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  1. would uguys lbe interested in getting started before the holidays and see if we can start generating intrest ?
  2. wing-628


    we are always down also if u guys want to add me up @ shane can we run a rule test week so we can t the rules 100% solid before the tournament ? ty
  3. i dont want to stand out of place as a leader so plz dont take it that way but how is that fair for est coast players that they have to sac thier ability to do work school etc.. also the next day like 80 % of the ppl in these clans that ive seen over many years are est or central this is also a rebirth of this community ive been looking for awile and possably some adjustments could be looked at ? ty
  4. ive talked to my guys and they said 10 est is to late of a start time they are asking me to ask for a 9 9.15 est start time they need to be off by 9.45 10 at latest and matches plus potential grace time should be 30-45 mins at most is thier anyway we can adjust the time ty
  5. ehh ok um i gusse we will try and do it since we are smaller i know a clan that is small like we are would uguys entertain the idea of 2 smaller clans comming together inorder to participate ? ty
  6. how many ppl per team ?and what start time are the matches since our clan is smaller with many of us working we would like the matches to start no later then 8-8.30pm est with team size 4v4-5v5 it would help us participate in this event alot ty
  7. yeah i know ive been here since blackopts one i trust your guys decisions and know that you guys pick the rules with the utmost fairness and integrity
  8. ok i can see banning the exo launcher because of UFs history and standing on nade launchers i didnt take that into account so thats my bad as far as weapons banning the different versions of the weapons would make it fair since not all versions of weapons are available via prv match
  9. my guys would be down to have some scrims if uguys want to test some of the rules out
  10. May i ask why we would make restictions where it takes out options for tactics this would be restricting half the game we have a pick 13 and this take 3 of that out essentionally everyone uses equipment and at leas acoulple of thier classes have an exo ability This game is solid and runs very smooth plz dont ruin the game by restricting stuff and limiting players and clans options ty
  11. Would u guys here at UF be interested in starting this back up
  12. Ok we all at UnF are looking forward to participate in the upcoming and all future tournaments ty