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  1. Very nice work and well done
  2. Good luck Viper, wish you the best of luck in whatever future endeavors you may take on. Thanks for all the time and effort put into the podcasts, they were enjoyable. Take care.
  3. What fundraiser are you referring to? I don't recall seeing anything here about it
  4. Did he share that info with anyone? And that statement does say "regardless of the method by which I came into knowledge of it." So regardless if he came across something in a private section there is no fault by his method as long as he doesn't share it with anyone.
  5. I don't really see what the big deal is. Shane has admin privs on my site because he has helped me out several times with some vb issues. So what if he read something that is in one of my private sections. It's not like he is gonna find the formula for a nuclear bomb in there. Is it that your embarrassed that he came across a thread bashing UF? Who the fuck cares, there are several posts/threads on my forums that are in clan only or leaders sections that are non favorable to UF especially with all the shit that happened in the past. I don't care if shane ever read them. So when you get caught talking behind someones back just man and say "so what", everyone's entitled to their own opinion. There is no need to come here and act like shane is some devious bastard trying to steal your clans secrets. If you make someone an admin on your site expect them to look around, its in everyone's nature. I think shane was trying to do the right thing by bringing this public and letting the community know what happened, instead of dealing with it behind the scenes. Just remember before you guys keep bashing him that you let him in and handed him the keys to your house. And yes if your wife was hot I would probably look in her panties drawer, just sayin

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