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  1. Ya know whats funny- People might watch that shit and say "how could she pay that much for a PS3" and be outraged- even sick about it.... Imagine if someone bought something that cost 200x as much, wasn't worth what they are paying for it, could not afford it and the government used part of your pay check to help them out... That would be CRAZY right? :-[ edit per spell check lol
  2. ARIZONA- " The piss on you if you dont like us defending OUR boarders state" :police:
  3. If SOE wants me to give a shit about trophys they should make them worth my time caring about- Meaning show me the money bitches and kick in some playstation bucks for them...
  4. I say the developers like EA should just come out and be honest- Buy the "core game" for 65.95 then each year there will be an expansion pack (new disk) for all updates and overhaules that a "patch" could not fix. This will sell for 39.95. All patches and updated content will be FREE... Well sort of free- They should charge a subscription fee of 14.95 a month to play online. Online play will then be imrpoved apon by 10 fold in all aspects. So in the end it would cost just a bit more- But we would have an improved product that will not be outdated- Think of it as an investment that you could stop paying for anytime you got bord of it. If you wanted to start playing it again- It would be affordable enough. Just my opinion.
  5. I knew the dolphins were good for something 12. San Diego Chargers (From Miami) - RB Ryan Matthews (Fresno State) Last time the chargers had that high a draft (12th place) was over 7 years ago... And we picked up ole #21 Tommy Boy... Diego Run game back in the works?... Nah- The line is still built for pass rush, but we now have another spookey weapon in the back field that can run, catch and has legs of steal. Nice replacement/ future back to replace LT IMO... AND we have sproles for another year to balance the work load- Dont expect any 1k rushing this year from RM but he will be chalking up some TD's IMO. :police:
  7. Hey now! >- I am +30 not +50... And if you do the math, I am dating a 22 old babe ATM and drive a fast car- So that drops my "feeling young factor" to mid 20's I believe... But you did just give me a crazy idea for an interactive porn movie. You want to be in it Prane? Maybe play the gimp?
  8. Dude, that was fun as hell! lol Someone should make a full 2hr long blue ray movie/ chose your own adventure... Imagine a movie where you decide the whole thing..... Hmm... Yet another multi million dollar idea- The next gen in movie entertainment "Sids View" chose your own adventure Featuring the remake of "pulp fiction" in chose your own adventure format.... This would plain own and create that "ultimate gaming/ entertainment factor" that in the next 10 years the industry will need IMO. GOOD FIND.
  9. Thats a very specific order... I would imagine with the emphasis you placed on exactly what you want- Someone will make that... for for a fair price lol
  10. It would be sweet if you had the ability to view a map of the level you are playing in while in the deadroom (not real time just a map)- Add white board functions to it so you and folks in your party can use the deadroom to plan your next round- That would be sick.
  11. They remind me of the twilight zone for some reason lol
  12. Correct I am the co-Leader/ director- for all UF purposes and admin items I would be the guy... Is there a "leader" section I am missing?

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