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    Take your console streaming to a whole new level!

    By shane , in Articles, , 0 comments, 1,506 views
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Level up your Xbox & PlayStation streams with our Partner Lightstream

    For all of you out there looking to have all the cool overlays and alerts but only have your console, let me tell you about how Lightstream makes that happen

    Level up your Xbox & PlayStation streams with our Partner Lightstream. 
    For all of you out there looking to have all the cool overlays and alerts but only have your console, let me tell you about how Lightstream makes that happen. We started our partnership with Lightstream a few months ago after a member of Sky Fox Studios told me about it. We were looking for a solution where we could take several streamers and combine them into a single feed into our Twitch Channel. 
    The Creator License was the solution for us, up to 4 streamers on a single screen and we were golden, but I had no idea the Gamer License was the true gold. I wish we had this solution before. 
    I have streamed from my PlayStation many times but opted to switch to a capture card and bought a powerful PC for the Studio to drive our full array of overlays for our broadcasts. Not all gamers have that option. If you are just starting out or already on your way to partner and full time streaming this product is your solution.
    While available for Xbox, I want to focus on the value using Lightstream add to PlayStation. One of our biggest benefits in the PS ecosystem is their promotion of live streams that originate from the share button. You will find when you are looking at the latest info about a game a section showing who is live streaming or has shared a video. This is free exposure that streamers connecting using a capture device do not get. Without overlays and alerts you will not stand out in the pack, everyone has the standard game play with only the option to add your camera. None of the amazing tools that help you engage your viewers or acknowledge new followers, subs, etc.
    There are a few different options for creating your overlays including StreamLabs, Streamelements and Rainmaker.gg (which is part of the Lightstream family). If you want to know more or need some help let us know, we are happy to get your stream up to speed the way you want it.
    As far as setup, there are some great guides for Lightstream: https://golightstream.kustomer.help/
    Remember use coupon code "urgentfury" and you will save 35% off of your first order


    Sniper Elite 5 Review

    By shane , in Articles, , 0 comments, 1,523 views
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Sniper Elite 5 is a breath of fresh air in the shooter world. This 3rd person shooter continues its WWII with large maps for campaign, multiplayer and a new invasion mode.

    I have spent the last couple of days playing some campaign and multiplayer matches, but what has really had me locked in is the new invasion mode. Basically when you are playing your campaign and you have not disabled the ability to be invaded, an opponent will drop into your campaign with the single goal of killing you and your teammate if you are playing coop. Both you and the invader will have enhanced skills added revolving around finding each other and it is quite balanced.
      Even during my stream you will find that as the invader you are not just dropping in to get an easy kill. You have to work for it for sure! You will start somewhere in the map, it may be right into the action or you might be halfway across the map. Either way you are going to have to do a little searching to find your target to take them out. I found that the best way to find your target is follow the trail of bodies. Once disadvantage I had was not having completed the campaign, I did not know the path progression on some of the maps, meaning the route the campaign would take the player. If you have completed the campaign, you will have an advantage because you will be able to anticipate the direction your target will be coming from.
    Now with that being said there are a few features to note, you cannot just pick a spot and camp. If you sit still too long you will get a warning that you are camping and if you do not move, your location will be reviled to your opponent. Through out the maps you will find phones that you can pick up and get your opponent's last location. Do not depend on this as a pinpoint, but more as a guide. It is not a fluid tracker, it is a point on the map with a timer showing the last time seen at that location. If your opponent is moving through the map quickly, you will find yourself chasing them with the phones which have a 4 minute cooldown.
    You can also use your fellow soldiers (NPCs) to help notify you when they have found the player. Each NPC has a status of not alerted, searching and alerted. Pay attention to the direction they are running or facing, this can indicate the direction to go to find your target. I will say when the alarm has been set off, unless there is a fire fight going on, you only benefit on finding the general area the opponent is in.
    Once you have finally tracked down your target, the same rules apply for all snipers, your scope will give you away! Close combat will get you a chance at melee or a good pistol shot to the head. If your opponents are playing coop, you have to eliminate both, but the second player only has a couple of minutes to find you before they loose the round.
    Finally do not take injuring your target as an easy follow up kill, you and your opponent are able to self heal and return to battle. If you are quick enough you can however run up on your target and get a satisfying melee as final action on your target.
    Now lets talk a bit about multiplayer, there are a few different modes to choose from including free for all, team match, squad match and no cross. To be honest I spent all of my time playing no cross in multiplayer to get a feel for the game at a slower pace. It truly a no cross map, there is no way to get to the other side physically if you try. While I can be a pretty good sniper, you have to be extremely strategic when you are looking for opponents. Using your scope will give up your location with a bright reflection that your opponent can see from space. So I spent most of the time using my binoculars to find my targets. Even better if you are marking your opponents, other shooters can kill them getting you the assist.
    My BIGGEST complaint for multiplayer is the lack of maps. In team match, squad match and free for all, you have 4 maps to choose from, but in no cross there are only 2 maps... come on Rebellion we need more maps, after a few hours, the no cross matches become very stale!
    With that out of the way, I am very happy to see a kind of lobby system for multiplayer. You cannot edit the title of the room it is based on your gamer id, but you can create private or public matches and you can even provide invite codes to get everyone in the right match together for competitive play.
    The customization for game rules is almost endless with the exception of the lack of turning off respawn. it has already been suggested to the dev team to add that as an option. But there is a wide variety of presets as well as the ability to completely customize your match.
    We are defiantly going to start working on some tournaments for this game very soon and look forward to seeing what we can do with this game, stay tuned!


