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      Level up your Xbox & PlayStation streams with our Partner Lightstream. 
      For all of you out there looking to have all the cool overlays and alerts but only have your console, let me tell you about how Lightstream makes that happen. We started our partnership with Lightstream a few months ago after a member of Sky Fox Studios told me about it. We were looking for a solution where we could take several streamers and combine them into a single feed into our Twitch Channel. 
      The Creator License was the solution for us, up to 4 streamers on a single screen and we were golden, but I had no idea the Gamer License was the true gold. I wish we had this solution before. 
      I have streamed from my PlayStation many times but opted to switch to a capture card and bought a powerful PC for the Studio to drive our full array of overlays for our broadcasts. Not all gamers have that option. If you are just starting out or already on your way to partner and full time streaming this product is your solution.
      While available for Xbox, I want to focus on the value using Lightstream add to PlayStation. One of our biggest benefits in the PS ecosystem is their promotion of live streams that originate from the share button. You will find when you are looking at the latest info about a game a section showing who is live streaming or has shared a video. This is free exposure that streamers connecting using a capture device do not get. Without overlays and alerts you will not stand out in the pack, everyone has the standard game play with only the option to add your camera. None of the amazing tools that help you engage your viewers or acknowledge new followers, subs, etc.
      There are a few different options for creating your overlays including StreamLabs, Streamelements and Rainmaker.gg (which is part of the Lightstream family). If you want to know more or need some help let us know, we are happy to get your stream up to speed the way you want it.
      As far as setup, there are some great guides for Lightstream: https://golightstream.kustomer.help/
      Remember use coupon code "urgentfury" and you will save 35% off of your first order
      Teaser Paragraph:

      Level up your Xbox & PlayStation streams with our Partner Lightstream

      For all of you out there looking to have all the cool overlays and alerts but only have your console, let me tell you about how Lightstream makes that happen


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      I have spent the last couple of days playing some campaign and multiplayer matches, but what has really had me locked in is the new invasion mode. Basically when you are playing your campaign and you have not disabled the ability to be invaded, an opponent will drop into your campaign with the single goal of killing you and your teammate if you are playing coop. Both you and the invader will have enhanced skills added revolving around finding each other and it is quite balanced.
        Even during my stream you will find that as the invader you are not just dropping in to get an easy kill. You have to work for it for sure! You will start somewhere in the map, it may be right into the action or you might be halfway across the map. Either way you are going to have to do a little searching to find your target to take them out. I found that the best way to find your target is follow the trail of bodies. Once disadvantage I had was not having completed the campaign, I did not know the path progression on some of the maps, meaning the route the campaign would take the player. If you have completed the campaign, you will have an advantage because you will be able to anticipate the direction your target will be coming from.
      Now with that being said there are a few features to note, you cannot just pick a spot and camp. If you sit still too long you will get a warning that you are camping and if you do not move, your location will be reviled to your opponent. Through out the maps you will find phones that you can pick up and get your opponent's last location. Do not depend on this as a pinpoint, but more as a guide. It is not a fluid tracker, it is a point on the map with a timer showing the last time seen at that location. If your opponent is moving through the map quickly, you will find yourself chasing them with the phones which have a 4 minute cooldown.
      You can also use your fellow soldiers (NPCs) to help notify you when they have found the player. Each NPC has a status of not alerted, searching and alerted. Pay attention to the direction they are running or facing, this can indicate the direction to go to find your target. I will say when the alarm has been set off, unless there is a fire fight going on, you only benefit on finding the general area the opponent is in.
      Once you have finally tracked down your target, the same rules apply for all snipers, your scope will give you away! Close combat will get you a chance at melee or a good pistol shot to the head. If your opponents are playing coop, you have to eliminate both, but the second player only has a couple of minutes to find you before they loose the round.
      Finally do not take injuring your target as an easy follow up kill, you and your opponent are able to self heal and return to battle. If you are quick enough you can however run up on your target and get a satisfying melee as final action on your target.
      Now lets talk a bit about multiplayer, there are a few different modes to choose from including free for all, team match, squad match and no cross. To be honest I spent all of my time playing no cross in multiplayer to get a feel for the game at a slower pace. It truly a no cross map, there is no way to get to the other side physically if you try. While I can be a pretty good sniper, you have to be extremely strategic when you are looking for opponents. Using your scope will give up your location with a bright reflection that your opponent can see from space. So I spent most of the time using my binoculars to find my targets. Even better if you are marking your opponents, other shooters can kill them getting you the assist.
      My BIGGEST complaint for multiplayer is the lack of maps. In team match, squad match and free for all, you have 4 maps to choose from, but in no cross there are only 2 maps... come on Rebellion we need more maps, after a few hours, the no cross matches become very stale!
      With that out of the way, I am very happy to see a kind of lobby system for multiplayer. You cannot edit the title of the room it is based on your gamer id, but you can create private or public matches and you can even provide invite codes to get everyone in the right match together for competitive play.
      The customization for game rules is almost endless with the exception of the lack of turning off respawn. it has already been suggested to the dev team to add that as an option. But there is a wide variety of presets as well as the ability to completely customize your match.
      We are defiantly going to start working on some tournaments for this game very soon and look forward to seeing what we can do with this game, stay tuned!
      Teaser Paragraph:

