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  1. What? A couple more notches in your win column? Thanks. For me at one time, I always felt like there was something missing when a tourney didn't have LPK in one time, Red Cell....I remember the MERCS or *M* being a big favorite of mine...cBF for sure...I liked the Divine Knights...hell, for a time, even Stormwatch (minus the penis)...I'm leaving out quite a few. It was cool to see the clans wh you would see over the last 3, 4 or 5 tourneys sign up again for the newest one and you kinda anticipating seeing your "divisional rival" once again on the field. Really appreciate the sentiment, though. Sentiment's always a nice thing. It's not as easy for many as, say, being a when ya see it (or even better, receive it) it should be thanked.
  2. Nooooooooooooooo! I didn't get a chance to be petty as well! Ah well. At least there was a nice grouping of RVN, the U, and LPK. Uprising were monoliths, I remember that. So hard to topple. Credit where credit is due. Very few clans can make others feel as if they might lose before the match even began....but The U were sometimes able to do that. Impressive. And LPK...anytime we had a match against them, I knew there would be a fair chance of losing because those guys had interesting teamwork, but that a win would be most exciting. And RVN...they're good guys. Won some, lost some. Being in it, I've never been ashamed of anything that clan's ever done, win/lose/or otherwise. Never won a championship, true, but there are about 80% of the rest of this community, current and past, who never had either. We all walked away from the same thing, though, and that was a damn good time with good competition. If it wasn't good competition, then those who did win championships wouldn't have taken any pride in it. To that weirdo who literally fell onto the floor, began rolling about, and chuckled until his asshole fell off beside him...I'm sorry. That sounds horrible. Really horrible.
  3. - Generated and perfected by this beastly Bionic -
  4. Wow..."State of the Union" just brought back a flood of memories. I still have the t-shirt with all the clan names on the back of it from that tourney. Those were hella times, I say. Everything felt so new and exciting in the way of scenario-based tourneys and I have to say...those clans in that tourney made that tourney wonderful. In a weird way, I'm reading the "Hunger Games" trilogy now in anticipation of the movie, but now all the clans involved in SotU remind me of tributes competing in the Hunger Games. The allies...the strategy...the triage...and the battles and victory. So I guess this is easy...7 years ago I was busy with two other guys prepping things up for SotU and wondering if the whole effort was going to be worth it and if we could pull it off. It was and we did. And someone who posted up above is right...the UF tourneys eventually moved into foreign lands and beyond that into made-up territory designations...but there was some fun back in the day declaring "APC attacks ReD for Arkansas" knowing we'd be pulling in some potential gunners from THM or =R= as allies. I will quietly mourn now. LOL
  5. I'm not a fan of political posting on gaming sites. I'm more a fan of posting about bullshit on gaming sites...and occasionally talk about gaming. But some of those sentiments up there are kinda right on, Puddy. If a forum is -going to allow- posters to post whatever the hell they want, then the right to be publicly miffed about it is taken away. Just how it is. I don't like the political talk, but it happens, and if it happens to happen here, then I've got every tool at my disposal to not look at it. And believe me....I don't. You have these same tools, too. You're a military man. You, of anyone, should know how politics do nothing but muddle the mind and start wars. Best to pay no mind to the politics and just keep your eye on maintaining the peace around here in the land of UF.
  6. Correct. I would also like to add...a vote that is cast without information can also be a very dangerous thing. Some would say more dangerous than not voting at all. Voting with information from credible news sources and facts is doing the right thing...not necessarily voting while being pumped with skewed headlines from corporate-guided mainstream news outlets. There's no blame in it, really, as it's very easy for the nation-at-large to fall into what's served up on the shiny platters. It just takes a little effort in finding what's worth ingesting.
  7. LOL, get that sleep NOW. You will forget how to spell the word for the next year or two. And congratulations to you and your family. Great work, buddy!
  8. You lost me. I don't think it took me long to post the link. I did it the same day everyone else was pushing it.....I think?
  9. Don't be a bitch....sign the petition.
  10. Right?!? I get to run home from work today. 9.5 miles....50 degree weather....shorts and a shirt.....January in Chicago. World's fucking ending.
  11. LOL....I ain't THAT bad. There's guys on here that could still be my uncles...
  12. Just popping by to say "happy new year" to UF and its knuckleheads here on the forum! (Didn't see anyone screaming "happy new year" anywhere on here....but if there was a thread, I do apologize) Love.
  13. Happy Bday bro!