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  1. thanks for the effort bro... not my style. a bit too big... need something smaller and more horizontal<sp? |-------------------------------------------------| | | | LIKE THIS | | | |-------------------------------------------------| also too plain... thanks again though
  2. I guess that makes sense. As of now im thinking of joining forces with cDC but havent decided as of yet.
  3. So the Beta is finially over huh? Thank God! lol. I only got the chance to play with my clan a few times. Pretty hectic game.. I found myself playing with a bunch of people who had no mics or medics who didnt give a F***.... Im ruined to this game. No way in hell im buying it. Zipper shoulda stuck with the socom franchise and ill save my money for S4...
  4. Hey, can someone oblidge me in making me a sigg for UF? What i want: My name... Urgent Fury... Something to do with a scope (either 1st person looking through one or whatever) Smoke and darkness all around... eery almost.... Can anyone do this?
  5. I appreciate the reply, and I believe you've told me this once before while on socom Sgt. lol. I will send in an App when the entire clan is ready. Thanks again. Ps. can i still post a recruiting spot before hell week?
  6. Also, I was in UF as a member of cDC... Do I have to register or put in an app for my new clan before i can even post on UF? Dont want to disrespect the forums ya know
  7. Oh, and can anyone help me with getting rid of the [cDC] in my user name? Edit: Nevermind, I got it. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, Just wanted to see if anyone is up for a new clan. Was in this clan back in S2, S3... fell apart when nothing happened for a long time after S3. Trying to rebuild. Whos down? [\|/] Trae1272 Leader of The Royal Family