      Sniper Elite 5 is a breath of fresh air in the shooter world. This 3rd person shooter continues its WWII with large maps for campaign, multiplayer and a new invasion mode.


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      When looking for partners for Urgent Fury, we try to find unique opportunities. The gaming industry is flooded with Energy Drinks and we have even talked with some of them. At some point I stumbled on Rogue Energy and thought, ohh look another energy drink. Well boy was I wrong! I started doing a little research and found that while yes they are a gaming drink that provides energy and focus, it replaced all of the unhealthy junk out there and replaced it with good stuff.
      So what did I do first? I ordered a Starter Kit to check it out. Now it came with a bunch of packets and I not being one to try this alone, I decided my day job co-workers would be perfect test subjects .
      So we all took a different flavor and "gave it a shake", ha I made a Funny. The fellas at work were surprised that the flavor was exactly what they picked. No off taste to it or aftertaste which was a big deal.
      I went for the Strawberry Kiwi as it seemed to be the flavor that I would like out of the Starter pack and enjoyed the heck out of it. The taste was great, no powdery feel to the drink like you get with some of the cheap water flavor packs out there and no aftertaste. Most of you know that I basically bleed Dr. Pepper, so for me to enjoy a drink that is not DP says a lot.
      Now my next order will actually be the Cherry Limeaid. That is one of the few drinks I can really enjoy when I am not slamming down the DP. 
      So with that being said we joined the Partner program to pass on some saving to you guys and gals out there in our community. When you go to the Rogue Energy Website, you can use the coupon code "urgentfury" and save 10% off of your order. To be transparent we do get a little kick back from their sales when you do use the coupon, which does help keep the community going. So we save you money and we get a reward in return, that's a Win - Win for everyone.
      If you are one of those that lives off energy drinks, head over to Rogue Energy and give it a try, go to https://urgentfury.link/rogue today!

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      We are proud to announce that the next generation of Urgent Fury has decided to create a competitive team. NightHawk99 of CBF has created Team Invictus and is currently recruiting members for Fortnite. There is also plans to have a team for Call of Duty Black Ops 4.
      You can find NightHawk99 aka BakedBurch streaming almost daily on the Urgent Fury Twitch Channel. Be sure to join them for #FollwerFridays and #SubSundays for special events with Follwers and Subscribers.

