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Found 28 results

  1. It’s crazy to think our <a href="">precious little princess</a> is nearing her 2nd birthday already, so we figured a royal celebration in her honor was only appropriate. We’re proud to celebrate this occasion by presenting a truly astounding bundle deal, offering up the <strong>Full Game</strong> (normally priced at $14.99), plus the <strong>Fat Roles DLC</strong> (originally $4.99), plus cakeloads of Fat Princess <strong>avatars for your PSN ID</strong>, and finally a brand-spanking <strong>NEW Dynamic Theme</strong> (valued at $2.99) all for the low, low price of $14.99, the price of the full game itself. More...
  2. I did not even realize your birthday was today... Would have said HB last night in the meeting...
  3. Man your getting old. Have a good day. Maybe when you try to blow all those candles out, can you wish for the PSN network to come back up.
  4. Happy Birthday To you Captain PUKIN!!!!!! have a good one bud...
  5. Did anyone else notice the extremely long birthday list? HAHAHHA i guess all those people didnt set their birthday haha
  6. Just thought I'd say happy birthday. And make it a point to call you Old
  7. Noticed today you boys get to celebrate your mother shoving you out of your warm, comforting home into this cold cruel world. Congrats. LOL, happy birthday to both of ya.
  8. Happy Birthday and THANK YOU. In tribute, I watched Jarhead today.
  9. Lot of birthdays today. Hope everyone has a good one.
  10. It’s my birthday.. it’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want to. LOL I ‘m older.. at least by a year.. but I don’t feel that old. I feel good.. I got my health my family my faith so its all good for da goat. The economy sucks but eh! Its just money.. it comes.. it goes.. It’s a beautiful day here in the frozen tundra the sun is out the grass is green.. ahh.. I usually get a bit depressed on my B’day but today. I feel good.. like you know I should.. I feel good… so good. *does a lil James Brown shuffle.. whooaaa look out! Jump back! Kiss myself! Whoaaa..
  11. I know, we usually don't post these, but Sniper is over here more than he is at RVN. Wanted to make sure you got the message old man.
  12. cause i show the love :-* ;D ;D
  13. Just wanted to take this time and wish you a happy 21st birthday! Happy B-Day!!!
  14. happy birthday bro, enjoy it and try not to do too much drunk posting.
  15. Just noticed no one said happy earth day it was a beautiful day in Cali great day for lil league especially for us cuz we destroyed the other team 22-8 thats my lil sluggers lol I was coaching from 9am-1pm then we went to the earth day celebration at my job it was fun, then went to Sacramento celebrated my lil cuzns birthday wich is today lol or should I say yesterday lol I had a lot of tequilla sadly I am not drunk just very very very very very tired well HAPPY EARTH DAY people.
  16. Ok listen my clan mate havocsheep needs a new sig and his birthday is next week so i want to get him this as a surprise so fi anybody can help please lend a hand. Here is what i want to be on it: 1. [zZz]BLACKSHEEP along the bottom border. 2. Maybe a little cartoon sheep somewhere on it. 3. A cool quote that has to do with havoc or destruction or something. 4. And a cool pic in the background.(maybe a army man with a sniper or a gun.) (or a picture of destruction) Thnaks to anyone that can assist.
  17. Happy 34th man! You're still a little ways from "over the hill"
  18. Guest


    hey everybody, don't forget, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10th is the 232nd birthday. for all past, present, and future eandeavors, i would like to be the first here to say thank you, and happy birthday. SEMPER PHI OO-RAH