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  1. So, Lucky Stars, any update with your Jimminy Stalker?
  2. Ok, WTF. The same container, and now it's my macoronni and cheese that's trapped. I'm doing the warm water thing now. Does anyone know of some nice tupperware that doesn't do this?
  3. I feel the same. I used the oven and it felt like sacrilege. I don't have a bbq though
  4. Have you ever tried using a hammer on plastic? I'd be more likely to hit myself in the face then be able to get at my steak. Ok, so the steak is out. The warm water thing worked. It was good too. I love garlic rubs.
  5. Blackcloud, I tried that and peeled back my fingernail. No bueno. Lucky Stars, that sounds like a guy who is following the Pick Up Artist guidelines. The approach and attempt to "out alpha male" you, and then making you think he's as crazy as possible (I doubt the story was true) in order to get you to back down from a fight. There's a book this guy wrote about this and it's become a bible of sorts for a lot of guys looking to get laid.
  6. 18 oz Porterhouse. Good guess man. I'm LMAO at the heat gun comment. I'm going to try the room temperature thing. So am I the only person to be outsmarted by tupperware?
  7. Alright there Mr. Smarty Pants. I have opposable thumbs, and I know how to use em. The problem is that it's one of these tupperwares that vacuum seals when you push the button in the middle. But now I can't get the button to pop out and I can't get the lid off. I could tear it asunder, but the container costs 10 dollars.
  8. I've got a 15$ steak that's been marinading in a garlic rub for the last 12 hours or so. I put it in a tupperware container to keep it fresh AND NOW I CAN'T OPEN THE CONTAINER!!! I'm so pissed. Does anyone know how to get the lid off these damn things?
  9. I was just thinking about this game the other day when some friends of mine were talking about the way the gaming industry has changed. I used to love that game on the old BBSs. I would log on to a few different BBS accounts just to play more I played a lot of tradewars 2002 too. I think these games would be a lot of fun in a community like UF.
  10. Playing MAG with a group of randoms sounds like a real recipe for headaches. I doubt the game, any game really, can compensate for the number of idiots and assholes found in online console gaming. Giving people bonus xp for crashing assigned objectives is a good plan, but what happens when platoon leaders or squad leaders think their commanders are making the wrong calls? They won't care about the XP, they'll go do what they want, then the whole thing falls apart. And if you can vote out your commanders...I see a new breed of griefers. Playing MAG with a group of friends, however, could kick a lot of ass. I think it'll depend on the tools the players are given, tanks, air drops, air strikes, etc... and how those tools actually work in the game. If it's a shallow version of rock paper scissors, or if their is an unrealistic strength in things like chopper spawns or enemy bases, I think the game will fall apart quickly, like battlefield bad company did. If the tools have depth and a lot of replayability, this game could be the new standard for multiplayer console shooters. And on that note, has the idea of a UF coalition been talked about yet? I can't think of another group of clans and shooters I'd rather play MAG with. And not a one of us could field a whole side by ourselves.