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  1. Hey All, We wanted to pop on the UF forum and say "sup" to any oldschool Socom 2 players who we played with and against back in Urgent Fury's first ever Tournament. We are back at it, playing Socom 2 on PS2, via Xlink Kai. It's safe to say, we're addicted, again! If possible, join us! We are on nighlty after 7pm Eastern. See ya online. Jeah!! [THM] Vex Check it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZY4NjzOGKoRiV44T77PZCg http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/come-play-socom-2-again-with-thm.455156176/
  2. Due to the near complete demise of what we used to know as our competitive online gaming, I would like to organize a summit for the clan leaders of the many communities that have participated at UF and UF-like communities (Autumn Forge, Chaos Tactics, GetSomeGaming) as well as those websites' owners . The purpose of this summit is to bring everyone together to begin rebuilding what was once a great thing for gamers and communities to something greater than it ever was. Please reach out and contact clan leaders and have them post here that they would like to participate and have them post in this thread. The initial plan is to conduct the summit on a free voip program (Skype, RaidCall, TS/Mumble) on a day/night agreed upon.
  3. It's from a strange place... World of Tanks. I play it on an ipad. I know tanks but it has everything of a socom like feel to it. Big thing I think is No Repawn. You have lots of tanks to choose. If you want a fast one well you give up power. If you work together in the game you live longer. If not and go Rambo well you might be watching a lot. But check it out... World of Tanks... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. D-Jay


    Hello, all! I'm D-Jay and currently play on the PS4. A little bit about me, well, I first started playing online gaming when the first SOCOM came out and been through many competitive sites such as gamebattles and socomzone. I've heard about urgent fury when it first started but never really got deep into it with any clan. But now I felt it's the right time to since I may be starting up a new clan with friends pretty soon. Just had a few questions. Will there be any battlefield 4 ladders/tournaments anytime soon? I'm not really looking forward to do clan battles on GB (gamebattles) so I was just curious as to what is going on nowadays on Urgent Fury. Is it still very active on here? Thank you for taking the time and sorry if my intro was rushed.
  5. Good morning all! This really shouldn't be an introduction to many of you, but to some it will be. JyK is planning a return to the PS4 once H-Hour hits the shelves. A lot has changed since the old days of JyK. We have all grown up, had kids, careers & even matured a little more. We have all learned that it's just a game, and the most important thing is the friends and family we have met along the way. I go through some of these old threads and laugh at some of the remarks from years past. I look at old familiar screen names and get excited about playing with and against those guys again. Some of you all know me as KnowUrDamRoll. I no longer use that name on the PS4 nor plan on ever using it again. That name came with a lot of bad stuff from my past. Wither it was on gaming or affiliated with a part of my life I want to forget. I have chosen this name, because it kind of represents who I am now. KingJunk and I have discussed bringing back some original members of Socom to H-Hour. He is a busy guy now raising a family and is a full time truck driver. So the reigns have been handed over to me to carry out this clan. I am in the process of bringing the team back together and hope to be more active in the Urgent Fury community moving forward. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, RamblingRedneck
  6. Looking for any of the members of the now defunct Rogue >7< clan. I think a lot of them joined to form Ravenfall. X_VIPER_X, VIX3N, ShootinPudd, JACK-UK, NGHTHWK, Rumpo, or anyone else on here? Anyone know of them?
  7. Nothing will ever top our time in the TacMap as KO with the never ending weeks of play Socom and holding down Antenora. To this day we were never eliminated from that map! Aww the good old days, how bout you?
  8. When: July 2nd, 8pm EST Where: http://twitch.tv/crream As released by Effen Media: ------------------- Join us Live Tuesday, July 2nd at 5PM Pacific Time as Kat Gunn and Kenny Lawson host the legendary David Sears (Creative Director, SOCOM Series) as well as SOF Studios President and retired Special Ops veteran Tom. Join the discussion as we get to the bottom of the hype and anticipation surrounding their latest project, H-Hour: World's Elite and their final push to secure its KickStarter campaign. Not your cookie cutter shooter, SOF Studios President, Tom and David Sears promise to deliver what we've all been craving and screaming for: a team based tactical, military shooter. Imagine a world of reality, where an AI is adapting to your gameplay, not dictating it. Remember that one game you lost taking a bullet to the knee. Go shoot yourself in the knee right now I'll wait ... You're still alive aren't you? Exactly. Now go get that knee patched up and meet us Tuesday evening at 5PM Pacific Time and let's get this game made together. Special guests David Sears and Tom, hosted by Ken Lawson and Kat Gunn. ------------------- Click here to view the article
  9. Howdy all! My name is Ben, and I'm an assistant producer and the community manager for a game called Breach & Clear. We're working on a mobile game that we hope is right you your alley here at UrgentFury! Been talking with Shane about our game, and we as a development team thought it would be fun to directly engage gamers (especially core gamers) about their thoughts on a mobile, core-centric title. Breach & Clear is a tactical strategy game where you take control of a small fireteam made up of some of the best special operations teams in the world. At launch, we'll have groups such as the US Army Rangers, US Navy SEALs, US Army Special Forces and Canada's JTF2. You'll get to go on multiple missions across the globe, taking on badguys and what have you! The idea is to give the user as much control as possible, allowing you to set waypoints, decide when and where to look and we let you tackle problems with a rather formidable tool-set. One of my main reasons for being here is to directly engage with core gaming people (being one myself, I played the crap out of SOCOM/GRAW/R6 and other titles when I was younger.) We at Gun Media believe that building great games is the main goal, regardless of the platform. So while we are launching to iOS and Android, we feel this is a title that gamers familiar with strategy and military themes will enjoy. Originally, we meant to make this game a Free-to-Play experience done right. That is to say we were looking for a more PC-oriented F2P mechanism. We've since announced that we're going the traditional route to get this game experience out there as best as possible. Breach & Clear will launch with a $3.99 price point, though the date hasn't yet been set. Wanted to pass along a few pics of the game, see if you as a community were interested in talking about the title and how we can grow, improve and expand it for mobile audiences! This is an example of an in-game gun. We're very focused on creating something more in-depth. Everything from the optic, suppressor and grip are up to the player. In all, we have 7 points of customization. There's a lot of focus on US-based weapons right now, but that's slated to change after launch . Also wanted to link an album for you guys, show off some of the concept art: And an album with some in-game pics: If you are interested, hit us up on www.facebook.com/breachandclear as well as www.twitter.com/breachcleargame!
  10. I noticed the homepage to the website has information regarding the H-Hour projects attempt at funding over at kickstarter.com but I'm suprised it's not getting more support from the community. As I write this, the project has only made $26k with 351 donaters. What the hell? This community alone should have 300+ donaters for the game - people have been begging for years to have a SOCOM that mirrors the original two releases and now we finally have a team of developers headed by the man who headed the original Socom and it looks like the project may fall short? Show it some love people!! Click this to go to Kickstarter H-Hour Page
  11. Im looking to prove myself worthy of an active BF3 clan/squad. My experience goes back to Socom 2 and Im a consistent and die hard gamer that plays one game and sticks to it. BF3 is my game now since Socom is trash, and I dont play anything else. Loyalty is especially important and look to build a long and successful relationship with a team on BF3 and migrate to BF4 on PS4.
  12. It is with great pleasure to officially welcome Doc to Urgent Fury. Yesterday he started with his first article telling everyone about Lobo from Injustice. We have known Doc ever since his appearance on PlayStation's Tester Season 1 where he introduced the gaming world to Beerios. Doc has seen had a very quiet roll in the background here at UF working with the Media side of the house. Here is a little about Doc: You will see even more from Doc as he brings Replay with Doc to UFreqTV and on PlayStation Home. Welcome Doc to the team.
  13. Renix3


    PSN - Renix3 I'm currently just came back from a 3 year hiatus from online gaming so I'm still rusty. I'm currently playing Black Ops 2 on the PS3. I mostly play TDM, FFA, and KC. But I'm willing to play other games types. Some other stuff- I'm 23 and pretty laid back. I've competed in a few of the tac - map tourneys here in the socom days (1 to 4) and the UF black series. (1-5) The last clan I was in was [PoW] Predators of War. What I'm looking for is a group to play with. Simple as that. It's getting pretty boring playing on my own.
  14. Socom 2 on PC? http://www.twitch.tv/i2idium/b/372197372# 0:00 Death Trap 10:00 Desert Glory 13:00 Fishhook 17:00 Frostfire 21:30 The Ruins 26:00 Crossroads www.steamcommunity.com/groups/socomcsgo Ruins was just released after they got to 75 members in the group. Let's support this and get more maps on the server! The guy making these is also working on a 3rd person mod as well!
  15. To my fellow [cKs] members, and the UF community I regret to inform everyone that we, the Squad Commanders have come to a unanimous decision to cease all clan operations and proceed with a hiatus until the next SOCOM is announced. Since the end of SOCOM 4 we have tried our hand at multiple games, spanning throughout the PS3 and PC and we have been unsuccessful at establishing our clan comfortably in a game, similar to the way we did SOCOM. We tried Battlefield 3, GRFS, CSGO and most recently Black Ops 2. Even though we were able to get activity on BO2 we didn't feel it was suitable for the long run and we don't see there being a game released anytime soon that will suit what we are looking for. We are a SOCOM clan, and we need our SOCOM so we can have our cKs back. The adrenaline pumping as your the last one alive against 2-3 others. Planting a bomb and you along with 1 other cKs trying to defend it against an onslaught of enemies, getting your ass yelled at if you break apart from your squad to do stupid shit. Thats cKs. Sniper corps, Squads, substitutions. That was cKs. Having to wait months, maybe even fucking years to enter the clan. That was also cKs. We're not made to be a COD clan and theres nothing wrong with admitting that. We're not a clan that is going to flourish on a popular game that has millions playing it. Rather we are a clan that excels at mastering a tactical game and being one of the best in a more tight-knit community. We are a tactical clan and we are not suited for recreational respawn gaming. Unfortunately it took the painful process of trying to establish ourselves in those games to realize it. A Sony executive recently said that there will be another SOCOM. We're not making this decision based off of that, for all we know there may never be another SOCOM and if thats the case then that is fate. However, the gaming industry will keep transforming and as we edge closer to the next-gen, maybe, just maybe SOCOM will have a place in gaming again. If/when that time comes, we will rise again. Even though we are taking a hiatus, we are not shutting the door on everyone. Those who want to wait with us that is fine. Your free to play your games together as you currently are and we will keep the website/forums up and available the entire time. However you will still be required to follow the COC so long as you dawn the [cKs] tags. The leadership corp will remain in-tacked over the next few years. We will be here ready to get cKs going when the next SOCOM does arrive (likely on the PS4). Finally, I want to thank everyone for their patience and support over the last 2 years. Its been very difficult for cKs and it has taken its toll, not just for us either, but for many of the once-SOCOM clans. Uprising recently disbanded as they are going through the same. I can't personally guarantee anything. Its going to be a very long wait and I know that surely this will be last for many of you. What I can promise though is that if a new SOCOM does come out, I will be here ready to lead it along with a core of patient, loyal members. We wrote the book for success back in Confrontation. I look forward to writing a better version of it in the next SOCOM. Thank you for your time, god bless. cKs4life
  16. What's up Gamers, Some of you might know me and some of you might not but I'm shot, from Florida. Currently in charge of the Battlefield 3 Roster for Clan Killas Online Gaming. Always had been a fan of Urgent Fury but never got the chance to get into the community/forums because of playing the crap out of games, If any of you want to play some Battlefield 3, MW3, or even Socom Confrontation, feel free to add me Shot_78 <---PSN Shot78 www.ClanKillas.com
  17. ****A CANADIAN Black Ops 2 CLAN**** The [cKs] Canadian Killing Squad is an elite, organized, and tactical Black Ops clan that is structured by an internal chain of command. We are respectful, honorable, and serious when it comes to our clan. We structure ourselves to gain much more from the game that couldn't otherwise be had. When it comes to the game whether in practice or battle, we hold [cKs] to the highest standards. We treat all other clans and players alike with respect and dignity. [cKs] has an extensive history. We have been around since SOCOM I, and have seen our fare share of battles. We've made it through the toughest and darkest of times and because of this, we are a close bunch that has grown together throughout the last few years. The average age of our squad is 24, and are always looking for respectful, mature, and dedicated COD players who want to experience more out of the game through organization and tactical teamwork. We work hard, but play harder. If you are interested in joining the Canadian Killing Squad, please visit http://www.cksclan.ca and click JOIN US or simply follow this link to our 'Application Form' Also If you wish to join this clan you can always add our Recruitment Unit members on the PSN or send an email to recruitment@cksclan.ca Recruitment Unit members DeathAwaits- X-COFFIN-X spikeknott
  18. http://n4g.com/news/1068295/happy-10th-anniversary-socom "The only easy day was yesterday."
