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    [CTU] Counter Terrorist Unit
  1. [CTU] Is Recruiting for BF3 Now! Counter Terrorist Unit[CTU] BF3 RECRUITING We are a PS3 Based BF3 Clan We want to invite you to visit the Counter Terrorist Unit[CTU] website. We are a BATTLEFIELD 3 and a Multi-gaming Clan that began in 2006 and we know what has worked in the past and what has not worked for a successful Multiplayer War Gaming Clan. What can you expect from the Counter Terrorist Unit? • A Mature Gaming Clan who upholds RESPECT, HONOR, Loyalty & Teamwork • ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE ACCEPTED. Beginners to Advanced are Welcome! Having FUN gaming, is ALWAYS FIRST at CTU • A NEW state of the art website and forums that are continually updated. Also Videos, and interesting Podcasts which can be accessed. • A top of the line Graphics Team which takes the time and effort to create some of the best Graphics seen in signatures, avatars, logos and PS3 [CTU] Clan Background themes. • A member oriented environment which includes 2 Member BATTLEFIELD 3 Clan Nights each week. Many of our members play every night. • Leadership that listens. We make sure to get your input and always try to improve [CTU]. • An in Clan Award Program • A Member Rank Promotion system for a Member's contributions to [CTU]. • [CTU] is a no cheat Clan • A fun yet competitive place to play & win THE [CTU] WEBSITE: TO JOIN [CTU]: CLICK HERE Name: COMMANDER RedKnight Website: