community and I haven’t got a PlayStation yet. Anyone here that can tell me what games on PlayStation now, or planned for future release, have the potential for serious professional competition? I’d appreciate any comments, or explanation/discussion about it, and If I could trouble you for any links for supporting articles or video’s, that would be even better.
  5. About the Event FraggedNation is proud to present the Grid 2 "Playstation Community Challenge Series" that will occur throughout the month of June. This event is challenging you to weekly events where we either race together or we provide you with a challenge to win some DLC codes for the game. The community event will be led by Playstation MVPs and our main focus is creating weekly events that breed competition inside of the community. Event Details Registration To register for this event, Playstation gamers simply need to click the sign-up link below for the corresponding week they are going to participate in the event. Only the current event will be available for sign-ups. Once an event is over, the next one will open. Week 1: Community Challenge Video Submission (Best Drift) Event Date: June 3-9, 2013 Rules for Week 1: - Upload your best drift onto your YouTube account - Submit your video to the following thread on the PS Forums: LINK HERE - Only three submissions allowed per user (Just update your initial post if more than one video) - MVPs will choose the best overall video based on vehicle look, drift ability of user, track drift accomplished on and community reactions in forums - Winning drifter will receive some DLC codes for their hard work - This event runs from June 3rd until June 9th. Competition closes at 9am June 9th EST. If you have questions, please ensure you post on the PS Forums. Future Dates of Interest Week 2: Community Challenge Event Date: June 10-16, 2013 Sign Up: Coming Soon Week 3: Community Play Day Event Date: 20 June 2013 Sign Up: Coming Soon Week 4: Community Challenge Event Date: June 24-30, 2013 Sign Up: Coming Soon PRIZING DETAILS Prizing for these events will consist of the following: PS3 Headstart DLC PS3 GTR DLC PS3 Indycar DLC PS3 McLaren DLC Pack T-Shirts Prizing will be determined by one of the following means: Random selection by the Playstation MVPs in attendance during the community event OR Through community type voting that will occur from users submitting videos, images or other material. REGION This tournament will be open to all participants that play Grid 2 on a Playstation 3. GRID 2 OVERVIEW The "TrueFeel" of racing Be fast, be first and be famous as the race has returned in GRID 2 the sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID.
  6. If this isn't the proper place for this thread, please feel free to move it to the right one, or just close it all together. Anyways, I was wondering if any Black Ops 2 clans here play League Play, and if so, what division and sub-division are you in. I just thought it would be cool to know if I ended up playing a clan from UF. Unfortunately, I don't know how to look up my division on the CoD website, but I'll be sure to update this once I get home. Solo: Masters (Sub-Division and Rank coming soon) Team 1: Masters (Sub-Division and Rank coming soon) Team 2: Masters (Sub-Division and Rank coming soon) ( Same sub-division as team 1)
  7. Welcome soldier, you are taking the first steps towards becoming one of the legendary 55′s. We shall point you the way but it is up to you to read, listen watch and learn. We are no ordinary clan I assure you and we have been rollin high across the world since 2007. We are very well known and respected throughout the gaming lands and this is down to the activity and conduct of our brothers and sisters at The 55′s. So first things first. If you want to join the 55′s you will have to first Sign Up to the site with your PSN as your username. Fill out our Application Form with the following information.http://www.the55s.com/ (1) Your PSN name. (2) Your age. (You must be at least 17 years old) (3) Where applicable Your COD4:MW rank, COD:WAW rank, COD:MW2 rank, COD:BO rank and your COD:MW3 rank.[You must NOT prestige if you decide to join our clan, you can be prestige when you put your app in and hold your prestige for 5 weeks to try us out, after the 5 weeks and you decide to stay you must use a token to restart or make a new account.] (4) Your country of origin. (5) How did you hear about us? (6) Do you have a mic? (7) Tell us abit about yourself and your interests. ( If someone invited you to join the clan, please state his/her name. Clan Policy Update June 1 2012 As you may or may not be aware we have been in discussion regards our "no-prestige .... ever" policy for some weeks now. This policy stated that no "prestige" on "any COD" to apply to be a 55. After guidance from the clan we have come to a compromise on the issue. We have modified the rule to allow a prospective recruit to go through the application process using their existing "prestiged" account (if prestiged) After the term for application is complete the applicant can chose either: 1) No thanks but I will stick with my prestige account and mince on. NOT JOINING 2) Can I get an extension, I need a little longer to decide. 3) Wow the last 5 weeks has been a blast. I want more. I wish to follow the path of redemption and strive forward as a member of the 55's Ultimately the applicant will still have to be non-prestige before recieving a blessing. But they will have had the oppurtunity to play alongside us with their existing account as they would at any other clan. The 55s is a PS3 Call of Duty clan for people who are NON-Prestige. Why ? well because we are above statistics. A 55 plays for the team not for himself. Statistics such as K/D bare no relevance here. We expect our soldiers to sacrifice themselves on the battlefield for the greater good of the clan. Our history and why we made this decision. http://www.the55s.co....php?f=2&t=3495 Our goal is to create a fun group of people that game together. We have practices a couple times weekly, and are a very active clan. We arrange matches from the casual friendly’s to the more serious clan battles/leagues and everything in-between, so whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a relative newcomer seeking to improve your game you should be right at home here.
  8. Happy New Year everyone. We spent the last few hours updating to the latest and greatest versions of vBulletin as well as other critical software components because of 4.2. We have opened the 2013 Ladder for Starhawk and are considering opening one for Battlefield 3, let us know if you guys are interested. Some of the new features include: Activity Stream Members who have Visited Today UserCP Reputation Display Reputation Notification User Profile Reputation Display Who has Read a Thread Doublepost Prevention Enhanced Reputation Checks If you find any issues with the site, be sure to reply here and we will get right on it.
  9. As we have been working with several programmers over the last few months to optimize the way we control users with multiple accounts on the site we are happy to announce that we no longer need to lock rosters for events that are ladder and league based. We are still working to implement an eligibility period on the site that will indicate if a player is eligible to play. We are not quite there yet. We have been using the system exclusively now since May with no issues. As teams set up their rosters, remember players have to actually confirm their accounts before they can be on your roster. What this means for clans, as you are playing in open ladders and leagues you will be able to use your recruits if you feel confident in their ability to follow the rules. Also do not forget that your username does not have to match your PSN so leaders, be sure to edit your team roster and place PSNs in the PSN field similar to cKs has done it http://www.urgentfury.com/teams.php?2-Canadian-Killing-Squad#members-content Feel free to give us any feedback or ask any questions in this thread and thank you for choosing Urgent Fury as your tournament community.
  10. So I have one of my ps3's on auto update. I don't use this one much, so the auto update is nice so I'm not spending a hr playing patch update catch-up before I can use it. It's an older one so its low on the gigs by nature. Apparently, with the newest system software update, for some reason I didn't have enough space in my hdd to accommodate the update. Well, none the less, it tried, and bricked the ps3... Just and FYI and a watch out, so someone else might be able to avoid a system death of their own.
  11. This time we got a bit of a gift bag, the winner will receive 3 - 30 PS Plus codes, which you can use all three for 90 days of Plus or share with a friend or two. Entry is simple, first for this new system we have added two new private profile fields which are for shipping purposes, I know this does not apply to this particular drawing, but we will need it for the next drawing, so we went ahead and set up the system. Only the Directors and Staff have access to these fields, privacy is our utmost concern. You can update these fields by going to http://www.urgentfury.com/profile.php?do=editprofile please do fill these out properly as it will cause you to be disqualified from the drawing. We will not be sharing this info unless you are a winner and the prize sponsor is shipping for us. Once you have done this you can then go to the Drawing to enter: http://www.urgentfury.com/raffles.php?do=raffle&id=2 each member is able to enter the drawing 1 time for free. If you would like additional entries you can join the Spec Ops program for an additional 9 entries http://www.urgentfury.com/content.php/26-UF-Special-Operations-Premium-Membership-Program After that on the 15th of September the system will automatically draw a winner and send a PM with the PSN Codes via PM. Enjoy guys. This first drawing is a bit of a test, after this we will have bigger and better prizes.
  12. To whomever can help, I'm hoping to update my sig to represent my new staff position here at UF for GRFS! Unfortunately, I don't have the tools to do it myself! Any help with this would be MUCH appreciated!!!
  13. So I thought It would be a good idea for all to post the information to there Rent-a-Server... Maybe even a link (if that's possible) TNU is still waiting for a server to become available in which I will update This post, But if anyone has one that is purchased already & you would like to post it here so We can all Add each other to the "Favorites" List... & then play together consistently.. Just post The Name & Server Info Here!!! [TNU] Threat Neutralizing Unit Server - www.ClanTNU.net (Search [TNU] Urgent Fury Gaming League (search Urgent Fury) [$K$] Soulless Korps Server - www.CLANSKS.com (Search SKS)
  14. Update: The “Matches” feature is now live! We’re taking the next step in advancing online competitive play in the Battlefield 3 community. The “Matches” feature will allow players to coordinate competitive multiplayer sessions with their friends and squad members. Battlefield 3 players will be able to select the time, server, game settings, and roster for their Matches creating a controlled and definitive environment for competitive play. Players will be able to coordinate Matches for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 through the Battlelog. To coordinate a Match a player must be actively renting a dedicated server. Once a dedicated server has been selected the Match host can set the Match name, start time, game mode, team size, and map rotations. After these preliminary decisions have been made, game settings are determined for the Match. Matches are completely customizable; an extensive list of settings including friendly fire, 3D spotting, squad-leader spawning, kill cam, health regeneration, a list of weapon unlocks that will be made available to players, and more can be set to exact specifications. With the Match settings in place, players then select the rosters for their teams from their list of friends and platoon members. A team leader for the rival team is assigned who in turn also chooses a roster for the opposing team. With the teams set, the Match is scheduled for creation and players can begin taking their places. Before the Match begins players may engage in a Warm-up Phase where no kills or points are counted. The Match will stay in this state until all participating players have signaled that they are ready from the pause menu. After the Match is completed players can review the results on Battlelog. Players can see the number of rounds played, what maps were used, the team that won each round, and other relevant information. With Matches, Battlefield 3 players will be able to create, control, and track directly competitive online play. Platoons, friends, and rivals will be able to put their teamwork to the test in controlled environments laying claim to definitive superiority and creating new grudges. Update: The “Matches” feature is now live! shareshareshare Forum Thread Reference: CLICK HERE
  15. Revealed this morning on the Starhawk Facebook Page It's no surprise that Urgent Fury rocks. Thanks to the many, many $$$ we have given Urgent Fury we have been "awarded" this INCREDIBLE prize. Urgent Fury has bestowed Starhawk their "Best Tourney Game" ribbon!!! UF has seen (secretly) our Tourney System and has chosen to give us this blessing. Whilst the tourney system is still "under construction" and will be a "really #%%# soon and it's free so stop asking as it'll be released so close to the May 8th release event and (its free as an update - so there) you'll never remember that it wasn't a feature at release feature they still gave it to Starhawk anyway. UF has had long, hard look at it and has decided its so GREAT that it deserves recognition. So 'Thank You" Urgent Fury...and keep sending the t-shirts and $$$!!! .... And curtain...
