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  1. Hey Rambling, thanks for the response I'll send the email again, I sent it to RamblingRedneck~ I believe, maybe another account you previously had? Either way I'll resend, be sure to check your inbox, and if not you can message me at my personal email and I will respond ASAP. Thanks again! -Wicked
  2. Hey everyone! My name is XxWickedAngelxX, formerly known as XxDeathAngelxX back in my SOCOM days, and I am looking to get back into the gaming world. I would love to help anyone out who is looking for some graphic work. I can do just about anything from signature templates, icon templates, websites, as well as social media pages. Anything you need I can pretty much do. Prices are always negotiable, and I would love to help you out. Message me here or shoot me a message at [email protected] If you would like more images just let me know and I can show you some of my work before we even discuss what you need! For a peek at my work you can visit my social media page at: Looking forward to working with you! -Wicked
  3. Hey! I saw your request for some new signatures as well as a new banner, I previously worked with CritiKiL of [sCK] doing signatures, as well as DarkTigress from [AE69] designing the StoneColdWars website. I have plenty of work I can send you if you're interested. Shoot me a message here or at [email protected] and maybe we can work something out! -Wicked