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  1. Yeah that pisses me off....:mad: It happened to me last night.... 19 - 1 and I lose connection to the EA server. Boy was I pissed.

  2. Hey Goody_11, Thank you so much for all your work. Loving the new sig and clan logo. You will definitely be getting some more work from me. Regards,
  3. pppppTTTTTTT!!!!:hope my fake smile "I fart in your general direction!" LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey GOODY_11, I was looking for something with more of a Military punch to it. Something with a soldier in it. I was thinking that maybe the soldier could have the blue and white strips as a patch on his uniform. I am a huge fan of the military although I have never been a part of the military. The actual design which you came up with is cool but I would remove the A and the 3 in the middle and just leave the strips on their own. Maybe this could be the emblem on the soldiers uniform?? Let me know your thoughts. Cheers, Sergeant-Crunch :have a nice day:
  5. LOL.... You're too funny!!! :applause:

  6. Ok. Sorry I didn't mean to be a pain.
  7. Hey Guys, Just wondering if you had come up with anything yet?? Sorry I am a little anxious for the clan logo because we are looking at getting so merchandise done up with the clan logo. Let me know when you have a chance. Cheers, Sergeant-Crunch
  8. Welcome to my Profile page. :alien:

  9. That's good to hear. Thank you
  10. Hey Guys, Thanks for the quick replies. So here's what I am looking for.... I need a new Clan logo that will represent my clan the 3RD INFANTRY DIVISION ALLIED ASSASSINS. It needs to incorporate BF3, i would like to see the 3RD INFANTRY blue and white strips, obviously the clan name and tag (3RD). If you guys can come up with a couple of ideas that would be great. Also I am looking for a new sig which will incorporate my clan, BF3, and obviously my name in there somewhere. Again thanks for replying so quickly. Sergeant-Crunch
  11. Hey Everyone, Wondering if someone can design a new sig for me. I would like it to incorporate BF3 and also my Clan 3RD INFANTRY DIVISION ALLIED ASSASSINS. I am also looking for a new clan logo. I am willing to pay for the work if there are any takers.... Let me know. Cheers, Sergeant-Crunch Long Live The 3RD!!!! :have a nice day: