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  1. Good stuff I also find this dudes stuff amazing here's his mario version but I think his inspector gadget is alot better.
  2. I saw this earlier today and thought to myself "Are these people for real?" When I saw he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance I was like oh damn that sucks then to read it to find out it was codine syrup.
  3. lol I know's like a tennis match....back and forth and back and forth...I tried to let it go once already but I keep getting posted about so I gotta roll with it.
  4. lol I will say i'm sorry for the beer statement I had no idea you were a recovering alcoholic since every night we played you were wasted and we could barely understand you. Don't come here with your lies and try to slander my name bro it doesn't work that way. Nothing I have stated here is a lie it's all 100% fact. I won't go any farther into FW's past it probably wouldn't be good for either of us.
  5. lol what the hell are you talking about leftwing dsy had the problems with dubbz in the first place hell you guys kicked him out of the clan before we merged and I helped to bring him back in because he had some decent gun skills. Also I fooled on one into a backup plan. Hell you were around so much for the longest you didn't even know about the merger you were pissed because your clan changed names and you were a senior member lol. We have all of our old opK members back and we play together every night so i'm not sure where you get your info but it's wrong. Go have another beer and rethink your story. Do you even know how FW was formed Left?
  6. I'll clarify this for you Hippie. When I say 'not recommend,' it means that the nature of how this was posted Will reflect on how the Staff will view the oPk application if they were to apply for Hell Week. I certainly did not say DONT apply, I simply think it would be a very bad idea any time soon. No matter what twists are put on the words it says the same thing. Also I will let this go and let the powers at be decide the fate of the rank ups in a fair manner in accordance with Urgent Fury regulation.
  7. Yes I would have smoka no matter the clan tag. As a member of this community it is our duty to bring shady gameplay by a member of UF into the spotlight in order to uphold the integrity of the site. Would I have gone about it a different way if it involved another clan Yes. I didn't want it to turn into the FW/opK issue that I knew was coming. I can't believe anyone would look down upon me for trying to keep drama out of the community.
  8. Good deal thanks for the reply DJ
  9. I could post at least 5 more videos of guys in the asia server in a room with socom king on one side alone and high ranks on the other. I guess your right smoka it doesn't prove anything maybe dubbz and cutter (which was recruited a couple months ago into FW when I was there and had a very low rank was in the 20s I believe) were looking for a game and stumbled into the asia server that had 17 people in it and joined the game that had one full side and a no rank on the other cause I know that's how socom always puts you into the room on the side with the most doesn't try to even up the teams at all. I always to go the asia servers with no body in them when i'm looking for a game guess I thought this was rank ups or something. Give me a break smoka you know what this is.
  10. I mean really john I haven't talked any shit about FW at all I enjoyed my time there. The reason I posted under an alternate name was for this very reason so it didn't look like I was just trying to get back at you guys. If it had contained names of any other clans I would have went about it a different way but I knew by posting this under my phantom name it would be viewed the way it is now. I'm sure you have been waiting to find a reason to turn us down from here. We played here for along time under opK and enjoyed our time at UF while always upholding the values that make it a fun site to play at. I have contacted various members of your staff asking if we even needed to go back through hell week since really we have already completed it once with the same exact members and leadership nothing has changed. I have not gotten any answers yet. The FW mutiny as you call it lol too funny. opK and dsy merged to form FW. You should know as well as anybody it was a fight in the beginning since the leadership of neither clan really got along but we made it work since we had big dreams of what we could become. It got so bad as one point we had no leadership what so ever and no one cared what was going on that's when the opK guys took over and built the clan back to where it should have been in the first place. We spent 100s of hours recruiting and basically wasting our time since we just had leader titles but wasn't viewed as them by the dsy side of the clan. Just like the opK side never trusted the dsy side. There had always been that split in FW and we were always