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  1. Im fairly certain I know why you think this Bandit, but you really have to actually consider how that would change the game. For 16 players the size of the maps would need to be tripled otherwise defense just stacks choke points and suddenly the game is no fun.
  2. With both systems, would be a great recruiting tool.
  3. The public party system seemed nice from what I saw. Allows you to keep a group of randoms rolling game to game if you want.
  4. @xNavie Don't think I ever saw you in anything here but COD.
  5. You never played anything but COD, though... Unless I'm mistaken.
  6. I'm surprised more UF players aren't talking about this game. I think it has potential.
  7. The uplay barrier caught me, filthy piece of software.
  8. From what I saw, don't feel like SnD will be very good unfortunately. Looking like I will be passing on this one as well.
  9. Curious if there would be interest here in putting together a night for some fun gun game on CSGO? I can figure out how to set up private matches and host (don't have access to private server at this time) if need be.
  10. Been working on my AWP, but definitely got lucky lol
  11. Name: csgo 01 Category: Montage Date Added: 13 July 2015 - 08:26 PM Submitter: Pillorian Short Description: None Provided View Video on Urgent Fury

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