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  1. Now it's your turn.
  2. Belkin has a lifetime warranty you will need it. I went through 2
  3. it bothers me when people spell the words in a link wrong lol
  4. I have an original tipman 98 with short barrel and original flat line barrel and a newer tipman 98 with short barrel and a 21 in sniper barrel collapsible stock 2 pod packs one black elastic take 4 pods one camo waist strap and suspenders old six pods and air tank. leafy turkey hunt suit wit mask that I have pulled over a full helmet a camo mask very lite weight and gun bag and like 4-6 tanks I cant remember. I played woodland ball so unless you do combat or woodland my gear is useless.
  5. I used to play every weekend now I dont play anymore so I'm selling my stuff
  6. 1100 on te 30 rounds or whatever most rounds was
  7. yeah this is for you Puddy
  8. I think I just made a little happy juice in my pants good find ;D
  9. Looks like we got something to look forward to in July other than the beer and liqour that will be consumed July 4th. The only Ronin I remember is Ronin Warriors the old cartoon. Is that kinda what this is based on? Cant wait
  10. Watching that movie gives me hope that there will be a Forrest Gump 2 lol
  11. so I guess this is your new theme song TOW?
  12. I just moved not to long ago and now I have those scrolling lines I think it's either the wires or the tv config
  13. Peeing on your feet will help prevent athlete's foot lol