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  1. This is a huge request to ask from the community, but I figured what the heck… I would at least try.. I did this about 7 years ago and what we got back was pretty dat gum good! With JyK making its return to the gaming community mainly for HHour. We are looking to change our 7 year old image a little. But with all of us having multiple kids and a wife or paying child support and alimony, we don’t have the funds we once had. I am looking for someone that has some time to build us a signature template that we can use to create signatures for our site and start using in general. We had one built by a UF member on here at one time that we used religiously 7 years ago. But I don’t have the original template design anymore to use and only had the flattened version. Also anyone that can help with our website banner/facebook banner would be a bonus as well. I know it’s a lot to ask, but it wouldn’t take a whole lot to please us anymore. Just want to get with the times and reestablish our presence for the upcoming HHour game. Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to respond on this thread, or visit JyK or us on FB at JyK . Thanks for your time and consideration. JyK Co Leader PS4: RamblingRed-neck aka PS3:KnowUrDamRoll
  2. The team that many loved to hate is making a comeback.. We have taken quite a few years off and grown up a little. Some have gotten married and had kids. If you are like me you have had several wives and multiple kids. Some of us are still rocking the PS3 and some of us are going through painful times on the PS4. With the game HHour set to release this year, we have decided to put the band back together. We’ve tried with Battlefield, Call of Duty, Destiny but nobody agreed those games were worth it. We all agreed that, even if this game is junk it will be worth it. Why you ask? Because we will be going against guys/ladies we grew up with over the years and had some epic battles with. Clan names like 101,LPK,SCK,UF,DK,MW,Uprising etc.. If I left your clan out I apologize, I could have went on forever. Socom Confrontation wasn’t that great of a game but it was the players and clans that made the game. We expect this to be at worst, the same story. We hope that the Urgent Fury and its members accept us back into their community. We look forward to seeing each of you real soon. We recently, brought our old sight back live for the first time in 7 years. It’s nothing special but feel free to check it out and introduce yourself. We will be updating as the weeks follow. Visit JunkYard Killerz or follow us on FB at JyK . Look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield... JyK Co-Leader PS4:RamblingRedneck aka PS3:KnowUrDamRoll
  3. Yo I got it to. Make an offer and it's yours. Will send pic if interested.
  4. Hello UF community. I am coming to the UF community to see if anyone can do me a favor and make me a sweet template for my small clan. [D12].. Since JyK no longer plays together AT ALL. A few members and I are sticking together and forming [D12] -D12TYDOZEN. We put together a small site at http://www.d12tydozen.com . Right now all we play is BC2 and a little MAG. Until the new Spec-Ops, Medal of Honor, as well as Socom 4 comes out. We have a old template the MIKEJAXON gave me from the JyK days, but we want to seperate ourselves from JyK and distinguish I NEW identity. Any help from any member of the UF's community would be appreciated. Sincerely, KnowUrDamRoll
  5. Ok I will admit I put this question in the wrong place. That I am guilty of. You said i didn't break any rules but I have to wait on a sentence. I don't get? I am not hear to argue or flame or anything. This thread got more views in the last 4 hours for the wrong purposes. If you decide to ban me then thats fine, but for argument sake I will take myself out of the community myself. This is not meant to sound hateful, but I don't see how this turned out like it did and I feel like it is best before it elevates any further. I will not play in any tournament the UF offers or post on their site at all. I didn't post this for anything other than ideas. I do have a degree in business and by asking on a game forum for help and idea (no financial backing) doesn't make me not know anything about business. I never asked for any money at all. I would never do that on a forum with something so big. Vested interest could just as easily been the time the UF and or it's staff would have put towards making it happen and run. Kind of like sweat equity. I respect the UF and the members of the community. I am human and make mistakes. A mistake for putting a thread in the wrong place. I won't dwell on this thread any longer. There is no reason to talk to Junk if you don't want. Cause if he chooses to join the UF again. I wil not play. I do want to thank: mikejaxson and lucky for taking the time to work on JyK's sig templates and also apologize to a long time friend Critikil for posting the Sig a few weeks ago. Other than that I have nothing to say and consider this my last post in the UF. Thank you & Good Day.