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      RockStar have made a habit of creating hugely successful games series which make a big impact in the industry and further increases their profile within the gaming community. While LA Noire transformed the entire complexion of animation and cinematography in console games, the Grand Theft Auto series continues to generate huge interest across the world. The latest instalment illustrates just how far technology and graphics have progressed over the years, with GTA V containing all the hallmarks and gameplay traits that made the game one of the most sought after titles in 2013.
      While gamers can still run riot throughout the streets of Los Santos creating havoc or completing missions whilst trying to keep their head above water, GTA V integrates a number of fascinating decisions which not only affects the storyline, but also each of the three characters – Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Perhaps more prominent in the world of online gaming on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is the ability to play in online worlds where gamers can establish their own property portfolio and garage full of luxurious sports cars, whilst also completing missions, races and other modes with other gamers. It provides a wonderful dimension to a hugely successful game which has sold 32.5 million copies, with the number set to increase as GTA V is set to be re-mastered for next generation console owners.
      Next gen gamers forced to wait
      The significant advancement in graphics, processing speeds and technological capabilities between the current and next gen consoles creates greater potential for GTA V to include many more features, game modes and graphical detail that will provide an unbeatable gaming experience. Unfortunately, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will have to wait a little bit longer for a taste of GTA V in its revamped format; the release date was originally set for x, but there are strong rumours that the game is still in the development process which may take until 2015 to be completed. It could be due RockStar trying to avoid the considerable number of glitches and technical problems which significantly transformed the huge excitement and anticipation of a blockbuster game on release day into widespread disappointment and frustration. They made up for the numerous errors made by offering every player $500,000 to spend with their created online character; the gesture was generally well received by avid GTA gamers, but avoiding a repeat and taking more care with the game should ensure that next gen console gamers will have a glitch-free title to enjoy when it becomes available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC
      What should we expect?
      Once it was announced that GTA V was to be re-mastered for next generation consoles, the rumour mill has continued to produce potential possibilities that we could see on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There can be no question that every aspect of the current generation title will remain intact, although the considerable step up in graphics and processing speeds allows for greater volume of game modes, activities and missions. The strongest rumour is that GTA enthusiasts will be able to enter the one and only casino on the game that is only included on the original title as part of the environment. Allowing gamers to enter the casino carries the potential to not only replicate the same enjoyment and gameplay experience that can be enjoyed on the River Belle casino online, but also provide an additional activity away from completing missions and earning more money that can be put towards properties, guns, cars or new clothes to look the part.
      A growing number of the gaming community are calling for RockStar to include a zombie mode onto GTA V to provide Michael, Trevor and Franklin with a new form of enemy to overcome in their bid for fame and fortune. RockStar certainly have the ability to incorporate zombies into a hugely successful games series, as proved with the Undead Nightmare instalment for Red Dead Redemption; doing the same with GTA V would appease consumer demand and create a more enhanced gameplay experience to blow gamers away.

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      The Summer of Giving continues here at Urgent Fury with your chance to win a PS4 Digital Copy of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare coming to PlayStation August 19th.

      To enter, simply enter your email or sign up through Facebook. You will be able to earn additional entries via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. The more you share the more chances you have to win.

      If you do not see a PunchTab Above you are probably using an ad blocker and will not be able to access the app to enter the giveaway.

      One winner will be chosen at random on August 18th, 2014 after 9 pm CST and must be a resident of The United States of America, Canada or Active Duty Military with an APO/FPO Address.

      The winner will receive a PSN Code to download the game on August 19th via email. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours of notification, another winner will be drawn. Be sure to add admin (at) urgentfury (dot) com to your email safe list.

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      Urgent Fury invites you to take your gaming to legendary status with our biggest giveaway yet. We are proud to announce the Legendary Destiny giveaway for residents of the US. As usual we will utilize PunchTab to manage the giveaway. Our last PS4 giveaway brought in over 9600 entries, do you think we can pass that?

      To enter, simply enter your email or sign up through Facebook. You will be able to earn additional entries via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. The more you share the more chances you have to win.
      <center><script async src="//static.punchtab.com/js/pg.js" class="pt-giveaway" data-uuid="1117ad03-1a07-4be4-9572-5b634506f9fb"></script></center>
      If you do not see a PunchTab Above you are probably using an ad blocker and will not be able to access the app to enter the giveaway.
      One winner will be chosen at random on August 15th, 2014 after 10pm CST and must be a resident of The United States of America or Active Duty Military with an APO/FPO Address. Contents of the winning package with include (items may be shipped separately):

      PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle ($449.99 Value)
      PlayStation®4 System (Glacier White)
      DualShock®4 Wireless Controller (Glacier White)
      Destiny PlayStation®4 Bundle Edition
      30-Day PlayStation®Plus Trial
      30 Day Music Unlimited
      $10 PlayStation Store Voucher
      HDMI Cable
      Power Cable
      Wired Mono Headset
      USB Charging Cable

      [*]Destiny Expansion Pass (includes Expansion I & II) ($34.99 Value)
      [*]Official Destiny Strategy Guide by BradyGames (Value TBD)
      [*]One Year of PlayStation Plus ($49.99 Value)

      Once the winner is chosen, they will be contacted via email and must provide a valid shipping address. Items will be shipped on or before September 9th, 2014 and tracking information will be provided.
      *Sony Computer Entertainment America/SCEA LLC is not responsible for this promotion.

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      Urgent Fury is Proud to give you a chance to win a copy of The Last of Us Remastered coming July 29th to PlayStation 4. To enter register in the app below.

      <script async src="//static.punchtab.com/js/pg.js" class="pt-giveaway" data-uuid="da3ef8d0-03fd-45a0-8c95-f0b724199ef9"></script>
      You can earn more entries by Interacting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and visiting designated links in the app. Winner will be sent a Digital Code to download the game and the winner must be a resident of the US.

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      We want to thank everyone that has claimed their beta code. We will see you in the arena. We have issued all available God of War Beta Codes.
      Urgent Fury wants to invite you to become a Champion!
      This is an Urgent Fury Exclusive Promotion with an extremely limited supply, Not all members will receive a key! The Beta Keys are First come First Serve for Urgent Fury Members only.

      Discover the will and power it takes to become a Champion of the Gods in the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta. Experience the epic 4v4 team-based multiplayer mayhem featuring the visceral, larger-than-life God of War combat online, as the Gods give you more than a taste of what to expect this March. As we continue the road to March 12, 2013, the God of War development is anxious for your feedback and participation in our multiplayer Beta.
      This beta code is valid only in North America (SCEA Regions). Once you have claimed your beta code you will receive it via Private Message here on Urgent Fury. All participants are requested to participate in the God of War: Ascension Beta Feedback Forums. After you have activated your key, access to these forums will be granted. Links to the Forums and additional information is provided in the PM.
      To be eligible to receive a code you must be a registered member of Urgent Fury, you can register by going here. We will be monitoring registrations and abuse by any member registering multiple accounts will remove you from access to any future betas.
      If you have any issues with your registration (such as being labeled as SPAM), please Contact us and provide your desired username, email address and date of birth. We will set up an account for you and send you an activation email to verify your account. We do understand there may be minor issues with registration and will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
      We do not control the spam database it is managed by a third party that millions of sites report too. We are however happy to assist you with registration if you have an issue by following the steps above.



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      We are proud to announce that we are co-hosting the Prime League Tournament, the first open tournament in DUST 514 with Urgent Fury an accomplished online organizer in the console FPS scene.
      Registration for both NA and EU regions begins on July 26 at 6pm GMT/12pm CST and will end on August 2, 6pm GMT/12pm CST. The tournament matches will begin on August 8 with specific start times to be announced later.
      DUST 514 players who are either CEOs or directors of their corporation are eligible to register for the tournament on behalf of their corporation. A team roster with names of team members will be required when registering for the tournament.
      Click the link for North American League or European League to Sign up. To join the league your team must have at least 8 registered members on your roster. Click here to set up your team and begin to add members to your roster. Your Corp members can register by clicking here, they can request to join your team in the system or the team creator can add them to the roster. Rules can be found here in the Official Forum.
      There is a limit of 24 Corps per region with a max roster of 20 players including the CEO. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to be announced before the tournament begins, and each player on the winning rosters will receive the announced prize.
      UPDATE 2013/07/31: After discussion with Urgent Fury and the CPM, we have made the following changes to the rules for the Prime League Tournament:

      Team sizes will be back to 16v16
      Maps will be from the skirmish game mode and will be randomly seeded
      Team rosters will be increased to 32
      Tournament matches will be setup by CCP before each match


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      Strap up your boots and get your friends together to prove if your team has what it takes in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Urgent Fury is giving you a chance to win your share of the $15,000 cash prize pool.