  19. Commander Fury Signs Off. Leaving Urgent Fury. I've been staring at the screen for almost thirty minutes now, just trying to assemble the words & phrases necessary to make this post. And while it's been said that I have the "gift of gab", for some reason, I can't properly express how difficult it is to find the words at this moment. When I came to Urgent Fury during it's very first tournament event "Urgent Fury: State Of The Union", I was just like one of you. I was just a gamer. Just the leader of a SOCOM clan, intrigued by the entire concept of a "Scenario Based TACMAP tournament". At the time, this community was all about exclusivity. You didn't get in, unless you were invited. And even then, the community furiously policed itself. Holding each clan, and ultimately, each person accountable for his or her actions. As a clan leader, I realized that I wasn't really the "leader" of anything. I was just some guy who played video games. I had never served in the military, and honestly had never even been in an "upper management" position in my life. But, because I was typically older than most of the people I played with, I realized that I had been presented with a unique opportunity. And eventually, my goal was to act as a mentor. To lead by setting an example for others to follow. And maybe, to dispense any wisdom I may have had to those "serving" within our ranks. When I think back on it now, it actually makes me chuckle a bit. They thought I was teaching them how to play a video game. In reality, I was trying to give them something that they could take with them for the rest of their lives. I was trying to teach them the importance of being a part of something that is much bigger than just one person. Much like life itself. But, more to the point of this post. As most of you know, I have been part of the Urgent Fury staff long before there was actually a staff here. I was privy to the behind the scenes goings on that most of you have never seen, or heard about. And due to the generosity of Urgent Fury co-creators Jay Donovan & Joseph Mesa, I eventually became part of the creative element of this community. By now, most of you know that I am Commander Fury. And for 99 episodes of Urgent Frequency, I have tried to produce a sonic representation of what Urgent Fury is all about. At first, I kept my identity secret. Mainly because I didn't want people to focus on me. But rather, on the podcast, and the community that I so eagerly wanted to make a respected name within the gaming industry. After selling Urgent Fury a few years back, Jay Donovan "outed" me as he tried to show me the gratitude that I assume he thought I deserved. Honestly, I was worried that folks wouldn't embrace me as much as they seemed to embrace "Commander Fury". But, I was wrong. Instead, the community seemed to be relieved that "Fury" wasn't just some detached "voice", that had nothing invested in Urgent Fury. They seemed comforted by the fact that "he" was actually one of their own. I have been a radio professional for most of my adult life. 20+ years in the industry. I have interviewed and met celebrities. I have held the top ratings spot within my market 3 times in my career. If I never worked within the industry again, I could hold my head high, with the feeling that I have had a good career to this point. But, I have to say that the things that I have accomplished here with, and for Urgent Fury, will always hold a special place in my heart. It has been a true labor of love. And until recently, it has never seemed like work. And honestly, for reasons I don't care to go into here, the passion has left me. And the fire that once burned bright. Is now, just a dim and tired flicker. Don't get me wrong. If most of you knew how much time, effort, and energy went into the production of just a single episode of the podcast, I assure you, you'd be stunned. I write almost every word you hear, and I am typically responsible for the guests that have appeared over the years, and the research I must do on each of those guests, in order to conduct a professional interview. Then, it typically takes me up to 3 days to actually edit, and mix the existing production elements needed for each episode. Some people have asked,"why worry so much about it dude?". Saying, "Just turn the mic on and talk". Without question, I guess that would have been easier. But, when I first set out to do Urgent Frequency, I wasn't even sure what a podcast was. All I knew was that it wasn't going to be like every other podcast. I wasn't going to be that guy in his basement, behind a cheap mic, just talking to his friends about games. I was determined to create a podcast that sounded like a radio show. Something that each member of this community could be proud of, and that would make other people want to be part of Urgent Fury. In the end, I am proud of how much Urgent Fury has grown over the years. And I am humbled that I was in some small way responsible for that growth. I will never forget the friends that I have made here, or within the industry. And most of all, I am proud of the fact that what was once just a cool idea among a few friends, is now a legitimate entity within the gaming industry. I could have never have done this without the interest and support of this unique "family". A group of like minded gamers, that I have grown to love so much over the years. I will never be able to properly thank those of you who have lifted me up when I was discouraged. Or that simply gave me a kind word in the midst of indifference. Your emails, and private messages have meant so much to me over the years. And I want you to know that I read each one with a smile on my face. So, in closing, I want to thank Jay Donovan & Joseph Mesa, A.K.A. Undertow & Sniper. Jay you are without question, one of the most powerfully creative people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And while we don't keep in touch as much as we used to. You have had an undeniable effect on me as a person. You taught me to be fearlessly creative. To go outside the box, and dig deeper. And for that, I thank you. I wish you nothing but happiness and joy in your life. Joseph, I can never thank you enough for your guidance and support for this "perpetually novice" graphic artist. Your quiet confidence, speaks louder than words mi amigo. Thank you. I also want to thank the new owners of Urgent Fury. The fact is, they didn't have to keep Commander Fury on the team. But they did. And you have no idea what that meant to me. More specifically, I want to thank Shane. He endures more criticism than he's ever deserved. His vision is one of growth, and relevance for Urgent Fury. And sadly, most of you can't see the "trees for the forest" in that regard. But I have, and I do. Whether it was our presence at E3 & PAX. Or our relationships with industry giants like Sony & Bradygames. You have held fast to the original plan that you guys had when you bought Urgent Fury. No one reading this can fathom the endless hours that you & I have put into this. Most of all, I want to thank the community. I am you. And you, are me. I'm not sure what the future holds for me at this point. But, please keep in mind that you are Urgent Fury. And without you, and your support...Urgent Fury is just a good idea. This is not good bye. It is see you later. There are things I want to accomplish. And hopefully, I will have your continued support as I move forward with my new project. I love this community. And I will never forget my time here. Until next time...Keep your feet wet...and your powder dry. Hooyah! ~V~
  20. I had posted this over at TRS sense he actually addressed the concerns of some of those members about not answering all of the questions during the live interview, but it was first removed and then I asked WTF it was put back. The fact that I even had to ask has left a horrible taste in my mouth... But anyway rant aside here is the first blog post by David, affiliated or not, I am a Socom fan and will watch what David Sears is doing closely because he was the one that gave us the original Socoms. http://www.sofstudios.com/news/post.php?id=22 As I had mentioned on the other site, I am glad that he is going to address the questions that did not get answered during the live interview.
