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  1. I finally broke down and played some classic mode tonight. And I must say I had just as much fun in classic as I did in respawn, good job Zipper! The only complaint I have about classic is the push to talk, thats just a little to old school for me.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br7E1iojy3I Now thats FUNNY!!
  3. Well here I am in my new house, stuck in the boonies. I have a few options now: Dial-up Satellite Internet- I believe they have daily limits though Tethering through my Moo Droid thats it right now i think. Although Verizon fios is supposed to be coming soon.. Has anyone tried Tethering their Verizion phones(such as the droid) to try and play socom online?
  4. So I just wiped a hard drive for a relative and re-installed XP. While I did it I thought I would do the partition thing. Which im not too familiar with in the first place. Well my issue is in this 80 gig hard drive, I set aside 5 gigs in the partition...well turns out that thats all I can use rite now...says disk is getting full and shit. I am in manage my computer than clicked disk managment and I see the other 70 or so gigs there but says unallocated. So I tried to make it a new partition and it turned geen and said unused space...but It doesnt show up when I look at the amount of disk space left. Is there a way to re-link the 70 gigs to the 5 I set aside? Or anyway to see and use the rest the drive?
  5. I need help finding a "scholarly" article online, it is not for plagiarizing, i need an article or essay (written by someone thats higher than a college student lol) on Hamlet's delay to kill his uncle claudius. My AP English teacher sent us to find one, but every site online makes you pay for the damn article, if anyone knows a website or a torrent where i can download, please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  6. hey i was just wondering if someone would be able to make me a sig? i would like to have it do something with a blackhawk if thats possible... thanks
  7. Thats rite! Get your applications in TODAY!
  8. What games? Me personally UFC2010 MAG Medal of Honor Spec Ops:The Line Army of two: 40th day BFBC 2 God of War 3 Crysis 2 Rage (looks amazing) wow. thats just a few, I am gonna be broke lol
  9. this is kinda an average saturday night thought id share some pics with you guys SOME SWEET ROBES dont lie you know imma pimp on this bike this jerk breaks the windshield wiper and i had to fix it in the pouring rain we had a noreaster hit us this weekend me and breanna on the couch with the skitzo dog im not sure wuts going on in this one me and breanna messin around waitin for someone to finish gettin ready so yea thats all imma share with you guys how bout you guys lets bring up the level of closeness here on urgent fury share some pics cmon you guys cant look that bad
  10. anyone know a place to get a good face bandanna thats not online? would military stores carry them?
  11. ok so me and my girl have this prob theres this get thats head is flyin30,000 ft up and hes found a fascination with my gf and has gone so far as to slap her ass in the parking lot i promptly knocked him out afterwards then i find a note on my car sayin he was gonna kill me or as it was put in the note "I will end your life like an ant under a microscope i dismissed it threw it away but last night around 2am both me and my girl were gettin calls from a blocked numbers where it was just someone breathing on the phone i have no evidence to take to the police and i dont know what to do as a ps to the others that i was talkin to before this is the jiminy cricket guy
  12. anyone know how i could get photo shop for free? i have windows vista and im havin a hard time findin a internet download thats compatible
  13. we played against DsY <<Hope thats the new owners tag most of the night last night. I was looking to play against more UF'ers in the coming weeks. would you guys be kind enough to post what servers you usually play in and if UF would be in the name of the room. or add me as a friend Mike-Ops if there is already a thread that states this stuff I couldnt find it.
  14. Anyone getting that? I almost over looked it. I almost played the demo today and thats a well done game. I might have to pick that one up.
  15. Hey UF, My boss asked me the other day if I could help search google for a rim recipe/instructions to make a mojito rimmer, now I have searched quite a bit and I can only find the ones you buy for $5 or so. (She thinks thats expensive and wants to make her own). Does anyone know how to make a good rimmer for the glass????
  16. Ok so after I watched the trailer I gotta say the graphics look like crap. I hope thats not finished game play cuz the explosions look like trash and the guns look like toy guns. I really think MAG is going to be like Killzone everyone jumps on it for a few weeks and then end up going back to Socom and CoD. Im just saying what I think, im not saying its going to be trash I just think it will go the Killzone route.
  17. Does anyone know of sites I can buy hats from. I've tried lids.com but they don't have half of the hats other sites do but I don't trust a one of the other sites. So I need help please.
  18. thats my school lame pc , when i get home ill do mine
  19. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with databases. I want to find one to use but want to get some opinions first. Here is what I want to accomplish: Inventory control Well I guess thats it LOL. I have a bunch of parts for R/c Cars that we sell and kinda want a simple program that I can put in all the inventory and when it sells, I scan the barcode to remove it from stock. Then It could make it easy for me to know what I am running low on. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear! Thanks!
  20. Person "A" ties to Person "B" by Person "C". Person "A" has a father, with a father, with a father who is cousins with Person "C". Person "B" has a father, with a father, that has an uncle thats married to Person "C". Is there any relation between Person "A" and Person "B"?
  21. Congrats to "Don't Fuck Wit" [-->] clan. Job well done on being UF Black 7 Champs. Hats off as well to LTU, i'm sure the match was close. Congrats fellas.
  22. Hello all how was the last 4days? Well I was on vacation the last few days, haha I missed a bit and wanted to touch on it a bit. So I missed OJ getting 33 years was it? Haha they finally got him yaaaaay. I missed Del La Hoya get stomped out and pussied up and quite the fight talk about sad I expected more. Haha Cowbitchs thats all. Jets don't feel sad SF should have been at least 8-5 JT Ocrapavin blows. I missed Bama lose that was just sad. I missed the police raiding the home two houses down. So Sad. I missed a few Black eliminations. Sorry guys better luck next. Well thats all I can think of, missed you guys!
  23. Here are my rides! share yours now! I also have a 1995 Mustang but thats put away for the winter and I have no pics of it on my pc 1995 Wrangler 2005 Dodge Rumble Bee 1995 Wrangler 1995 Wrangler I DONT OWN THIS ONE BELOW IN RED BUT I WILL IN LESS THAN A YEAR. IT WILL LOOK VERY CLOSE.
  24. first of all, holy freakin jizzbomb generalwar thats alot of posts. , second of all, wtf is goin on with our economy? can someone explain in good detail what the hell is goin on? i dont have any channels that come in, so i cant watch the news..

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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