going to have it. Sure your a hard ass John but that's what your job is here at UF. Good cop bad cop stuff. I was the guy that actually posted up that we had suspended them guys I had told DJ we may need to think about kicking them out so that's not why we left brother we all felt what that member had did was shady but we didn't know the whole story at the time all we knew was the one side of it and we reacted to it without knowing everything. Yeah it was poor leadership on all of us but hindsite is 20/20 and that really just made the split between the clans unfixable at that point. With all of the guys I had gamed with for so many years leaving I had to go with them. It's not because I hated FW so much it was just a loyalty thing. So we split right back down the middle all the opK guys left and the dsy guys and the recruits over the last year stayed in FW. We didn't try to recruit anyone out of FW to leave with us we just reversed the merger. If we wanted to we could have taken almost everyone out of FW with the exception of the loyal dsy guys, but we didn't want to go that route since we wanted to continue playing here at UF as well as other gaming sites. That's what caused a major rift in FW in the first place we couldn't compete anywhere else but here and UF just didn't offer enough wars to keep us busy. Like alot of clans here at UF we wanted to compete in other sites so that we could war 24/7 and sharpen out skills. While other clans in UF were warring we was having to sit around for a couple months in between UF wars twiddling our thumbs in pubs. When stone cold wars came back and sent us a invite to their tourney we accepted it since her sister had died of cancer and she had the same type of cancer that had just went into remission. So she wanted to have a tournament to remember her sister as well as celebrate hers going into remission. We all competed there back in KO it was the right thing to do but then we were told to pull out since it was a "conflict of interest to Urgent Fury" lol I mean for real they don't have tac-maps or anything else that UF has they were doing a small map tournament for a great cause. Every member of FW was upset about that and that's what started the rift that wasn't going to get fixed. So you can slander our name as much as you want John but this is the for real reasons why we left FW. It wasn't a mutiny or anything else it was just a failed merger between 2 clans. We wanted to game for fun and you guys wanted to game for business bottom line and it just didn't work. I hadn't posted this up since I felt it was nobodies business but FW and opK's. I felt as if we had split on as good of terms as a split could happen on and were going to be welcomed back into UF as opK. The reason we haven't applied for hell week yet is because we were waiting on the answer if we even needed to go back through it and it's been a few months like you said and we are still waiting. So I am sorry if you felt I was being dishonest in posting the info under a alternate name but I didn't want this to become a opK/FW thing I wanted it to just be a UF thing and weeding out the bad eggs to preserve the integrity of the site. Next time I will just turn the information over to someone in another clan to post and save the headache. Also Thanks for understanding why I did it this way hippie.
  11. pretty obivous they're not in a quickmatch but in a ranked server alone do I really need to post the other videos showing that same no rank name on one side alone and the other high rank names filling up the other.
  12. Honestly.....Look at what I have highlighted in red.... so you were in FW? I am sure you were there when the UF was sold to Shane, ACE, and John.....But you say no hard feelings? then why make a alter-ego and post a video such as you did, which really proves nothing. I have had my problems here also, I know this, I made my mistakes, as does everyone. But own up to them man, if you have no hard feelings or anything, then why the lies? You can trust me about this, lies dont get you anywhere around here, and if you do not believe me, ask MikeJaxon, or any of these guys about my past. Trust me, Lying will not get you anywhere here at UF:) Just own up man, it will make people look upon ya a little better:) lol huh? you don't really make any sense at all marine. Nice try though. Not only was I in FW but I lead FW and choose to leave it cause I didn't like mixing business with pleasure. Also this video proves everything if you guys want to sweep this under the rug it's fine doesn't bother me but relize that it taints what UF stands for this is no quickmatch it's in a ranked "asia" server I think it was with only them guys in it. Yup looks like it doesn't mean anything huh "problem swept under the rug" I'll let you guys deal with it. It's not my problem anymore it's the rank ups problems.
  13. lol sad day indeed...btw i'm not scorned I choose to leave with the rest of my opK brothers no hard feelings about anything at all.