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  1. Gonna have to agree with ya there Rebel.... I played CS first, and then when Socom came out, the move over to it wasnt that bad (besides having to get use to Playstation controller....Socom and CS are close, but aslo differant... Socoms maps are alot bigger, but CS has move close range firefighting... And IMO Counter Strike is the ultimate test for people who love to snipe (camping is almost impossible)... Any Socom fan should be foaming at the mouth to get this game. I know I cant wait for it to drop...
  2. even though it is 5v5, it also allows bots to be put in (from what I have read), which will be great for clans especially since you will be able to practice without a full squad, and will make it fun to practice prewar matches.. I will be buying it:)... Hopefully there will someday be another clan game that was as good as the old Socoms.
  3. Yeah no more cross platform. However I thought I read the other day they were setting up online for up to 20v20, not 5v5 This is from the August 12th Update: [h=2]August 10th Update[/h] 10 Aug 2012 - When pre-purchasing began earlier this week, we posted change notes for a future update. That update is live now, and it contains several features and adjustments that were added since Tuesday. These new changes are primarily focused on the community and players who prefer larger servers. To help players discover new community servers, the main menu now includes a Community Quick-Play option, and the community server browser can now be accessed from both the main menu and the in-game pause menu. Meanwhile, our official servers now support up to 20 players. To accommodate the larger number of players, the new scoreboard and the mini scoreboard both support up to 24 players. Team select screens have also been adjusted to show avatars and names for up to 24 players.
  4. Yeah I believe it is 5v5 from what I have heard, but I hope its a little more. Maybe 8v8:)
  5. thats exactly what I have been doing... still alot of people playing CS on the computer..... and its still a rush to play:) just played a couple games earlier.
  6. would be nice to see a Socom Confrontation comeback... I hated to see how bad S4 sucked...
  7. Thats cool... Its the game that got me interested in Socom when it came out also. It is probably the only Clan game I plan to pick up... Shan can you tell me anything regarding clan based? will it have anything for clans? clan matches? etc...? from all the stuff I see online the game looks good:)
  8. You guys looking into this? Wondering if any clans here or UF are going to pick it up and try it out? Personally for me, Counter Strike is what started my Online Clan Gaming...