      Urgent Fury is proud to announce our first Live event to be held in the Chicago, IL area. This Double Elimination Tournament on PlayStation give 64 teams the chance to take their share of $15,000. The Top 8 Teams share in the winnings.
      Team Prize per place:


      Featured Modes:

      Capture the Flag
      Search and Destroy

      We are not done there either, all attendees will have a chance to win prizes as well. More info to come.
      The event will be held a Game Pazzo a full service game center that includes a Full Bar and Cafe. Doors will open at 10am for with registration check in closing at 9am on August 3rd, 2013.
      We have partnered with the Holiday Inn Express in Downers Grove to provide a discounted room rate. We will provide a direct link to book your rooms in the Official Forum Section.
      Each team may have up to 6 players and can rotate between rounds. The match will consist of the Best of 3 maps with the Finals being a Best of 7. Modes include Hardpoint, Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag. We will be utilizing similar settings as Activision's eSports $1m Event with some Urgent Fury Variations.
      Registration is open. Rules and Settings are posted in the Official Forum Section.

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      DUST 514 Prime League Tournament

      In July, we will begin entry registration for the first open DUST 514 Tournament. This time around we will be hosting the Uprising tournament with Urgent Fury, an accomplished online organizer in the console FPS scene.
      Registration begins on July 25 and ends on July 30 and the tournament is open to all EVE/DUST player corporations. The tournament will begin on August 1 with finals taking place from August 26-31 and the championship matches to take place on the weekend of September 7-8.
      The tournament will be organized into two separate regions, one for North American and one for EU time zones and the winning teams from both regions will meet on the battlefield to win the right to rename a planet within the New Eden universe in a cross continental match up on September 14-15.
      This is just the beginning. Don’t miss this great opportunity to have fun and compete for great rewards. And stay tuned for news about future events. See you on the battlefield...
      Teams can get a head start by having their Corporation Members register at Urgent Fury and then the Corporation Leaders can take the time to set up their team in our Tournament system. Choose Dust 514 Prime League for the Category.

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      <iframe width="640" height="480" src="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1687497632/h-hour-worlds-elite-0/widget/video.html" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> </iframe>

      For the past year we have been heavily involved as a community partner with SOF Studios on their project H Hour. As you can imagine we were gitty like school girls we learned that the man that brought us the games that Urgent Fury was built on was working on a new tactical shooter.
      Now with the plan in place, David Sears has officially launched the crowd funding project through KickStarter to get the game off the ground. You have several funding levels but our recommendation is to contribute at least $75.00, this not only gets you some great swag, it gets you the game as well as expansions for a full two years. So for the cost of one COD plus one map pack, you are going to receive the game and 2 years worth of Expansions. In COD terms that would be roughly $240.00 for only $75.00

      There are several pledge reward levels so look around and see which one best fits your budget. No matter what you choose, there is no pledge too small!!
      By bringing H Hour to life, you will see the return of tactical gaming which many of our community has been chomping the bit for. Head over and put your support where your wallet is. Lets get this game underway.

      Contribute today


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      As clans everywhere are foaming at the mouth for Black Ops 2, Urgent Fury is please to announce UF: Aftermath, a Monthly Tournament League for Call of Duty Black Ops 2.


      Aftermath will consist of a Monday, Wednesday, Friday Schedule at 9 pm cst. With the addition of broadcasting functions in Black Ops 2 (Thank you) you will be able to watch matches live as we broadcast them on www.twitch.tv/urgentfury. We have had great success with broadcasting Starhawk and look forward to having this function available for Aftermath as well.
      We have posted the rules and match settings in the Aftermath Forums, you can join in on the conversation there.There are no prizes planned for this league at this time, but we are in contact with our sponsors to discuss possible prizes for this league.
      In following the success of Starhawk on UFGL, Aftermath will utilize the league system to track stats, rosters and give clans an easier means of reporting wars. If you have already created a team at Urgent Fury, we will be posting the League soon. If you have not competed in Urgent Fury, you need to have all of your team mates register at Urgent Fury (this is a one time registration) then the clan leader or designated rep needs to create your team by clicking here. You can create your team prior to all of your members signing up. Once you have created your team, you may add your members manually or members can request to join your team.
      Sign ups for May are Now Open, the deadline for team sign up is March 31st.