  21. I am curious if there are any clans that would be interested in a Socom Confrontation comeback tour. I know there are still many clans that still have active members playing SC. It would be nice to play Socom on a competitive platform again.
  22. http://www.sofstudios.com/news/post.php?id=19 World Renowned Creative Director and Shooter Entertainment Pioneer, David Sears, Joins SOF Studios. Southern Pines NC - August 7, 2012 - Independent games publisher, Special Operations Forces Studios, Ltd. (SOF Studios), is honored to announce the hiring of 22-year games industry veteran and AAA Creative Director, Mr. David Troy Sears. David, the visionary Creative Director behind shooter entertainment's pioneering franchise, "SOCOM: US Navy SEALs" and most recently ground-breaking Creative Director for Ubisoft’s unreleased shooter title, "Rainbow 6: Patriots", resigned from Ubisoft Montreal last month and joined the SOF Studios team in Southern Pines, NC. David is an award-winning creative who has designed and directed the development of shooters, racing games, brawlers, action-adventure games, and platform games on a variety of consoles for publishers/developers including Ubisoft, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Virgin Games, Zipper Interactive, Foundation 9 Entertainment, Kronos Digital Entertainment, Looking Glass Studios, and Pseudo Interactive. About Special Operations Forces Studios SOF Studios is a Special Operations veteran owned multiplatform games publisher concentrated on the development of exceptional shooter entertainment, multiplayer universes, and gaming communities. Through its unique co-ownership and unprecedented internal Special Operations personnel, assets, and support networks, SOF Studios is currently integrating an ambitious shooter entertainment vision with premier game production and exclusive science and technology. SOF Studios will donate time, infrastructure, and revenues annually to benefit veteran reintegration and youth leadership foundations, while working to lead others toward the same.
  23. If this title didnt get you creaming to come in here then I don't think there is any hope.. There is glory reborn for socom activists!!!! -----Last March, Sony Computer Entertainments closed the doors of studio Zipper Interactive, developers behind SOCOM and MAG. Since then, many fans of the SOCOM series have been curious whether or not the franchise will continue. SCE boss, Shuhei Yoshida took the time to comment on this matter. “It’s not done. We never definitely retire any franchise. It’s sometimes great to have a fresh look at the classics that we have,†he told the Official Playstation Magazine in its latest issue, as posted on the PlayStation Forums. Though, yes, this is a confirmation that the series is indeed not dead, this does not however confirm in anyway that we will be seeing another SOCOM title anytime soon. This can be shown further in his discussion with OPM about the upcoming Sly Cooper title. “We are launching a new Sly Cooper game this year after so many years. Never say never. I feel sorry for people who are longtime SOCOM fans, and there are many people who still play SOCOM 1 and SOCOM 2, especially those seem to be their favorites.†I for one would love to see the series continue, though SOCOM 4 wasn’t exactly up to par with past SOCOM titles. Would you guys like to see Sony re-create SOCOM 1 through 3 in an HD Collection?-----
  24. http://community.us.playstation.com/thread/4699021
  25. Hello members and vistors of Urgent Fury, cBF (Clan Blunt Force) Although we play many games in the PS3 community we are leaning very heavy on Battlefield 3 and competitive play within that game Clan Blunt Force has been together since 2003 during the days of the legendary SOCOM 2, and we are also one of the original clans of Urgent Fury... If you are intrested in joining a great group of guys that have proven themselves above and beyond when it comes to teamwork and friendship then come on by our site and say hello... THE [cBF] WEBSITE: http://www.clanbluntforce.com/ Thanks for looking Bgcntry

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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