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  1. I find it interesting that certain people are posting stuff like, "Sold it at it's highest price", and stuff like that. My question would be... Was the current owners of UF the only one's that were bidding on a website that was at it's peak when Tow owned it? I'm sure Tow wouldn't appreciate his name being used in this situation as for myself was not a complete Tow fan, but knowing him. This would be the time he'd bring out one of those, as you put it, "old school" remarks. It would probably sound something like this. You and your clan along with others have made a decision to withdraw from UF. We appreciate your time here and are sadden by your departure. Please respect our forums and site as we ask all of the Clans that are associated with UF to do the same with your site, and depart with honor, dignity, and respect. Thank you come again onei-
  2. Hopefully everyone who has posted in this thread and in others really understand what it is that your members are witnessing here. Great standards boys. Great. Let's just head over into a public lobby and scream on the mic at each other and then tell our clan members to represent our clan tags with honor. I understand your questions Tool. I understand UF's decision. Lash... seems a soft spot has been hit, and your usually the one that shoots through them(JK). Bottom line is this. All the clans involved have made a decision. A decision that was I'm sure talked about within your own walls. As I see it... Just honor your decision and move on. I like to think that when a decision is made it's one you can't keep looking for answers on. I respect the clans involved. Although I have a different opinion on how I would have dealt with it with my own, but it's time for all parties involved to start moving forward with your decisions. Bad mouthing, calling someone out, and trying to instigate an argument is not the classy way to approach this anymore. Leave with respect. Not just from the clans or staff here, but with the respect of your members that there is a proper way to end a dispute. I know Tool you've been around long enough to know that. Let's all stop talking about Honor, Pride, and Dignity. In my own words..." Don't talk about it... Be about it!!"
  3. Like others I do not post here often and simply allow my fellow co founder deal with a lot of issues concerning UF. However, I have recently heard some conversation within my as to the situation with the clans that have disputes, and have had rulings that have not been in their favor. I understand that interpretation of certain rules have been twisted in ways to hopefully save a rank in the current tournament and ultimately cause the staff here more grief than they probably would like to deal with. I will state my disappointment to all the clans involved as I know members and leaders from all of them, and some may not enjoy my company from this. Up and leaving? That's how I am seeing this right now. I have visited most of the clans websites that have decided to depart from the tournament. "Respect", "honor", "leadership", and other great words of wisdom is promoted on their sites. We all also like to use the saying,"Lose with class." We as leaders have numerous of gamers on our rosters that are there to be part of something. Something more than gaming. Something more than just hanging out with a bunch of guys. They have a competitive side and they look to our sites with strong leadership to promote a gaming style that few get a chance to experience. Sure there's GB and other sites, but here UF offers a chance to be in a more controlled tournament that doesn't put a bad taste in your mouth after. The words I listed above are really powerful, and hold a certain amount of responsibility. Not just from our clan members, but from the leaders of each and every single clan here. My feelings are that right now the clans that have departed (and I know the Leaders) that the leaders have put their individual members reasons for joining their clans aside over this dispute. I am shocked at this list. Promote what you will, but ask yourself. Am I setting a good example for my members? Yeah the guys in your cabinets all agreed with you, and yeah they all know the ropes, but are those the guys you should be setting the example for??? You all have new recruits, and apps that are coming in, and the example being set here is... If a rule doesn't go your way.... LEAVE! Valid points you all might have, but how you handle the outcome... in your favor or not is the example that you are setting. This will have a longer effect on your clans mentality than just a ruling that may not have gone your way. I know the U has road the yellow brick road alone for a long time here. Unfortunately, to have a good competitive gaming league. You have to allow others the chance to share the road and get to Emerald City.