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      It's the return of what Urgent Fury is best known for, our Scenario Based TacMap Tournament. POW II brings back one of the most popular scenarios Urgent Fury has ever offered along with new twists and turns. We also bring back the need to eliminate all other Clans to take home the win. No more 4 clan tournament, if your clan is dominating the event, then you can eliminate all others and take home the gold, but if your clan gets that second win, then you can bring on the ultimate strategy to take back control and win it all.We have opened the POW II Information Center with all of the information needed including Rules, timelines and an open forum to ask questions. But let us give you some of the initial deadlines:

      Applications Close February 20th, 2013
      Matches will be broadcast live on www.twitch.tv/urgentfury as much as possible. Thursday Nights will include the Neutral City Territory matches which are up to 5 teams playing hard point multi team.

      Face it we know that clans have been struggling to find that game that works well and we have designed the event to be flexible based on clan participation. We will start with a minimum of 8 clans with a 20 clan max. It has been quite a while since we have gone full force into a TacMap and we want to make it inviting as possible for the clans that are hesitant to get their feet wet.In a recent blog post, Shane lined out some of the details of the event including the 5 territory types and our new Stalemate Provision allowing us to go to an open ended schedule. We also touch on the new Interactive TacMap, we will reveal this after the initial Pics.Listed below is a link to each Territory Set up, this is one of the first times we have actually revealed how the territories will be set up. These are not your typical COD Mode Setups either. This is a TacMap, so the typical COD Style is out the window. Keep in mind the majority Territory type will be War Zones, so we have chosen Search & Destroy as the primary game mode. This means one life per round ladies and gents, you can't be a suicidal hero, this requires strategy and teamwork!

      POW Camp
      War Zone
      Head Quarters

      Now get your asses in gear soldiers, its time to take it to the battlefield.
      There is No Escape.


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      The Battle Bowl continues here at Urgent Fury on Battlefield 3!
      Urgent Fury and FraggedNation Present Battle Bowl I sponsored by Hauppauge and GungHo


      FraggedNation and Urgent Fury present the second "Battle Bowl" sponsored by Hauppauge Computer Works and Gungho. The "Battle Bowl" is a series of tournaments where the top teams from each community will battle for the Championship Title on various multiplayer games. The second "Battle Bowl" will feature large combat operations utilizing Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3.

      Team Play for this event is 8v8 and 12v12 based competitions!


      Fee: UF: Battle Bowl II - Battlefield 3: is a free tourney to members of the UF Community.
      Team/Roster sizes: 8 - 16 man squads.

      Prizes: The final championship team will receive 4 Hauppauge PVR 2 Gaming Editions, 12 cases of GungHo and 12 Special Ninja T Shirts courtesy of GungHo, Urgent Fury and FraggedNation.

      Official Forums : Here
      Register Your Team : Here

      The top 8 teams of Urgent Fury will compete against the top 8 teams at FraggedNation to bring the Championship home. The winning team gets the elgatos and brings home the Battle Bowl Trophy to winning Community they represent.
      Open Ladder - March 8th - April 4th, 2013
      Championship Bracket - April 6th - 7th

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      We need the best of the best to become the top eight teams here at Urgent Fury on Black Ops 2!

      Urgent Fury and FraggedNation Present Battle Bowl I sponsored by elgato Gaming

      FraggedNation [www.FraggedNation.com] and Urgent Fury [www.urgentfury.com] present "Battle Bowl" sponsored by Elgato [www.elgato.com] . The "Battle Bowl" is a series of tournaments where the top teams from each community will battle for the Championship Title on various multiplayer games. The first "Battle Bowl" will feature Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on PlayStation 3.

      Fee: UF: Battle Bowl I - Black Ops 2: is a free tourney to members of the UF Community.
      Team/Roster sizes: 4 man squads. No Alternate Players

      Prizes: The final championship team will receive an elgato game capture HD device courtesy of elgato, Urgent Fury and FraggedNation for each member. Total estimated retail value: $719.80

      Official Forums : Here
      Register Your Team : Here
      Team Creation Tutorial : Here

      The top 8 teams of Urgent Fury will compete against the top 8 teams at FraggedNation to bring the Championship home. The winning team gets the elgatos and brings home the Battle Bowl Trophy to winning Community they represent.
      Open Ladder - February 1st - February 27th, 2013
      Championship Bracket - March 2nd - March 3rd, 2013
      This is the first in a series of Battle Bowl events! Stay tuned for more events soon on other games.

