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  1. Army of The Unguided's New Clan Introduction Enter Clan Name Army of The Unguided Enter Clan Tag AoTU Clan Contact: Lestat (CJ) Clan Contact Email HIDDEN Clan Web Address Has anyone in your clan ever participated in Urgent Fury? No. If yes, please tell us what percentage of your players have played here. 0% Has the leader of your clan ever led a clan here at Urgent Fury and if yes, what clan and what was their name in that clan? No To your knowledge, have you or any member of your clan been suspended from Urgent Fury for any reason? Please make sure you use due diligence in making sure this answer is accurate. Answering yes will not automatically bar you from playing at Urgent Fury. No If you answered yes to above, please explain What Games does your Clan want to compete in? Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, StarHawk If you checked other, please add here... Where did you hear or learn about Urgent Fury? Internet search.
  2. I have established a forum ffr prospective members to enlist. go to this link: and go to Recruitment Office and read the post there o get started. Thanks guys.
  3. I have started a new clan on the starhawk beta and Uncharted 3. I will take anyone who is willing to join. I am looking especially for people that would make good officers and people with specialized skills. If your interested pm me telling me your interest/skill and give me your psn id and i'll add you. I am looking to grow this clan into a fairly large and compettitive clan so i appreciate all interest. I absolutely will accept noobs so if you're wanting to jump right in to either one i will be glad to have you!