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Urgent Fury Presents UF: Aftermath for Call of Duty Black Ops 2

As clans everywhere are foaming at the mouth for Black Ops 2, Urgent Fury is please to announce UF: Aftermath, a Monthly Tournament League for Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

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Aftermath will consist of a Monday, Wednesday, Friday Schedule at 9 pm cst. With the addition of broadcasting functions in Black Ops 2 (Thank you) you will be able to watch matches live as we broadcast them on www.twitch.tv/urgentfury. We have had great success with broadcasting Starhawk and look forward to having this function available for Aftermath as well.

We have posted the rules and match settings in the Aftermath Forums, you can join in on the conversation there.There are no prizes planned for this league at this time, but we are in contact with our sponsors to discuss possible prizes for this league.

In following the success of Starhawk on UFGL, Aftermath will utilize the league system to track stats, rosters and give clans an easier means of reporting wars. If you have already created a team at Urgent Fury, we will be posting the League soon. If you have not competed in Urgent Fury, you need to have all of your team mates register at Urgent Fury (this is a one time registration) then the clan leader or designated rep needs to create your team by clicking here. You can create your team prior to all of your members signing up. Once you have created your team, you may add your members manually or members can request to join your team.

Sign ups for May are Now Open, the deadline for team sign up is March 31st.


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