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  1. . @rage, what does our personal differences have to do with this topic. If you want to vent or w/e, u should have taken the opportunity to reconcile our differences when i tried to reopen those doors of communication. this isnt the time, place, or vector to discuss past events between you and I. The door is still open if u want to talk about things. @rage's comment I agree 100% with your last PP , and to go a step further for your analogy it is like the guys who broke into my house tied me up, and almost executed me. They had a rap sheet that was over 40 pages long, filled with violent crimes. A slap on the wrist only reinforces the negative behaviors... I agree that a serious rule has been broken
  2. sorta getting off topic, which is what the Shane to Valour comment was intended for.... Goinging back to the final decision on the Aiel/N3 ringer/merger debate. Is there a way to explain to me the thought process behind taking evidence of it NOT being a merger (the provided email screenshots that were timestamped) and dismissing it for a simple conversation over the internet?
  3. I re-read it and then re-read it again. The only definitive proof that i see is the second email from N3 where it clearly states that "this is not a merger". Everything after that is just verbal claims. If Aiel provided screenshots of other proof of talks about mergers, such as threads or AIM histories etc.. where the leader of Aiel was in talks with his officers, I may reconsider my stance on the situation and how UF handled it. I am sure others may do the same, but the fact is (atleast in this thread) the actually merger is questionable and therefor the final decision is also questionable. Again, the only proof that has been presented only reconfirms what VR, -Fc, and U are standing up for.
  4. With all do respect each clan runs their applicants/recruits differently. For instance at RoA you are either an applicant or Clan member, but with clan $$$ they had applicants, recruits, & cadets. Cadets are allowed to war (according to clan $$$), but they arent considered full clan members. Also, GB is a multi game, multi ladder hosting service. You can be part of a team for multiple games and multiple ladders. You do NOT need to be part of a single clan that registers with GB like you do here at UF. You simply need an account and sign yourself up for TEAMS (NOT CLANS) i really dont think playing for 2 teams or 15 gb teams really makes a difference with respect to the Aiel/ringer discussion. If you still feel that Valour is wrong about playing on different GB teams, then you have to ask about all the UF involved clan members that participaite in, let's say a Madden or NHL league that isnt associated with their clan. Or what about some of the UF clans that have members who play with other clans under different names? (which is happening)
  5. From my interviewing and itterrogation techniques training, people under pressure tend to place the focus on other topics in order to try and detach themselves from the pressure they are receiving. Its like little jimmi rating our billy after he was caught shooting spitballs at the ceilings. Transferance is also another self defense mechanism, which is what Shane attempted to do to me by making the "guilty by association" reference. This is a strong indicator of a sign of deception, wrong doing, or deviatation from the social norm , in order to protect one's self from consquences. I dont take Shane's comment personally, even though i find it childish and unfounded, but i do understand that he is being fed information from someone who has a personal vandette against me for the decisions i have made. The concepts in my examples are applicable to this situation. Regardless of where everyone stands, we all need to be open and empathetic with the dialog. ( some of the posts are coming across hostile and counter productive)
  6. @Johnson I understand how the UF staff members came up with the decision... but i do not understand how quotes from their website referencing the members involved joining Aiel to help with UF tourny is being overlooked or justified by "merger" talks. I think, and i am sure that the 3 clans that left UF:In country, are coming from is that if there was a merger and lack of communication, then the Aiel intro threads written by the people involved would mention it somewhere. Also, if you dont mind me asking, where is the proof that the merger was taking place? UF staff is adament about providing proof, yet i have yet to see proof of a merger in progress and only see proof of rent a player/ringers. Not trying to be a smart [email protected]# but truly curious to know the facts of both sides before i solidify my opinion on UF and its staff as a whole
  7. (sarcasm) nah pathogen your wrong, i am incapable of making decisions for myself and you are the puppet master that controls my strings. In fact your the one to blame for the 3 clans 90+ people that are affected by the course of action that UF staff has taken. I am willing to bet that you even had some factor in the final decision. Also, there is also no reason y shane would need to agree with the path i am leading RoA. After ALL self-fulfilling prophecies are true.... In all seriousness maybe thats y a snide comment to a person who shane has no knowledge or history with, and Aiel is allowed to use ringers in a UF w/o the consquences. BUt then again the UF staff (sorry to the other staff who arent involved) makes sure they are unbiased..... i guess better grab my boots.
  8. lol wow classy stuff there, obviously you have been talking my former clan's leader. Automatically trying to make a connection of some conspiracy theory, because I know pathogen in real life. Did your source happen to tell you why i left the former clan? It was because of principles. where what was written vs what was being set into motion were completely seperate ( IMO). Much like what the 3 clans who backed have an issue with, the principles. If you want more info than contact me directly. YES i was considering UF from day one. I even reached out to several of the clans associated with the UF tourney trying to build friendships, and to give my guys the UF experience in preperation for future enrolment in UF. So to imply that there is an motive of fueling a fire because of knowing some in real life is absurd as for bottom line, 90+ people being turned off will directly affect your traffic, CPA programs, UF store etc.. UF may not be dependent on donations and such for their bottom line, but anyone with a hint of website knowledge clearly understands how profitable traffic is. haha just to put some perspective into things for those who dont know the topic my clan is only 2 months with about 40 active registered users and about 15 clan members. The site is generating an avg of about $6 dollars/mnth and i only had one CPA ad displaying not 10.... nor do i have the sponsors and affiliate programs like a UF or GB sites. Also, if a site isnt profitable then why would someone "buy/sell" a site? If it is a concept, the idea/concept can always be carried over to w/e web domain/host.
  9. wow clan mearger?... unintentional?... Innocent mistake?... think they knew d%^@ well what they were doing, and prob used some political jargon with the illusion of ignorance in order to pull the wool over UF's eyes.
  10. Its not the fight that is deterring, its more of the principle/the image of UF being tarnished and justified in a manner that contradicts what UF is suppose to be about. If a clan member in a UF sponsoed tourney "unintentional found a soft spot in a map, would it be handled the same way because the "intention" wasnt there? Ringers or rent-a-players, intentional or not rules are rules and by saying one thing and doing something different is disheartening. Also from a long term perspective, when u have clans that have been supporting UF for a long time just up and leaving during a tourney that they spent hours and hours preparing and practicing for.. well that just says a lot about how they now perceive UF. I am sure GB started out with the same intentions as UF and u see the image that they have now. just a thought
  11. sorry you guys had to back out as well, but good job on being a good moral and ethical clan who stands behind principles
  12. i dont know if i should even support UF by commenting.... very disappointing
  13. wow sorry to comment on this, but i have to say that i am "turned off on the idea" of getting involved with UF related events/tournies. I have been around awhile, and know many of the guys/clans that have supported UF and what they stood for. Because of the things they have said, i was planning on getting my newly formed clan with UF ( if accepted), but now i think i will go elsewhere. Sorry to see all the drama and deviations from the said UF values... thought this place was different, but i guess i was wrong :-( Good luck to all the people involved