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  1. oh ok yea i dont mind that cause i desevre it but i promise to all that ive changed and still am changing and again im sorry bout my actions in past but yea i dont even think i can get a team goin and i wouldnt bring gb type players into a good tournament anyways to many bad attitudes that would not make uf happy at me so what ima do is say good luck and sorry to all about my past but if i dont think i can be in uf this time thanks and good luck to all the teams
  2. yo seein how i got my answers and all can the mods just delete this post lol thanks
  3. ok you guys well seein how you want to keep the past the present i regret every dam thing i did in my past this is a video game yea it was real messed up that i faked typed and faked talked and made ppl think i was messed up but you know that was a mistake and i loss a big part of my life yea i told all along time ago that i was sorry and that i hope the grudges would not be here as the past is the past and this is the internet no1 knows who no1 is yo you know i came in this site with respect wanting to build my own team but ppl look at me as wtf oh no thats crusha the dude that faked hiself to ppl but wtf does crusha hide his name does he go by anything besides xexotic on the ps3 i mean evry1 thinks cause im gamebattles player that crusha has changed naa crusha is crusha those gb players cant stand me cause im not a typical gb player that cares about erep i dont cheat to win i dont give a dam rather i win or lose its how my team plays the game is what matters this is socom a video game not a soul should know a dam thing about my life cause no1 knows the truth but if you want the truth you take it how you want it but im done tryin to get in this trny or lookin for a team but the truth is crusha is disabled my and crusha is adhd/bipolar crusha was in special education all his life and crusha also was a varsity football player crusha participated in special olympics track and won the state champonship in the 400 m dash now crusha is crusha yea i did fake type fake talk told ppl things that was messed up but i learned from my mistakes cause i loss alot and i really loss a important thing that was frineds so dont no crusha will never lay low crusha will always be here but crusha is crusha and i live one day at a time so gossip make movies do what you want to but crusha will always be here but yea its real messed up that i did how did in life in my past let it be please and as i said great tourny but i think ima stay free and just be solo evry1 makes mistakes in life lessons are learned and i had a high posistion at gb i actually became the head ref but i stepped down cause i couldnt handle the pressure i couldnt comprehend as well so i stepped down also so yall dont judge a book by its cover evry1 makes mistakes they just learn not to make them again and trust me if i could turn the past back around and change it i would i would why cause i loss a real family i loss myself as well so trust me i loss alot but i hold my head high and move on thats what others should do to peace GBcRUSha aka XeXoTIC
  4. well seein how nobody wants gb players i kinda miss warrin on tournament wars and stuff is anyone recruitin at all?
  5. bs story huh ok well seein how the past wants to be brought back and seein how a group of imature adults wont let it go and still talk about 2008 yea i admit i had problems in 2008 but those days are gone and it was said that i was classified as autism when i was a baby they said somethin bout i had some type of traits but yea i was not diagnosed with autism but seeein how everyone cares so dam much about my life and wants to bring back the past when all i was doing was just trying to get a clan started in uf and ppl have to bring up the old days and be imature buy yea i faked typed faked talked told ppl i wore diapers and i say this at the time i did/and i didnt but this is a video game fourm i dont think i should have to proove that to anybody you name it and i aint one damn ashame of it everyone has their problems and i got help for what i did in 2008 and if ppl still say well what is wrong with me well i have bipolar/adhd and yes i have a hard dam time at comprehendin things and i am sick and tired of this socom online world of seeing or caring if i am disabled or not live your own dam life and i will live mine but to those hardass that think the same still well here you go here goes 2 links of what i live by in my life but back on subject i dont think starting a team with a bunch of gb ppl would be good for me because well i know how they do as well so ill leave it at that ppl just need to learn that ppl change and GBcRuSha was told to change his name 10000 times but didnt cause i stay strong what i did in 2008 was 2008 i have nothin to hide now pleo all and please let the past go and live today peace to all and good luck again but please uf community let this thread die i go ny the name now xExoTiC so hit me up
  6. no comment and as I said man good luck What are you wishing luck for? Am I missing something??? Good luck to you in forming your clan and getting in Hell Week. thank you good luck to all you teams particiapting in uf and see ya in game and yea hopefully if my team can get in we get thru hell week but i dont get my hopes up for nothin but yea thanks for your answers this thread can end now
  7. sorry i don't want the autograph :-\ thats sad lol cause alot do but hey man i just wanted to know what the rules was and etc thats all no need to bring up past or nothin lol i just am a gb scrub that wnated to form a team and get r done in this tournament but hey to all clans good luck and have a blast peace.
  8. basically win with happyness and lose with respect thats what that means right
  9. yea bro they said somethin that if you turn of that upn stuff that you get a smooth stuff but yo bro thanks
  10. hi i havent never participate in a uf tournament ever but i am going to be starting up a team with some very very talented players and we lookin for a challenge so if at all possible i have a auestion how many ppl do i need to get my team rollin and gettin involved in uf and is this big maps or small maps and whats the thing with like how the wars is is numbers etc like 8v8 or somethin can someone tell me this stuff please thank you oh and the other stuff is do we all have to have the same tags
  11. ok does anyone here know what i need to do to have a smooth socom confrontation gameplay i heard that if you put your settings etc on your router in dmz and assign your ps3 a static ip and then you can have a smooth gameplay so can someone smart in like the internet world and stuff help me figure this out i think its like this ill take a guess but its like open dmz and asisign static ip then disable npnp or somethin like that anyone did this thing before please help another thing I have a lcd tv sharp aquos that it seems its alot dark when i play socom is it good to have brightness all the way up i read that its good to set the ps3 stuff to rgb full and super white on is that how other ppl do it to on their lcd tv