  16. [h=1]Rumor: SOCOM Creators Being Shut Down by Sony[/h]Zipper Interactive, a first-party Sony studio responsible for the creation of the SOCOMseries and PS3 shooter MAG, is in the process of being shut down, according to Kotakusources. Sony has repeatedly declined to comment on the matter to Kotaku this week, citing their policy not to discuss rumor or speculation. But we've heard chatter for several days that Zipper was in the process of being hit with layoffs and a project cancellation. The scope of the layoffs appears to indicate a studio shutdown. Zipper has been in the business since 1996, with fan favourites like Mechwarrior 3 andCrimson Skies to its name before it was bought by Sony in 2006 to focus on the console business. The studio's last game was third-person shooter Unit 13 for the PlayStation Vita. Once seen as one of Sony's most important studios, especially in the days of the PS2, Zipper has seen its titles struggle to find the same level of success in the PS3 era, with MAG never really catching on with players and the latest SOCOM title having the misfortune of being released right in the middle of 2011's great PS3 downtime. Without official confirmation, there is still the possibility that Zipper will remain open in a nominal fashion but the extent of layoffs that we're hearing about appears to indicate studio closure. We've again reached out to Sony for comment and will update this story if we hear back.
  17. You Freq is Urgent Fury's latest site update, and we want to know how you get "Your Freq On" in the battlefield. Upload videos, images and more of your game play. Clans have you got a hot recruiting video, we got a category for that. And if you want to go all out, get your video ready for UFreqTV's Kill House segment (just remember, you can edit the footage, but do not put any additional sound effects or music or you submission will not be approved). And for all of you guys that are trying to be like the Nuke Town Hooligans or Happy Thumbs Gaming, we got the category for you, Gaming Tips and Tricks. Now if you already have a Youtube channel like these guys and want to promote your video here, you can do that too. Go to the YouTube browser, find your video by searching by your channel name or video title and simply add it to the appropriate category. It will then head to the approval queue. And if you did not catch that you can browse all of YouTube right here on Urgent Fury. And another one of our categories that will surely fill up fast is Epic Fail, and here is a perfect example http://www.urgentfury.com/media/18-SCK-CritiKiL-MW3-Game-Clip watch where you put your Care Packages
  18. Mines been freezing up a lot since the last update. It froze the other night right at boot up. Then it's been freezing mostly during BF3. I have another game that I have been playing that it has not froze at all with. So I'm not sure if it's the BF3 game or my PS3 and the update. Also using the internet now is laggy after the update.
  19. I've been waiting to post something because I wanted to wait until after I activated the AT&T data plan. Which I did last night. It works O-K, but obviously it is no where near as fast as a Wi-Fi connection, but it's sufficient when a hotspot is not available. And I found out it isn't exactly a "free" 30 days. Technically it is, but only after you purchase the first 30 days. So the free 30 days starts right after the purchased one expires. Moving on to the the touch screen. To me, it is exactly like the iPhone when it comes to how responsive it is. There is zero lag I guess is what I'm saying. And the way it is laid out is pretty idiot proof. You have little bubbles or icons similar to the iPhone that you hit that open up that particular application. Then once it is open, you can side swipe back to the icon screen(s) or to another opened application. And I don't believe that is available on the iPhone. I could be wrong. My wife has the iPhone, I don't. And the rear touch screen is just as responsive. But I only used it for a short mini "introduction" game. The camera is decent, not the greatest, but again, sufficient. But I wasn't buying the PS Vita to take pictures or video. So onto the games. The games look fantastic! The Unit 13 demo is pretty negligible to SOCOM 4 when it comes to the graphics. And it plays and sounds identical to SOCOM 4. So far the demo is only available, so I haven't been able to get online with it. But I cannot wait to try it out. Uncharted looks and sounds fantastic also. Both games take some getting used to on the 5in screen. But it's actually not that bad. There are currently three free games on the PS store that utilize augmented reality, but they are pretty boring. And you have to hold the PS Vita just so to play them. And each one utilizes these cards with symbols on them that add to the environment of the game your playing. Mortal Combat probably will make better use out of AR. But Unit 13 will probably be the first game I purchase. I liked SP and Co-Op on SOCOM 4, and Unit 13 has a co-op version. I'm really looking forward to Black Ops for the Vita in the fall. If that has MP, which I assume it will, I will be golden. The Twitter application is also super cool. It is super easy to navigate and is pretty fast using the touch screen. Mainly because you can just flick the screen and scroll down. I only tried the Twitter app on the iPhone for a short period of time, but I don't remember the Twitter app on the iPhone being this easy and cool. The FB application got yanked due to technical issues, so I haven't had a chance to try that out. The internet browser works very similar to the PS3 browser. It ain't great, but you can surf the web none the less. Kinda like the iPhone browser. I do have a couple of complaints. I wish they added the ability to use the D-pad or analog sticks to navigate through the icons. Now this is just me, but I'm a little anal when it comes to all the smudges. It drives me nuts, and I am constantly wiping the screen with a soft cloth after each use. Oh and BTW, the analog sticks are great. Like I said before, once you get used the smaller screen, playing a shooter on the Vita is awesome. That second stick obviously makes ALL the difference. Unlike a traditional smart phone, there is the D-pad and analog sticks. So it would have been nice to use them if I prefer. Maybe later in an update. My other complaint, and it's a big one, is the lack of including a flash player when using the browser. Why they didn't include this from day one is beyond me. They want to pull the smart phone and iPad people to the PS Vita, but don't include the ability to watch videos on the web?!! Now they claim this is being "discussed" but I'm not holding my breathe. Now this is just a complete theory, but I think they did it on purpose. I think they want to push the PS store video service, and Netflix, and probably soon Hulu Plus first. I think they are thinking that people won't need these "paid" services if they can get all of their video entertainment via Youtube or some other website. Because it does NOT make any sense not to include it. Especially if your going after the smart phone users that are also hardcore gamers. And you know damn well after playing with the Vita, it has the power to have it. I personally think that the PS Vita could be like having an iPad and hardcore gaming system in the palm of your hand. But they need that flash player added on a later update. But all in all, the PS Vita is awesome. Just SO full of awesomeness. I am really looking forward to some of the shooters coming out this year for this platform. And if you are a hardcore gamer, not so much a casual gamer, it is a must have! Because once more games come out, mainly shooters, you will be able to get your fix without having to drag your PS3 or XBOX with you when your out of town.
