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  1. "The only easy day was yesterday."
  2. There have been some recent developments since I made this video....
  3. Breaking news that might interest all of you SOCOM fans out there...
  5. What does a tactical shooter, a third person camera view, and fan-driven development all have in common? SOF Studios.
  7. The SOCOM Community is making one final push to get the remake we've been waiting for. SOCOM 1 HD! If you are a longtime SOCOM fan, this video is for you: If you are part of the gaming press, this article is for you:
  9. As SOCOM fans, we all know the importance of SOCOM 1 & SOCOM 2. One big way to let SONY know how important the online features of those two games are to us, is by all uniting on the concept in one place. We did this with a SOCOM 2 HD poll. We are now doing it with a SOCOM 1 HD on SONY's BlogShare. If S1 & S2 are voted the in the top 10, I cannot fathom how SONY could ignore it. This movement could do something as simple as turn SOCOM 5 into more of a "classic experience", or could even give us the homerun millions of SOCOM fans have waited almost 8 years for... S1 HD, S2 HD, or even a SOCOM Legacy that gives us S1-CA. Our BlogShare request is a simple one. S2 HD was a bit specific on using a "MAG" engine. Our idea is a broad one. We don't care who the developer is, or what engine is used... we simply want the SOCOM Multiplayer experience most of us fell in love with on the PS2. S1 sold over 3.4M copies. How many other remakes have been released who didn't hit those numbers? And very few truly revolutionized a console the way S1 did with the network adapter and headsets. Some of you have given up hope on this franchise, but the fight isn't over comrades. With "grass roots" developers emerging, with the SOCOM fanbase being one of the loudest voices on the PlayStation forums, with our favorite games in the Top 10 on SONY's BlogShare out of all "SONY related ideas" posted in general, I'd say we are on the right track. Vote and leave a comment. The revolution has begun. We also have this link - - which might be easier to share with your friends and clanmates. Spread the word!
  10. Houdini could do lot's of things the general public didn't know about. He was one of the first X-Men ever back when Charles was shaving peachfuzz.