  6. I apologize I didn't realize there was a directors table section to post this or I definately would have. If the UF decides to ban me for not knowing the correct procedure to ask for these things then I will have to accept the consequences. However I ask the UF to not ban JyK cause they are not included nor have spoke in this thread. I never intended for this to get out of hand or off topic. Once again I apologize and will deal with what is dealt to me. If the thread is deleted I understand and will not post anything about this topic anymore. Sincerely, KnowUrDamRoll
  7. I have read this already before and don't own a site or plan on this happening in the next 4 or 12 months. I have also read this CODE as well and didn't break anything. I was asking for opinions and toughts and I was asking for info from the UF community and the UF itself. I wasn't hiding anything. This idea doesn't exsist yet so there is no advertising involved. It is simply a discussion. Just like what would you do to make Socom better. Plus the concept isn't just military based gaming. It is sports enthused as well. If you read in the inital thread. I was asking if the UF or some of it staff would like to help host the tournament just under a different name to not take away the reputation of the UF that they have established already. It was all just an idea I was throwing out there. The conception was to involve the UF not compete against them. If and when the time came I understand the rules and know what I have to do in order for any exception to be made per the rules. I am not here to make this thread a long thread full of negatives. All I asked from everyone is here is idea's. I didn' t see in the link above that it was a crime. I also was asking for some possible form of support from the UF. I didn't see in the link above that it was a crime. If this thread has caused more of a problem rather than any since of direction. I will edit it and be done with it. If the UF feels it needs to be deleted then I totally understand at this point. Cause it has gotten of topic. Thanks, KnowUrDamRoll
  8. I appologize if it is not a good idea to post. I didn't mean any harm by it. It is simply an idea and yeah many have probably failed before. It is nothing that would be done ASAP! I know I couldn't do it without other great minds to make it successful. Which is the only reason why I even considered posting it in the General Lobby. I see what you are saying and if the UF wants me to take it down I will respectfully do so. As far as the clan that has had it's ups and down. I get where you might say that however we have retained somewhere between 90% -95% of all our members. So we have stuck it out together in our own way. JyK just stopped playing as much cause of lack of interest so we formed the ]-[. Then we simply came back to JyK. But it is what it is. That was last year. LOL! You may be right. I may fail doing it! However it won't affect anyone but me. I would never dream of pouring money into something without listening and learning from the community and proven people such as yourself. I am not saying money isn't and issue but Between myself and my current partners we know what we will have to spend just to get the concept up. I didn't post this out of disrespect. I posted it for idea's and possibly some interest. If the UF as a whole would be willng to buy into something like this or ayone else. I have no problem with doing it the legal way. By a contract amongst partners with each partner having a % and for their vested interest. So if it did ever become something that any selling of it they would get their guaranteed %. I know sites like the UF go from anywhere between $2500 to $3500 to buy. I have looked into buying some already established sites myself. However there is a reason why they are for sale and not interested in doing it anymore or don't have the time isn't one of them. So that is why I decided to get this idea going and see who I got with me and see what becomes of it. I can deal with negative criticism about me and my clan. But don't bash a guy for trying to do something constructive and ask for help from people who play these games and are successful please. Thanks, KnowUrDamRoll
  9. Edit: UF Director Shane - Still can't beleive what was here.
  10. If you actually play some of the other maps other than repairing stuff all the time it is a good game. I played Sabotage with a clan member this evening and I was in the top 3 killers. (*Didn't take much!) Basically it is capture the flag! It was fun as hell except for the hike you have to make after you die. Thank god for jumping out of a planes. Sniping still sucks, but other than that if you run around with your M60 like me or whatever gun it is. You will be good. I have played with all 3 factions. All though I like the S.V.E.R look (Rough and Tough) I would go with VALOR! HANDS DOWN! Raven is to pre-madonna for me and it seems like they always get beat. They do have more hi-tech stuff so the creators say, but it sure as hell isn't as effective. Back to Sniping real quick. It kind of sucks if you are a Sniper cause you have this color arrow above your head if your hiding in the bushes that say" HEY OVER HERE! I'm SNIPING! If you are a sniper with how many bullets you shoot to kill 1 guy. If your KDR matters to you, it won't be what you think. I may be wrong but that is what happens to me. I went 10-1 kd one game and thought I really did something. I was 3rd! LOL! The good clans according to the MAG forums are going with: 1.S.V.E.R -Rough look & old guns 2. VALOR -Modern look & modern guns 3. RAVEN -Futuristic look & newer guns To me the only reason why anyone would choose RAVEN is cause how they look in their outfit. Cause their guns suck, but their Armor is ELITE! So if you want to look good dead then I would roll with RAVEN! Thats my spin on it anyway. However is this a must buy. MMMMMMM nope! I think it will be a BIG bust! To me it hasn't drawn enough enterest to the Zipper fans and community. I would have rather seen a SWAT game like Socom. 3rd person SWAT vs Thugs! Lol!
  11. Hear me out! It sounds crazy I know and can be expensive. I never dreamed of buying a MAC but when I did i was the best investment I ever made. Hell I went and bought another. It took a few days to learn the shortcut buttons, but the commercials are true. My computer never crashes and I run some serious programs on it. Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Photoshop CS4 internet or safari as MAC calls it. All at the same time and it is never slow and never crashes. But that isn't the best thing. It is virtually impossible to get a virus on it!!! It has all the MICROSOFT stuff you would want. Word, Excel, Office etc. If not it is easy has hell to get FOR FREE! It is fast cause they are made that way because of the software it has. So if I could recommend anyone any computer it would be a MAC desktop, but even a MACBOOK PRO which is what I have 2 of is well worth the money. They are like Honda's our Acura's they hold their value to. Cause everyone that knows MAC, know they don't crash and are virus free. I would be willing to bet my MACBOOK Pro is worth more now than if you went to any store and bought a PC or Laptop and traded it in the same day. Not all, but most! That's just my opinion on it anyway.
  12. Signed up for the Beta awhile back. but I will hold my breathe!
  13. Its all good LUCKY we appreciate all options and consideration by everyone. I put up a temporary splash page for the site. But can't get it to fit right. Any idea's? I will send whomever various stuff if they would like to help, plus you can keep it all for future sigs etc. I had a $300 month account from shutterstock and bought some cool backgrounds. Mostly steel look stuff for sigs etc. PM me if your interested and I will email them you. Thanks again everybody! Jaxson thissig is the recent one you sent me.

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