  20. This was posted on the PAX site today, and needless to say it has everyone's attention in the Gaming PR world... Read below http://penny-arcade.com/resources/just-wow1.html From: Dave To: Ocean Marketing Dec 26, 2011 12:11 PM Then cancel my order if you want to. I’m making a legitimate complaint about your poor communication and you’re the one stooping to childish levels, a patronizing attitude, and threats. Hell you can’t even get the spelling of my name right. And Gamespot pre-orders…wow what a terrible comparison. Retailers take a couple dollars IF THAT for you to guarantee your game availability on the release date, whatever that is. That’s the understanding and that’s what you get. Plus, I don’t have to complain to Activision or Epic games about these issues because they’re usually not missing the street dates for their AAA titles. Now let’s take YOUR situation: 1) You’ve promised a new product based off the design for an existing, working product 2) For the longest time, you’ve stated on your website (your failure to update regularly is another issue) the initial/special/limited batch of your new product by early December, obviously in time for the all-important holiday gift-giving season. I and thousands of other customers GIVE YOU OUR MONEY, INTEREST FREE on the promises you made online. 3) I reach out to you, on Dec 16 (AFTER you have FAILED TO MEET YOUR ADVERTISED DEADLINE AND FAILED TO COMMUNICATE TO ANYONE WHAT THE SITUATION IS) obviously a little frustrated but more curious about when I and other customers can expect the product we paid for. 4) Your reply to me is a cryptic “Dec 17” with absolutely no explanation of what that means. In the mean time you having been using funds from pre-paid customers to complete Research & Development, product redesigns, and manufacturing mis-steps. 5) You force me to follow-up with an email asking for clarification about what “Dec 17” means since the day has passed and I have yet to receive any new information about my order. Now you instead of ANSWERING MY QUESTION OF WHAT THE NEW DELIVERY DATE IS, you tell me the goods have yet to leave China… Why are you telling me this? I’m not your employee I’m your goddamn customer! TELL ME WHAT THAT MEANS IN TERMS OF MY TIME AND WHEN I CAN EXPECT MY PRODUCT I PAID FOR. 6) So great…I have to email you AGAIN trying to get a CLEAR answer from you whether a Dec 24th delivery date is possible and if not, what the new date is. Rinse & repeat: You give me an update of the delivery process (wow, thanks…you haven’t told me anything I don’t know about the order of international shipping procedures) but instead say “...so its wither before or after Christmas.” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? GIVE ME A DATE!? One that you’re actually going to follow, because I already see “late Nov to early Dec”; “Dec 17”; and now “CHRISTMAS” in my rear-view mirror. 7) So I guess what’s left for me to do but just wait? Oh but what’s this, you’ve updated your website…Ok at least you’ve clarified the dates more, I can expect my controller my latest first week of January. But now as a “token of our appreciation” to all your “loyal customers” (you mean like customers who put up cash for you hold an use?) you’re giving a $10 coupon. Let me get this straight…so you held my money interest free for 2 months to help bring this product to market, and now some new customer can place an order and pay $10 less than what I paid? You have financially penalized me in two ways for being a “LOYAL CUSTOMER.” I’m SURE you’re getting tons of other inquiries and I’m sure you’re not enjoying the fact that your product is not out when you wanted it to be. I and everyone else understands that “sh*t happens,” but if you want us to be understanding of that, then you need to keep us in the loop. You’ve already set yourself up for failure by making explicit promises that aren’t even “likely” given that the design and manufacturing are still be refined. Then you make sure you’re going to fail by actually taking all of our money, Not just a little bit….THE WHOLE F*CKIN BEEFALO. Why wouldn’t we trust that you’re going to deliver our merchandise on time? Besides…it’s based off an existing product so how hard can it be? Well as your youtube video shows, making any consumer device is hard and requires many iterations and improvements. But I’m not going to apologize for holding your feet to the fire. You created these expectations by acting like the release was already a done deal and by hiding the fact that it was faaaar from it. I want my two n-controllers. I 1) PAID FOR THEM 2) WAITED 3) DEALT WITH YOUR UNHELPFUL ASS. I also didn’t want to feel like my trust and loyalty as a customer was being abused and then actually punished in comparison to other customers. But I guess we can’t have it all… so right now I’ll settle for getting my merchandise and hopefully never having to deal with you again. I’ve spent enough time writing this email which I hope you gain some insight from. If you actually do want to screw me over by not fulfilling my order, then I assure you be hearing more from me or people representing me. You show a surprising lack of business polish for someone who’s quite established, AND an lack of awareness of your customer base: Hardcore gamers. We’re a demanding, vocal customer but the flip side is we’re loyal and eager to spend. It’s lucky for you that I really want this product because it seems really deliver on making the gaming experience more effective and enjoyable. Hell, I want to combine the aventer-controller with the xtend play to make the ugliest, most comfortable, most awesome controller ever. And I’ll still buy the xtend, so let that be a testament to your products, the rise above your poor representation. -DAVE with a V p.s. You look really douchy be having one youtube video complaining about the noise of traffic next to your home and then another video showing off your obnoxiously loud rice rocket (which is nice, I gotta hand it ya). p.p.s. Welcome to the internet, bitch. That’s