    Sponsor Spotlight - Rogue Energy

    By shane , in Articles, , 1 comment, 10,519 views
    When looking for partners for Urgent Fury, we try to find unique opportunities. The gaming industry is flooded with Energy Drinks and we have even talked with some of them. At some point I stumbled on Rogue Energy and thought, ohh look another energy drink. Well boy was I wrong! I started doing a little research and found that while yes they are a gaming drink that provides energy and focus, it replaced all of the unhealthy junk out there and replaced it with good stuff.
    So what did I do first? I ordered a Starter Kit to check it out. Now it came with a bunch of packets and I not being one to try this alone, I decided my day job co-workers would be perfect test subjects .
    So we all took a different flavor and "gave it a shake", ha I made a Funny. The fellas at work were surprised that the flavor was exactly what they picked. No off taste to it or aftertaste which was a big deal.
    I went for the Strawberry Kiwi as it seemed to be the flavor that I would like out of the Starter pack and enjoyed the heck out of it. The taste was great, no powdery feel to the drink like you get with some of the cheap water flavor packs out there and no aftertaste. Most of you know that I basically bleed Dr. Pepper, so for me to enjoy a drink that is not DP says a lot.
    Now my next order will actually be the Cherry Limeaid. That is one of the few drinks I can really enjoy when I am not slamming down the DP. 
    So with that being said we joined the Partner program to pass on some saving to you guys and gals out there in our community. When you go to the Rogue Energy Website, you can use the coupon code "urgentfury" and save 10% off of your order. To be transparent we do get a little kick back from their sales when you do use the coupon, which does help keep the community going. So we save you money and we get a reward in return, that's a Win - Win for everyone.
    If you are one of those that lives off energy drinks, head over to Rogue Energy and give it a try, go to https://urgentfury.link/rogue today!

    AAPG Boot Camp Season 2 Registration Now Open

    By shane , in Announcement, , 5 comments, 8,388 views
    After feedback from Season 1 we have adjusted how Season 2 will play. We have increased the match size to 7 v 7 and roster size to 32 players. One of the biggest changes will be the best of 3 matches. Many of our players have asked for this so here we go.
    We are going to limit the teams to 24 with divisions of 6 to shorten the length of the league schedule. We will continue with the Sunday - Tuesday Schedule at 9pm central.
    All of this is to eventually build up to a TacMap Tournament. We are getting everyone used to long schedules, so when you are recruiting be sure to talk about the need to endure through a schedule with several weeks.
    Register for Season 2 today: https://urgentfury.link/AAPGBCSeason2
    Be sure to spread the word too!!!


    Stack Up Call to Arms on Veteran's Day 2018

    By shane , in Announcement, , 0 comments, 7,166 views
    Urgent Fury once again is answering the Call to Arms by Stack-Up.org. This time we will be hosting an all day stream live on Twitch featuring the US Army's Official Game: America's Army: Proving Grounds.
    We call on all of our community to take a minute and head over to our Stack Up Donation page and make a contribution, either financially or even as simple as sharing the event. Go to https://stackup.donordrive.com/team/urgentfury today and you can even Join the Team and help us make our goal!
    What is Call To Arms? 
    Call To Arms is Stack Up's year-long donation drive that directly supports our mission of using the awesome power of gaming to support US and allied veterans and active duty service members around the world! Learn more about how YOU help the troops through Call To Arms by watching the video below!
    Call To Arms allows all of us to come together and support the troops by doing the things we love: gaming! From hosting your own livestream on Twitch or Mixer and posting videos on Youtube, to hanging out for game night with some friends on the couch, you can support the troops in your own way! 
    How does Call To Arms make a difference?
    CALL TO ARMS powers the following Stack Up missions:
    SUPPLY CRATES: Giant boxes of the latest in games and gear sent to combat zones, humanitarian missions, or troops recovering in military hospitals to raise morale, build camaraderie, combat PTSD, and fight the rising tide of veteran suicide.
    AIR ASSAULTS: Flying deserving veterans to gaming and geek culture events such as Penny Arcade Expo, Comic Con, or E3.
     THE STACKS: Our local volunteer teams, coming together to support military personnel on bases and around their community.
     StOP SQUAD: Stack Up’s suicide awareness and mental health support team. Our trained volunteers are on call 24/7 if you’re looking to talk with someone about your problems. We’re here to help.

