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  1. CpDude05

    XBOX and UF

    I'm sure I could get some tlf herd
  2. Looking for a vb design and maybe a full website. Any designers? Willing to pay.
  3. So I worked as a Meat cutter for awhile at Albertsons here in my town, while working a learned a pretty good way to make Baby Backs and figured I would share. So get your ribs, while at the store you can either keep the ribs full size or you can ask the meat guys to cut them in half and make riblets for you. I personally love the riblets. So get a pan out and and fill it half way with 7-up, sprite or any in store brand that's like those. Get that to a boil then throw in your ribs and let them boil until all the 7-up is gone. While it's boiling you can add in some of your seasonings o
  4. You sound pretty sure about that, if it was me. I would personally ATTEMPT to take over the world! That's just me though!!
  5. That's crazy!! Love the Dave Ramsey comment!!! Lol
  6. Cool, thanks for letting me know!
  7. the benefits of being a premium member? Just saw the new forum and went to the link, it just says benefits. So curious, wanna know what I get if I do pay!
  8. Since when does this site care about rankings man?
  9. I noticed that attitude, i was finally able to get into a few games!
  10. Just the play now option, then I have also tried the classic suppression.
  11. Alright guys, so I have been trying to get on Socom since last night. I can get on and get tot he point of joining a game. In the process of the game loading, the bullets on the bottom are moving, then they freeze and won't move, I let it sit there for about 5 minutes multiple times. Then tonight it was loading and i got to a black screen and I could here people talking, anyone know why this might be??
  12. I see texas being it's own