how I roll. From: Ocean Marketing To: Dave Dec 26, 2011 2:19 PM LOL Thanks for the Free PR I know the Editor N Chief of Kotaku , IGN , Engadget I’ll be meeting them at CES .The noise complaint was for people high up on the food chain in a corporate world of real estate you have no clue about. Thanks for the Rice Rocket Compliment too love me some motorcycle . Send that over to Engadget you look like a complete moron swearing and sending your customer service complaints to a magazine as if they will post it or even pay attention do you think you’re the first or the last what are they going to do demand us to tell you were your shipment is or ask for a refund on your behalf … Really ... Welcome to the Internet ? Son Im 38 I wwebsite as on the internet when you were a sperm in your daddys balls and before it was the internet, thanks for the welcome to message wurd up. Grow up you look like a complete child bro. I Don’t have my controller so im gonna cry to the world … Really ?? Hey take that free time and do something more productive. All you had to do was check the like everyone else , people have inquired but you’re the douchiest of them all J To all our pre-order customers looking for information on the status of their orders after a busy couple of months The PS3 Avengers are on their way from our Manufacturing plant overseas. We are aware that everyone is anticipating having their Avengers under their Christmas Tree and were doing our best to get these orders shipped out as fast as possible. We appreciate you as loyal customers and for supporting our company. Customers will start receiving their products this week before Christmas and After Christmas and into the New Year. As a token of our appreciation we are offering all our pre-order customers and new customers 10$ off your next order with us just enter Avenger1001 at Checkout. Thank you and Happy Holidays! Oh and FYI When a street date gets pushed by a publisher on a video game you pre ordered do you cry to them too ? You just got told bitch … welcome to the real internet check kotaku in 2 weeks when they are reviewing free PS3 Avengers we send them as well as G4 and all the other majors hell yeah , don’t forget to check Amazon, gamestop.com, play n trade , Myers , Frys and a ton of other local stores coming your way you think you speak for billions son your just a kid you speak for yourself no one cares what you think that’s why were growing and moving 20-50 thousand controllers a month. We do value our customers but sometimes we get children like you we just have to put you in the corner with your im stupid hat on. See you at CES , E3 , Pax East ….? Oh wait you have to ask mom and pa dukes your not an industry professional and you have no money on snap you just got told. From: Mike Krahulik To: Dave, Ocean Marketing Dec 26, 2011 at 8:45 PM Holy shit this is unbelievable. Dave, if this guy has a booth at Pax east we will cancel it. From: Dave To: Mike Krahulik Dec 26, 2011 at 8:53 PM Hey thanks Mike. It’s truly a shame because I think this device is great for gamers with disabilities and problems. I think of Child’s Play and if anyone’s gonna need greater accessibility when using complicated gamepads…it’s sick kids! Shit man, I’m really gonna feel bad if I think that sick children may somewhere down the line have fewer avenger controllers because I got into a pissing match with a sad old man. Please don’t cancel their booth on my account. As much as I hate this asshole, I still WANT his product and think it should be out there. GAH, I wish I was in a position to make a competing product to really stick it to guy. From: Ocean Marketing To: Mike Krahulik Dec 26, 2011 at 8:54 PM Hey Mikey, We’re not renting a booth at pax east this year , bigger and better shows to be at we got nothing from the show . Oh so you know this guy has sold over 500 thousand dollars of product in Dec and is my main distribution arm landing us in GameStop , fry’s , Myers , Best buy , Activision , MLG , play N trade and a lot more . Were in 6 countries and you’re not going to take my money for a booth that’s a crock I can guarantee I’ll get a booth if I want one money buys a lot and connections go even further. He’s a native Bostonian from Little Italy . Who are you again ? From: Mike Krahulik To: Ocean Marketing Dec 26, 2011 at 9:08 PM I am mike krahulik, Pax is my show. Feel free to google me=) I can promise you that you will never have space at any future Pax event. From: Ocean Marketing To: Mike Krahulik Dec 26, 2011 at 9:33 PM OK Mike whatever you say lol , are you sure hour not in Boston I spoke to the person who ran the show in Boston last year. If you let some little kid influence you over a pre order then we don’t want to be a your show ,Ill be on the floor anyway so come find me , I’m born and raised in Boston I know the people who run the city inside and out watch the way you talk to people you never know who they know it’s a small industry and everyone knows everyone. Your acting like a douchbag not that it matters pax east pax west , e3 , CES , Gamer Con , SSXW ,Comic Con, Germany I’m all over the place. If we want to be there we will be there with industry badges or with a booth you think I can’t team up with turtle beach , Callibur or Koy Christmas , I can’t get Kevin Kelly to pull some strings or G4 , Paul Eibler Ex CEO of take 2 , Rich Larocco Konami , Cliff Blizinski Epic who were working with on a gears version , Activision who were working with on a MW3 and Spider man Bundle , The Convention Center Owners themselves , Mayor of Boston come on Bud you run a show that’s all you do and lease a center in Cities you have no pull in its all about who you know not what you do. I’ll see space where ever I want , with who I want when I want and where I want so many ways around you and so many connections in this industry its silly. Anyway , I have no issue with you Sean Buckley Engadget, Scott Lowe IGN and the list goes on and on. Little kids unhappy with a PRE ORDER starting trouble and you email that to us , he’s