    UF Boot Camp is Coming for America's Army Proving Grounds

    By shane , in Announcement, , 0 comments, 10,873 views
    With the addition of Private Servers we are calling on all active teams to prepare for the UF Boot Camp League for America's Army: Proving Grounds! The best part is you can download the game for Free, click here.
    UF: Boot Camp will accept up to 24 teams split into two divisions. Teams will play each other in home and away matches throughout the season.

    We will then take the Top 8 Teams to a championship bracket.

    Registration for season 2 will open soon.

    It is important to know Urgent Fury strives to provide a respectful competitive community and lives up to their motto: "Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity".

    Matches will be held on Sunday & Tuesday Evenings at 9pm central time to best serve east and west coast players.

    We are always accepting feedback and will be happy to field questions here (I do not always get notifications of replies) or in the League forum on Urgent Fury https://www.urgentfury.com/forums/forum/403-americas-army-proving-grounds/

    You can also find our standard rule set by going to https://www.urgentfury.com/forums/topic/32159-uf-boot-camp-rules/

    Since this is the first League for AA: PG we will use this to prepare for future leagues as well. With the community we hope to make these events a great success.... Good Luck.

    Introducing Team Invictus

    By shane , in Articles, , 1 comment, 4,554 views
    We are proud to announce that the next generation of Urgent Fury has decided to create a competitive team. NightHawk99 of CBF has created Team Invictus and is currently recruiting members for Fortnite. There is also plans to have a team for Call of Duty Black Ops 4.
    You can find NightHawk99 aka BakedBurch streaming almost daily on the Urgent Fury Twitch Channel. Be sure to join them for #FollwerFridays and #SubSundays for special events with Follwers and Subscribers.

    Charity Streaming Event to benefit Stack-Up.org and Urgent Fury

    By shane , in Announcement, , 0 comments, 4,140 views
    Founded in 2015, Stack-Up brings both veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming. With the motto: “Veterans are our Mission. Gaming is our Passion, Stack-Up serves US, NATO and ANZAC veterans through three primary programs: The Stacks, Stack-Up Supply Crates, and Air Assaults.
    Urgent Fury recently created a dedicated team also known as a "Stack" to support this great organization. Together our communities are a prime example of what veteran owned organizations can do for our fellow veterans and civilians alike.
    Join us April 2nd 2016 at 10pm central as we launch our 24 hour marathon to raise funds and awareness for both Stack-Up and Urgent Fury. We will have prizes, games played with the community and much more all live on the Urgent Fury Live Twitch Channel.
    One lucky contributor will even win the ultimate Socom Throwback Bundle including a PlayStation 2, copies of all of the Socom Games for PS2 and even a brand new never opened copy of the original Socom US Navy Seals with the head set.
    To Donate to the event you will visit http://urgentfury.link/UFStackUpFundraiser and add a minimum donation of $5. For every $5 donated you will receive one entry in the giveaways.
    Additional Prizes will be announced during the stream!
    We would like our Sponsors for this event: Patriot Games of Odessa, TX and Bahama Buck's of Midland and Odessa, TX.
    Stay Tuned for more details!

    Urgent Fury RIOT for Call of Duty Advance Warfare

    By shane , in Tournament news, , 0 comments, 4,599 views
    Urgent Fury is happy to announce UF Riot for COD: AW. This will be a 8 team double elimination bracket event starting December 9th, 2014.
    Matches will be played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Nights at 9pm central time. We are currently planning on streaming some matches on the Urgent Fury and BradyGames Twitch Channels during the tournament using the built in broadcasting mode.
    Sign ups are open now and can be found in the UF: Riot Forums. The plan is to make the matches 5 v 5 due to the 12 player limit in the private match parties.
    The preliminary Rules have been posted and we are working on posting the Settings and final Weapon Restrictions. Join in on the tournament discussion to give us your feedback.

    Get your 8-Bit Yellow Ribbon Today

    By shane , in Announcement, , 0 comments, 4,883 views
    Donate for Veterans Day $11.11
    With any donation* through Saturday November 15th of $11.11 (or greater), we'll send the coveted "8-Bit" Yellow Ribbon! Show your friends you support Making Fun Where There Is None!

    Head over to the Urgent Fury Operations Supply Drop Page now and make your donation of $11.11 or more... This will count towards our 2015 goal of $2500
    *All donations to Operation Supply Drop via general or to a specific individual or 8-Bit Salute team will qualify for the 8-Bit Pin until 11/15/14 so long as an address is included during the donation process. We will ship international. One pin per person.

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