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  1. Sup Guys, I'd like to welcome UF to the TCS, and the rest of the great clans that have already signed up. Thanks for helping me make this big.
  2. I have a special invite to all UF participants, visitors and their clans to take part in Top Call of Duty Sites [beta Version 1.1] Just like the TSS brought attention to Socom clans and their websites from around the world the TCS will help clans and websites in the Call of Duty world help draw traffic and more importantly new recruits to your site. Sign up now, it's free. The TCS is available to all game platforms, 360, PS3 and yes even PC gamers! lol, Remember this is a beta, Please Email me with any bugs. The final version of this site will be up and running in about 1 month but having beta testing clans can help speed up this process. Thanks for your help and look forward to Seeing your COD sites soon. -revscott
  3. All You need to do is drop the HTML code you were emailed into the web page you have created. Thats it.
  4. Happy to do it! Glad to see so many clans have already resigned up.
  5. Thanks, Yes, You will have to add the new link code. This is off a different database. Thanks. You are now listed!
  6. Well the wait is over, TSS 2.0 beta is ready for it's initial launch, (A day ahead of my dead line I might add!! Thanks to Red Bull, Yagger!! and Nyquil for the Kids and Wife!) The site is still in Beta and will be changing a little over the next few weeks but it is ready now to start accepting clans! Just a heads up I actually did a little adjusting on the boarders to tweak this site and give us the ability to host a bit larger of an image for your clan banners (Wider at least) The New Maximum size is now: 530x400. This will keep the page at the very popular 1024x768 screen Resolution, although most of us view the site at a higher res which still looks great. (Tested at 1440x900 and 1024x768) To sign up for the new Top Socom Sites 2.0 beta please visit the following link. The old Top Socom Sites will be removed from my server in 48 hours (or so) any question please let me know. -revscott
  7. Thanks guys, I'll keep you up to date.
  8. Hey guys, I will be taking a little time and rebuilding the TSS Website and bulking up a few features and tools to help keep out cheaters and hackers. I have been looking into the site trying to figure out these little errors we have been getting and it turns out we have had an intruder that decided to play around a bit with the script. To make a very long short, I have found enough problems to warrant a major upgrade. TSS has been running for just about 3 years nonstop and I think we are ready for an updated site. Please bear with me for the next few days while I sort out all the issues and finish up construction. The beta version of TSS 2.0 will be out by Friday the 13th! TSS 2.0 will be a fresh start for all clans. The slate will be wiped clean and will offer a once in a lifetime (or 3 years anyway) chance to start over. The old TSS will be active in a limited capacity for the next few days till 2.0 is release. After that point TSS 2.0 will be our new home. You can look forward to a new look and feel, plus extra security and features. (Plus New Site Buttons!!!) If you want to start designing your new logo for the new TSS, the new Maximum width is going to be 500 Pixels and max hight of 500 pixels! (of you can use your old logo if you want!) Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and your clan. Questions, Please Email me or PM me, or just post them here. -revscott
  9. You were correct in your assumption. After running an IP scan of the database I found 60% of there hits were from "Known IP addresses" (Onion Router Programs) I usually only catch these sites if they get in the Top 10, I just have way too much work to do to check all the sites for cheating. I just hope most people / clans are honest about this. lol I know, naive! Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Congratulation to UF for becoming the Fastest growing Site on TSS ever. This site has gone to the top in just 4 days. TSS currently stars 160 clans and has gotten over 7 million hits in just over 2 years. I hope this helps you spread the UF message through the ranks! -revscott