a customer unless you’re his boyfriend then you should side with the company not the customer. Be Careful From: Mike Krahulik To: Ocean Marketing Dec 26, 2011 at 9:40 PM I do run Pax, but I also run a website called penny arcade. It’s kinda popular. From: Ocean Marketing To: Mike Krahulik Dec 26, 2011 at 9:41 PM Love penny Arcade !! From: Mike Krahulik To: Ocean Marketing Dec 26, 2011 at 9:42 PM I’m glad you like it! You will be on it tomorrow:) From: Ocean Marketing To: Mike Krahulik Dec 26, 2011 at 9:46 PM Great !! Love PR From: Ocean Marketing To: Mike Krahulik Dec 26, 2011 at 9:46 PM Mike I’m not trying to fight with you I’m really not , you should give me the benefit of the doubt before judging over one person’s bitching . Did I feed into his emails a little bit too much yeah ok . But it’s one person dude for real. No disrespect intended for you , My name is good in this industry and I know a lot of people. I’ll be at CES are you going ? From: Mike Krahulik To: Ocean Marketing Dec 26, 2011 at 9:47 PM Please remove me from this mailing list From: Ocean Marketing To: Mike Krahulik Dec 26, 2011 at 9:57 PM Your spamming me you’re not on a mailing list you idiot ! You sent me an email remember . Make sure you stir up a lot of controversy about us the more the better we needed some drama gets good blood flow going about the new product launch . Your sites amateur at best my son could put together a better site than yours and you run PAX ?? Wow , Ill put my marketing team on a smear campaign of you and your site and your emails , I have about 125 dedicated people to run PR , Blogs , Articles , Videos you have no clue who I am . Thanks again I can’t wait for the Penny Arcade smear campaign! info@avengercontroller.com Ocean Marketing Paul Christoforo on Twitter - @OceanMarketting 800-492-5455
  21. December 14, 2011 Temporary Suspension of "SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS" Operations (Update) As a result of our continuing investigation into the unauthorized intrusion reported yesterday, Square Enix has now determined that user login credentials were not accessed. Moreover, we have not found evidence that the individual was able to access any personal information at all. We will be sending an email to all SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS advising that an incident took place. This email will not be requesting any action from you. We have reported this incident to the Japanese Government. Because we have decided to conduct a broader internal investigation, it will take a few more days before we make the SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS service available once again. We deeply regret the inconvenience this may have caused our customers and fans, and appreciate your patience.
  22. This is how my day went so far><O.M.G><Denial is the first problem in life! Dave Wakefield Tech Specialist Dave Wakefield Reporting! Matthew hello, were trying to have clan battles but can only get 9 ppl in a private room Dave Wakefield hm do they all have good connections? Dave Wakefield What happens when you invite the 10th? Matthew like they will join than get timed out] Matthew like i have two ps3. mine and my wifes.. i wait for the 9 to be in the room and ill try to get her to join and it will say unable to join the host Dave Wakefield They need to check the connection Dave Wakefield everyone needs a NAT type open Dave Wakefield that's why Dave Wakefield o ok Dave Wakefield two people on one router is always going to give one person a moderate nat type Dave Wakefield two people on one router is very laggy and can cause many issues, unless you just use one console Matthew but everyone has the problem no one can join after the ninth Matthew like ill see people join than they will time out Dave Wakefield Right, again its a connection issue not an issue with the game Matthew so whats the best way of going about this Dave Wakefield Have everyone make sure they have nat type open Matthew and how do they do that Dave Wakefield you all have ps3's? Matthew yeah everyone Dave Wakefield by opening ports on your router Matthew by going to the site http://www.activision.com/nat Matthew that one Dave Wakefield O wait a sec Dave Wakefield You can only have 9 people in the lobby at most that's why Dave Wakefield Ground war is 9v9 so yea, this is why the error occurs Matthew no in Private matches Dave Wakefield try starting the game with 8 and invite people in Dave Wakefield right i know Matthew like have a party of 8 than switch to private match Dave Wakefield no start the game with 8 then invite the rest in Dave Wakefield you cannot have more than 9 in a lobby Matthew yeah you can. I had 17 in a lobby last week Dave Wakefield hm ok, then again it goes back to the connection issues with your people you are playing with Matthew okay do you have the site on how to open ports Dave Wakefield Please follow the steps you router company gives you and use the following information: Set port forwarding on your router to the IP address of your Playstation 3. This game uses ports 81, 3074, 3075, 3478, 3479(UDP) and ports 80, 443, 3074, 5223 (TCP). For voice / video chat and online game play, direct communication with other PS3â„¢ systems is used for data transmission during voice / video chat and online gaming. The port number used for this is UDP: 3658 If you are having any issues opening your ports, please contact your router provider. If your still having the issue after opening the ports, please call back or update the incident. You can update your incident with the following steps: 1) Login to your account at http://activision.custhelp.com (or localized version). 2) Click My Stuff and then click Questions. 3) Find your current incident and click on it under the Subject column. 4) Click Update Question. We close and set this incident to solved and will continue in the original incident Dave Wakefield use portforward.com Dave Wakefield find your router, and off you go, it will prompt you for everything Matthew I will let everyone know!