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      What is the UF: Special Operations Premium Membership Program?

      Members of the Special Operations Premium Membership Program are community members that have shown an additional commitment to the Urgent Fury Community by making a small recurring contribution to Urgent Fury.
      What are the benefits for joining the Team?

      All advertisements on the Forums are removed including the background ads.
      Special discounts on UFH Services
      Special discounts from Urgent Fury Partners
      Sponsor giveaways
      Member only Contests
      Direct input to the Staff and Directors via a Members only Forum

      How much is the required Contribution?

      $1 per week
      $2 per month
      $6 per quarter
      $11 semi-annually
      $20 yearly

      How do I sign up?
      Click here and choose your membership term.

      Is this required?
      No, joining the UF: Special Operations team is completely voluntary, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

      [*]What is the refund policy?

      As this is a opt-in membership, there are no refunds, but you can cancel your membership at any time.

      [*]Am I exempt from any rules by joining the team?

      No, the same rules apply to all members of the Urgent Fury Community. With that being said if you are in violation of any rules your membership will be terminated and no refund will be issued.


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      Urgent Fury is pleased to announce Wasteland 2013 continues for the competitive Starhawk clans:

      We have designed this league with helping clans get their footing in the Starhawk Competitive scene. This is an open league where the clans set up their matches on their own terms. After a 3 month period we will hold a Bracket Tournament to determine the Champion.
      You can find the full rules: http://www.urgentfury.com/showthread.php/84721-Urgent-Fury-Wasteland-Official-Rulebook-for-Starhawk Remember we do not tolerate any kind of cheating or violations of these rules. Violations can earn suspensions and complete removal from Urgent Fury.
      There are no prizes planned for this league at this time, as stated the purpose of this league is to help build up the competitive clans in Starhawk.
      Sign ups are now open, if you have already created a team at Urgent Fury, you can join the event here. If you have not competed in Urgent Fury, you need to have all of your team mates register at Urgent Fury (this is a one time registration) then the clan leader or designated rep needs to create your team by clicking here. You can create your team prior to all of your members signing up. Once you have created your team, you may add your members manually or members can request to join your team.
      If you have any questions, please do not post them here, you can post them in the Official Wasteland Forum. We will monitor this thread and direct questions to the forum so that there is a centralized location for all questions.
      Good luck to all the clans that participate and do not forget "Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity"

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      Thanks to our friends at Games, Inc. we have a spectacular deal for all of our Urgent Fury community members and friends. Using the discount code "fury" that is fury all lowercase, you will get the G155 PGE for only $199.99 plus shipping. This is $50.00 off the regular price and partial proceeds benefit Urgent Fury.

      Here is a little info about the G155 PGE:
      Designed with everyone in mind, the G155 PGE is the perfect solution for traveling with your Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim. It's great for dorm rooms, barracks or families that want to monitor their children's gaming time.
      The G155 PGE is a durable self contained environment that is even safe for traveling on a plane!

      15.5" HD Display with 60hz refresh.
      Zero lag while gaming.
      Full screen controls for audio and video.
      Dual 3.5mm headphone jacks.
      TSA approved for travel.
      Compatible with the XBOX 360 and PS3 Slim.

      Follow these simple steps to get your Personal Gaming Environment for only $199.99:
      Go to http://gear.projectgaems.com/collections/gaems-g155-pge/products/gaems-g155





