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  1. Never said I didn't support my troops..
  2. Heres what you dont understand. The typical enlistment is 4 years right? Now, we knew we were gonna be goin to war ever since 9/11 right? Well, that was in 01, it is now 07. These troops knew they would be here and why theyd be fighting. It is now 6 years later. The people who have joined and are serving knew what they were getting themselves into from the beginning. This is what I hate. These people know more than the public(media/civilians) and know they cant tell the public about it. Plus, they dont like deploying because its rough on them, so what do they do? They tell the public they dont want to be here because they dont agree with why we're here(since they CANT tell the public the real reason). These troops are shitting all over the morals and standards they swore to defend. I KNEW what I would be getting myself into and am not ashamed of it one bit. Bush had the BALLS to try to clean up Clintons mess. I respect that. Now, as for your apology, I dont know what you were trying to prove with your apology but words will not take those "media induced" comments from everyones mind. I cannot accept an apology that says you HATE someone that I respect to the utmost. In my opinion, we need more presidents who are willing to stand up for our freedom and retaliate for terroist acts. I guarantee if you had family in those World Trade Centers you wouldnt think the way you do. Well thats fine I didn't except you to accept my apology anyway. No one else accepted it anyway. But I want to say one thing. I do support my troops. You may think thats a whole load of shit because I don't support the war. You guys are saying Then how can you support the troops when you think what their doing is bad. Well heres how. Since many of you have been soldiers then you know about orders and commands. When you enlisted to join the army that took a lot of courage and I respect that in every way. Not everyone can sign up for something that might lead to their death but you did and I respect that. You signed up to defend your country, your people, your family and friends and you president. Thats why you enlisted to join the army some might do it for other reasons but I would hope thats why. And that is a great thing to do for some people you don't even know. But some troops want to defend their country and their people but that doesn't mean they support some of their actions. Soldiers are given orders on which they are suppose to follow without questions. That doesn't mean that agree but they are disciplined and they follow the order. So thats how I support my troops. I thank them for having the courage in the first place to enlist. Then to follow orders given to them and then following them without any questions asked. Thats a hard thing to do and they do it even with the knowing that they might die. So thats how I support my troops I know they are in life and death situations and they are doing that out of their hearts for my freedom. Its hard to see in the newspaper or on the news that another soldier died from car bombing. Truly I want you to know that I once whated to join the Mariners. I had a dream too. I wanted to finish high school which I am about to do. Attend a good college and then join the ROTC. So I could join the Mariners giving the orders and not taking them. I wanted to make a military career. I first wanted to join the airforce but because of certain medical conditions I have thats impossible. I wanted to fly a F-14 Tomcat. So I decide I wanted to join the Mariners but after seeing so many soldiers die by car bombings I didn't want to join the Mariners and then die by a car bomber what would that accomplish. Thats just how I feel though many like you guys how signed up guess can find meanings but I right now maybe in the future will find that but for now I am not sure what I want to do now. I am not that smart so what can I really do.
  3. Well you can think what you want and can say what you want I don't care so think that my apology is fake.
  4. Actually not all soldiers support their commander in chief but they obey their commands.
  5. Hey about my post on the Never Forget thread I would like to apologize for what I said to Tha Savage didn't know he was in Iraq but I just hate George Bush I suupport my troops in everyway I just don't think they should die for this. Thats all If i offened you I am sorry
  6. hey Idiot I stay away from the media dumbass the media is the one spreading the wrong info especially fox 5. I have been studying and looking shit up and looking at the past and all the shit that has happened. Everything I have said is true. You can go look it up yourself.
  7. Noo.. your wrong were not fightning a war. Were stuck in the middle of one. Our soldiers are not dieing in combat like other wars have been fought through our time. Our soldiers right now are not fighting for our freedom. Our freedom is not being threaten at all. Were not fighting a war of terror in Iraq. Were in Iraq to make sure that the government isn't over thrown. Our soldiers are dieing because two groups have different opinions and are attack each other and were in the middle of it. Our soldiers don't even know who is their enemy or who is their friend. So if you think thats a war then you have a problem. Thats not war, thats being police officer to another country.
  8. Yea Saddam is spelt with two D's my bad.....was thinking
  9. When people join the Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, Coastguard or whatever they join to serve their country not to die by a suicide car bomber. Were not fighting a war against Terrorism in Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. George Bush is just an absolute idiot. Thats why those troops are wondering why they are their. Heres some knowledge... Were start back in the 1960's. 1964 the United States CIA plans the placement of Sadam Hussien as leader of Iraq. 1979 in Iraq a military Coup overs throws the government and Sadam is placed in power. The United States CIA started the coup to place Sadam in power. 1980 Ronald Reagan is voted the new President of the United States. 1980 Iraq vs Iran war has begun. 1982 Ronald Reagan his Vice President George Bush Sr. and Donald Rumsfeld begin to sell weapons to Sadam to help Iraq win the with against Iran because Iran was a huge threat to America. We have control of Sadam now. We sold Sadam weapons in exchange for oil. Donald Rumsfeld negotiated a deal for a Billion Dollar oil pipe line to be build in Iraq. Iraq was taken off the common countries known for Terroism list. Just might I add they did this illegally. 1988 George Bush Senior is elected new President of the United States. He continued to sell weapons to Sadam until 1992. 1990-1991 we had the Gulf War. Iraq invaded Kuwait. Sadam thought he had the green light because the United States still seemed to support him with weapons. Our soldiers tha fought against Iraq during this war, had their own weapons used against them. Your wondering if this could be true and it is. 2001 9/11 occurs where the twin towers and the pentagon hit by airliners. 2004 the United States invades Iraq for search of WMD's which were never found. The only thing found were Mustard Rockets we sold to them in the 80's. Why invade Iraq when Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Why go after Sadam when he had nothing to do with 9/11. Why attack Iraq whn it was proven that Al- queda never existed in IRaq. Now after reading this heres a question I want to ask you. If 9/11 never happened would you agree to still invade Iraq for search of WMD's? All the things I have said I don't force you to believe or even agree but I want you to have an open mind and thing of all the possible ideas. 9/11 was used to start a war. Fox 5 one of the worlds biggest Main stream media and conservative sent out a message that said Iraq was behind the attack and made everyone believe the wrong thing. So please flame or post replies.