  23. Battlefield 3 has seen its fair share of issues since its release, but DICE is finally releasing a patch to fix, in my opinion, the biggest issue with online multiplayer: squad joining. With the latest update set to release on November 30th on PS3 (360 soon after) the patch will fix a ton of issues including spawn locations in TDM and Conquest, and some balancing fixes as well. Starting November 30th at 09:00 CET there will also be a scheduled maintenance that will take approximately three hours, and it will affect all formats. For those who don’t have a Battlelog account read on for the entire update list: BATTLEFIELD 3 PLAYSTATION 3 CLIENT UPDATE NOV 30TH General fixes • Significant improvements to the Squad Join interface, full details in this earlier blog post • Removed FIND ME A SQUAD option • Allow players to join empty Squads alone, thus having 1/4 Squad members • Change order of options to LEAVE SQUAD, INV A FRIEND, SWITCH TEAM • Disable Privacy flag when 1 man Squad • Reset Privacy flag from Private to Public when Squad drops to 1 player • All occupied Squads will now show up colored blue on the Squad selection screen • Players who choose not to join Squads will also show up as Blue in the “Not in a Squad†line • Squads that are currently empty will display as white — if you wish to join an empty Squad, you can choose the first one marked with white text • Added round duration and ticket summary at end of round screen • Fixed sound for when climbing ladders • Fixed and issue with some weapons’ sounds in first person view • Fixed a swim sound loop error • You should no longer be able to damage a friendly vehicle when sitting in an open position • Grenades now drop to ground if you get killed while attempting to throw it • Spawn protection now should work in Conquest so you no longer should spawn too close to enemies • You should no longer spawn too close to enemies in TDM and SQDM • Fix for missing input restriction during intro movie, causing players to potentially fall and die while watching movie if moving controller (or having a controller with a bad stick zone) • Combat areas on Kharg Island in Rush mode tweaked in order to disallow defenders to access the carrier ship after first base is taken and being able to enter the AA gun • Fixed a problem with revived players not being able to get suppressed • Fixed a problem with the camera when being revived in co-op • Spotting VO now plays when spotting from MAV/EOD bot • Fixed several issues regarding the kill card, including showing wrong weapons used for the kill • Fixed that sometimes you would be stuck on a black screen when kicked from server • Fixed so when a team captures two flags at the same time, the UI does not show wrong owner of the flag • Fixed a problem where the capture progress bar was shown as friendly when the enemy was capturing • Fixed a problem with the bipod deploy sound • Fixed a problem that you could be spawned in with no weapons after being killed while using the EOD bot • Fixed problems with health bars not displaying health properly when using EOD bots • Fixed a problem with flickering name tags • Fixed a problem where you could damage friendly helicopters • Fixed a problem where you could get stuck in the co-op menu when attempting to join the session twice • You should now be able to spot explosives • You should no longer spawn in home base if your selected spawn point is disabled while waiting to spawn (e.g. if your teammate dies right before you are about to spawn) • Damage from bullets will now continue to cause damage even after the firing user is dead • Fixed several client crashes • Fixed a problem where players could get stuck in the join queue • Fixed the repair icon on the minimap • Fixed a problem with changing camera on certain vehicles • Fixed a problem with the grenade indicator when in guided missile mode • Fixed a problem where the machine could hard lock when joining a public coop game • Fixed a problem where the headset attached icon would not show up in the UI • Fixed a problem with the falling antenna on Caspian Border. It should now more instantly kill anyone in its falling path • Fixed a problem where tank turrets would turn too slow • Fixed a bug on co-op mission “Exfiltration†where you could end up outside the vehicle and not being able to enter it again, thus blocking the mission • Fixed a problem where a user can become invulnerable after being resurrected • Fixed a problem with the M60 reload sound • Fixed a hang in terrain streaming, causing the user to get stuck on black screen under special circumstances in single player • Fixed a problem where the enemy would not be able to get a road kill on a user that was using the SOFLAM • Fixed soldiers disappearing in the mortar kill cam • Fix for Type88 and MG36 zoom in animation offset when in supported shooting mode (using bipods) Balance changes • Increased the damage of helicopter miniguns, AA guns, and jet cannons against infantry • Increased the damage of helicopter miniguns against jeeps • Reduced the physics impact of AA guns and jet cannons so players under attack from these weapons no longer should lose control • Increased the damage of the 44 Magnum slightly • Increased the range and minimum damage of the .357 Round from the MP412 Rex • Increased the range of all .45cal and 9mm weapons • Slightly increased the range of the P90 and MP7 and PDW-R • Slightly increased the range of the 5.56mm PDW-R and decreased the minimum damage at long range • Slightly increased the minimum range of the Mk11, SVD, and M39 EMR 7.62mm rifles • Decreased the maximum damage and maximum range of the G3 and SCAR-H 7.62mm weapons • Reduced the damage from FIM-92 and SA-18 IGLA missiles against aircraft • Increased the damage and range of the 40mm BUCK rounds • Reduced the damage .50cal weapons do against helicopters • Updated T90 canister shell tweaks to match Abrams canister shells Don’t forget there will be a scheduled down time that day so if you can’t connect to multiplayer after downloading the update, you’ll just have to wait a few hours.