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    21. Articles


      New to Urgent Fury? Read to find out how to get Started....
      What to do first?
      Registeration on Urgent Fury allows you access across all areas of Urgent Fury. If you are looking to jump right into gaming, you can do so by heading over to Urgent Fury''s Gaming Arena. You will see the UFGL link on the top menu bar.
      If you want to become eligible to be apart of the fun of an Urgent Fury TACMAP or other Large Tournament event, see below for how to qualify.
      How to Qualify for Invite Only TACMAP tournaments?
      Urgent Fury holds "qualifying" tournaments each month to allow new clans/teams to game with veteran clans/teams.
      In order to play in any of the invitation only TACMAP tournaments or other Tournament events, a team must have completed a qualifying event without any kind of issues. Successfully completing a qualifying event are described below.
      A qualifying event is a league style event. Current Leagues include Socom 4 and Resistance 3. Coming to the party will be Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Other games will be added as we see that the community will support them. Once you have qualified under one game, you don''t have to qualify if you Clan / Team switches to another game.
      Successful Completion Defined:
      To be accepted into Urgent Fury, we evaluate clans based on several factors. Most importance is placed on maturity and respect for one another whether on the battlefield or off. We strictly forbid all forms of cheating and glitching (lag emulaters, outside comm sources, quicksniping, softspotting, etc.). Our goal here is to create a community of clans that can play in a cheat/glitch free environment with upstanding clans that maintain a high level of respect and maturity. We don''t claim to be perfect, but our mission is clear. And we make every effort to ensure the standards we set are maintained.
      If we discover that people are disruptive and are not obeying the rules, then the Directors / Admins, reserve the right to cancel your account.
      First thing to do is to Register. By registering on Urgent Fury you gain access to the forums and other areas of the site.
      If you are looking to jump right in, make sure that after you register, head to the forums. There you will find what is currently happening around the community and you will even see the forums where the Tournaments are located that you must complete before being eligible for an the invite only event.
      - Urgent Fury Command

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      On May 14th, 2012, we will kick-off the first round of “Urgent Fury Dustâ€. Dust is a series of six tournament events designed to prepare your clan for our Signature TacMap Tournament that will be revealed later this summer. Urgent Fury Dust will focus on 8-vs-8 matches that introduce your clan to our level of competitive but friendly sportsmanship; in fact, our motto is “Win with Honor, Lose with Dignityâ€. Who wants to play with cyber bullies, cheaters, or trash talkers? Certainly not us! We monitor clans to make sure they’re playing with respect for all players (even the people on their own team)

      Each event, known as a deployment, will consist of eight matches carried over a two week period, and since we understand that some nights are better for some we have broken the war nights into two divisions to provide all clans with flexibility.
      Alpha Division will run Monday through Thursday at 9 pm central standard time and the Bravo Division will run Wednesday through Saturday at 9 pm central standard time. Below is the full schedule.

      Alpha Deployments – Monday – Thursday 9 pm central standard time
      May 14 – 17 and May 21 – 24
      June 11 – 14 and June 18 – 21
      July 9 – July 12 and July 16 – July 19

      [*]Bravo Deployments – Wednesday – Saturday 9 pm central Standard Time

      May 30 – June 2 and June 6 – June 9
      June 27 – June 30 and July 5 – July 8 (Matches adjusted for July 4th)
      July 25 – July 28 and August 1 – August 4

      The winner of each deployment will gain one of 24 slots into the upcoming TacMap Tournament.
      Here is a few FAQ’s about the Tournament, additional questions can be posted in the Starhawk Forum:

      Can my clan compete in more than one Deployment?
      Yes, you can compete in as many deployments as your clan wishes

      [*]What if a clan wins more than one deployment?

      We realize this is very realistic, if it happens, the next highest ranked team will get the slot for the TacMap Tournament. So if Clan A wins the first and second deployments, then the 2nd place winner of the second deployment will get the spot

      [*]What is the cost for entering the tournament?

      Entry is absolutely free

      [*]Do I have to be a resident in North America to participate?

      No we welcome members from all territories, but members should realize the match times may be a little rough. We are exploring additional regions, if you would like to have specific support for your region please see this post.

      [*]What if my clan does not win any of the deployments, do we still have a chance to get into the TacMap Tournament?

      YES, we will hand pick clans that have shown that they can “Win with Honor and Lose with Dignity†to fill the other 18 slots.

      [*]When can our clan sign up?

      Right now, head over to UFGL and create your clan today. Remember all members of your team must sign up for Urgent Fury to compete in the Tournaments.
      Once you have the minimum of 8 members on your roster then you need to Join one of the Deployments by visiting the Starhawk League Section


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