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  1. can someone please add me

  2. [cKs] has a Clan Briefing once every six days. This way, it's not on set days of the week like every Monday, it will change from Monday to Sunday to Saturday....etc. Members will be able to attend 2 or 3 of the five monthly briefings. We start off by going over major announcements and changes in the clan that are also posted on the forums. It helps those without forum access to keep in the loop and also a reminder for everyone else and a chance to share their opinion. This lasts usually 30 mins max to keep boredom down. Usually a quick 5 minute open floor at the end. Afterwards, we will get a war, practice an upcoming map or take over a medley. Whatever it is, it is done as a clan. We get to be a pretty tight group. As for the respawn, it only helps for warming up or cooling down. It is not beneficial for a serious practice or scrimmage.
  3. Hmm...I dont know. I use Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate for my capturing and editing. When I am at my capture screen, it gives me an option to choose Low, Medium or High Quality. I chose HQ. Are you talking about how I get the HD option on the bottom right of the Youtube player? If so, I don't know. I don't notice much difference in the normal quality and the HD quality of the montage anyway.
  4. I use a Dazzle DVC100 DVD Recorder by Pinnacle. I use the S-Video slot. I have the disc version so that may be why some of you don't recognize the start-up screen. I don't think it is a "Canada thing." And as for the music, a lot of my clan members also despise the song. It's funny because I thought it was a good song. To each their own.
  5. Hey guys. Just made another montage and am trying to promote it. Leave me some feedback . See you on the field!