  24. BF3 patch went out to PC. Console patch is waiting for certification. Date is TBD. Patch notes for Nov 22 patch Major client update for the PC version Battlefield 3 as well as a server-side update for all platforms. The update will be made on Nov. 22nd 7:00 AM UTC / Nov. 21st 11:00 PM PST. We’ll share release timing on the console patches as soon as we are clear on the timing, these take a bit longer due to console certification process. ---- Client-Side Changes: -- Visuals, Stability and Performance Fixes: • General performance and loading time improvements • “Black Screen†fix for an issue occurring on some PC Configurations • Stereo and Rendering Support for Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards • Adjusted the “stuttering†encountered on some PC configurations. • Fixed several Crashes when joining MP and Co-Op sessions • Fixed multiple problems when using multiple monitors (Eyefinity / Surround). • Fixed visual corruption issues on certain Nvidia Cards • Improved loading times for certain textures • Added console command “GameTime.MaxVariableFps†to limit max FPS -- Balance and Gameplay Adjustments (PC) • Fixed a problem with high speed mouse movement • Added back some missing Growlers on Kharg Island Conquest Large • Added back EOR sound for SQDM and TDM • You should no longer be able to damage a friendly vehicle when sitting in an open position • Grenades now drop to ground if you get killed while attempting to throw it(note the affect this will have on Hardcore mode!) • Spawn protection now should work in Conquest. You should no longer spawn on points too close to enemies • You should no longer spawn too close to enemies in TDM and SQDM • Combat areas on Kharg Rush tweaked in order to disallow defenders to access the carrier ship after 1st base is taken and being able to enter the AA gun • Fixed a problem with revived players not suffering suppression • Fixed a problem with the camera when being revived in COOP • Added joystick deadzone setting • Fixed sound for when climbing ladders • Fixed an issue with some weapon sounds in first person • Fixed a swim sound loop error • Increased the damage of Helicopter Miniguns, AA guns, and Jet Cannons against infantry • Increased the damage of Helicopter Miniguns against jeeps. • Reduced the physics impact of AA guns and Jet Cannons, players under attack from these weapons should no longer lose control. • Increased the damage of the 44 Magnum slightly. • Increased the range and minimum damage of the .357 Round from the MP412 Rex. • Increased the range of all .45cal and 9mm weapons. • Slightly increased the range of the P90 and MP7 and PDW-R. • Slightly increased the range of the 5.56mm PDW-R and decreased the minimum damage at long range. • Slightly increased the minimum range of the Mk11, SVD, and M39 EMR 7.62mm rifles. • Decreased the maximum damage and maximum range of the G3 and SCAR-H 7.62mm weapons. • Reduced the damage from FIM-92 and SA-18 IGLA missiles against aircraft. • Increased the damage and range of the 40mm BUCK rounds. • Reduced the damage .50cal weapons do against Helicopters. • Updated T90 canister shell tweaks to match Abrams canister shells UI Changes (PC) • Added round duration and ticket summary at EOR • Advanced squad polish – should be more intuitive • Significant changes to the Join Squad functionality (see below) • Fixed a problem regarding keybindings while playing • You should now get a better error message when being disconnected via Battlelog ---- Server Update Highlights • EOD Bot exploit fix • Several crash fixes • Anti-stat padding measures taken, disallowing ranked servers to run obscure settings • Improved team kill kick configuration • Support for unranked servers. Unranked servers do not report players' scores to Battlelog, but server administrators can freely control all settings :becky: -- Share your profile and stats with new Battlelog functionality • Ability to share your Profile and Stats pages to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter • User Profile and Stats pages on Battlelog can now be accessed without being signed in to Battlelog if you know a user's URL • Single sign on from Battlelog to Origin. If you're not logged in to Origin and join a game server, Battlelog will automatically sign you in to Origin in the background and join the game server -- Quick notes on Squad changes in the Nov 22 update • Removed FIND ME A SQUAD option • Allow players to join empty Squads alone, thus having 1/4 squad members • Change order of options to LEAVE SQUAD, INV A FRIEND, SWITCH TEAM • Disable Privacy flag when 1 man squad • Reset Privacy flag from Private to Public when squad drops to 1 player • All occupied Squads will now show up colored blue on the Squad Selection screen • Players who choose not to join squads will also show up as Blue in the "Not in a Squad†line • Squads that are currently empty will display as white -- if you wish to join an empty Squad, you can choose the first one marked with white text -- A detailed look at Squad refinements A detailed look at Squad refinements Today's PC client patch features numerous tweaks to Squad functionality and is part of our ongoing efforts to make it easier to play with friends and Platoon mates. These changes will also be implemented for consoles when we release the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 updates shortly. Stay tuned for the exact date of the console updates. First, we need to look at how joining with Squads and Platoons affects the balance of teams. Initially, servers are commanded to equal out each side, so joining with friends can impact that balance while joining with Platoons further hinders this. As a result we have made some adjustments to the in-game Squad management screen. For PC, you are now able to highlight the various Squads and select which one you wish to join by selecting a Squad and then clicking the Join Squad button. Please note that the Squad Privacy option still allows 2 man Squads which, during 64 player sessions, can lead to players with no squad position –- the number of people with no Squads will be shown at the bottom of the Squad selection list. After the patch is applied to consoles (in the near future) you will be able to join Squads by cycling through the list and selecting which Squad you wish to join.
  25. This week, Home and PSN will go offline for some scheduled back-end maintenace in addition to the usual Thursday Home content update publish. Here's the schedule: MONDAY: 10pm (Pacific) / 1am Tuesday (Eastern), Home will go offline. 4am (Pacific) / 7am (Eastern), Home will re-open. THURSDAY: 8am (Pacific) / 11am (Eastern), PSN services will go offline. 7pm (Pacific) / 10pm (Eastern), PSN services will re-open. Thank you for your patience, and we'll see you on the other side!

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