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  1. Name: SOCOM 2 Vigilance back in the day Category: Videos Date Added: 2019-01-15 Submitter: PAUL-AWOL- Best game ever made. SOCOM 2 Vigilance back in the day
  2. PSN - PAUL-AWOL- Owner of the [SOFO] SOCOM FANS FORUM Been gaming since the Atari 2600 and never looked backed, I could probably own a Ranch with all the money I have spent on gaming over the years. I had the great pleasure of being chosen to fly out to Zipper Interactive by Sony to beta test SOCOM 4, what an inexperience that was. If you want to just stop in and say hello that's fine with me.
  3. Going to add your forum to my nav bar so more of the SOCOM Fans can find this place..
  4. What up Shane.. Thought I would stop on in and show some support for what all you do in the Community. The site is kick ass by the way, have a lot going on here.. Check you later. Stop on in and say hello to the Socom fellas.
  5. What I think is sad is how most shooter games are being released half complete. If gamers were treated like regular consumers and were allowed to take back a video a game to Walmart or Gamestop for a full refund, I think Sony would think twice about releasing a game that is broken. But instead, they know once you open it, it's yours.
  6. Thanks Shane, no doubt we can meet up, I know a great place we can grab a Pizza and drink some Micro Brew. Looking forward to it soon. Sorry about the Seattle thing, LOL, I got side tracked with all the Socom 4 Drama.
  7. Just want to introduce myself, some may know me some may not.. I'm the Clan leader of the long standing Beer Clan. We are an all Adult gaming community who take pride in knowing that we don't have to cuss, throw controllers, and act like E-Thugs to be part of a great Clan. Our Clan started with Socom 1 and have hung in through thick and then. When Socom was in it's prime we were over 150 strong, but we all know the out come of Socom Con and Socom 4, so we have branched off to other games and are very wide spread. I currently support 2 forums and try to provide a place for Socom f