Doc on The Box, Well the XBox One That Is

xboxoneAfter a less than extraordinary showing Microsoft revealed today what their new system is. Naming their system the Xbox One almost giving it a retro feel they’ve also given the retro to the unit itself which is more reminiscent of the original first line of VHS that hit the market back in the late 80’s.

Microsoft did not show a lengthy title of games to come only that they would be providing new titles to the franchise. The idea of mixing games and Internet browsing is nothing substantially new to the gaming ecosphere, Apple has done this for some time with their airplay feature and games. Their controller seems nothing set apart from what they are ready have established and the new camera does not seem anything substantially next generation.

Let’s be honest as people throw out the words “next-generation console” the way technology is bounding we are headed for the future video games in more like a hollow deck experience from Star Trek or the danger room from the X-Men.

So this time is crucial to be a standout in the gaming field as a leader of innovation and not a revamped tool which is what Microsoft has done with their new camera which was based on their old camera which was originally done on PlayStation 2 with the Eye Toy. If anything from this, Microsoft showing they have shown how to watch TV which we have already knew about and make our gameplay that much more annoying by incoming Internet explorer alerts or Skype messages.

I know I am not alone in this thinking. the market itself reflects what consumers are thinking and in which way they’re shifting as Sony had a stock jump of 9.1% after the Microsoft press conference.

As I sat back and watched with a fellow gamer, shortly after he started to send me memes and parody videos that started to flood the web less than minutes after the completion of the conference.

This all of course reflects the overall attitudes the gamers already have about Microsoft’s next-generation system. On June 10th gamers will really see what the next generation of gaming has to offer. I guarantee that nightfall on June 10th will really show who has the foothold in the current next-generation gaming console war.

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Microsoft Rocks the lives of Youtube Partners and other services with new rules

In an updated release of rules found here. Microsoft addresses the many users out there that make money by creating videos or live streaming their game content:

You may post your Item to a page or website that has advertising, but only if you do not earn any money from that advertising.  For example, if you post your video on Youtube or Vimeo and there happens to be an advertisement next to it, then as long as you don’t get paid for that advertisement, the fact that there is an advertisement on the page doesn’t break these Rules. But enrolling in the Youtube partner program (or other similar programs), where you are entering into an agreement to get paid, is not allowed. On a similar note, if you create and distribute a free app, then you can’t earn any money from advertising in that app.

Previous language (UPDATE):

Except as described here, you can’t sell or otherwise earn any compensation from your Item, including through advertisements in the Item. We will let you have advertising or optional donation requests on the page hosting the Item, but that’s it. That means you can’t sell your Item, post it on a site that requires subscription or other fees, or post it on a page you use to sell other items or services (even if they have nothing to do with Game Content or Microsoft). You may use the Item to enter a contest or sweepstakes as long as the contest organizers agree to follow these rules. Where someone is trying to promote their commercial venture (even just a commercial website) with your Item, they need our permission to do this. If they’ve got our permission you’ll know. Source

Now what that is saying in shorthand, If you earn money from being a partner with YouTube,, and pretty much any other service that offers a revenue share on ads, you cannot use content from the following:

  • Halo (all versions)
  • Forza Motorsport (all versions)*
  • Fable (all versions)
  • Kinectimals
  • Kinect Adventures
  • Kinect Joy Ride
  • Age of Empires (all versions)
  • Flight Simulator (all versions)*
  • Kameo
  • Perfect Dark Zero
  • Project Gotham Racing (all versions)*
  • Shadowrun
  • Viva Piñata

You cannot make a living off our work

So for all of you guys out there getting ready for the launch of Halo 4, looks like your dreams of making it rich off of YouTube or Twitch are going to fall short.


As posted by Stinkles on NeoGAF

As I mentioned in the Halo community thread, these rules actually haven’t really changed, and even the updated and clarified text has been up there for months. I assume somebody just noticed this and posted this morning because it sort of blew up. This has always been the Legal status for the IP (and MOST IPs in fact), and as you also already know, nobody is being sued, or in jail, etc etc etc.

The language isn’t designed to stop kids streaming their games, or covering their costs, it’s designed to stop big companies from using somebody else’s IP to run a business.

We’ll put together some language that will help community people navigate this easily, and give people workarounds.

I am curious as to who the Big Companies are… seeing as how it clearly states if you are a YouTube Partner you are not allowed to monetize the content

Update 10:55 pm cst

As you may see with a little research on previous versions of these terms, at no time was there such a direct mention of YouTube and other services as such. In previous versions it was even ok to have ads on the site hosting the video. So this is clearly a major change in their stance in compared to previous terms.

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Urgent Fury: Kinect Star Wars Review

This is not the game you are looking for.


If you’re a long time Star Wars fan this game isn’t for you. All of your dreams about wielding a lightsaber and the all powerful Force have not been met. Because of control problems and poor polish make the main story a chore to play and the other modes don’t help the games case much either. Besides one mode this game is almost unplayable and is definitely targeted at a young audience.


The main story has you jump in with everyone’s favorite robots R2-D2 and C-3PO as you go through the Jedi archives. You relive the lives of a Jedi Master and her padawans during the Clone Wars. You learn the ways of the force from a terribly voiced yoda and then it’s like your watching the greatest scenes from the original trilogy by tossing in things such as the speeder chase, the second Death Star attack, and a few lightsaber battles. It is a good enough story but it’s hard to immerse yourself in it with synching problems where voices dont match up, and occasionally broken animations.


Even worse is the control issues. Your lightsaber is mapped to your right hand and The Force to your left. The problem is that it regulary screws up inputs and your character sits there doing nothing in battle. With these problems it is very hard to feel like a Jedi. You rarely have control of the game either. Most of the time you are moving from area to area, aiming a blaster, or slightly controlling a vehicle. It does have a few set piece where you really feel like a Jedi but it doesnt make up for the rest of the game.


Even when the controls work as they should the force is no fun to use. You can sling the most basic enemies around with it but most just brush it off as if you tapped them on the shoulder. This makes the force feel all but useless. If you want to get a more force like feeling then wait for the near future Skyrim Kinect integration and get your Fus Ro Dah on.



Even if the story is pretty disappointing Podracing is a ton of fun. It does a great job at deliveing the exitement and speed of the Podracing scene from Phantom Menace. You can do singe races or a story mode called Destiny. The story gives you a sense of pregression but is also very silly. Although it’s hard to play for long with your arms stretched out, it is by fat the most fun I had with the game.


The other modes of the game are not nearly as rememberable. The Duels Of Fate lets you go through a series of one on one battles. It is very slow and sluggish and has input problems often. Then there’s Rancor’s Rampage that lets you take control of a Rancor and smash up settings from the movies. It is extremely difficult to control though and is at best fun to watch someone else play.


Watch in horror...


Then there’s Galactic Dance Off, which is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in a videogame. It has you dancing to songs for stars that unlock you new songs which are all pop song spin offs such as instead of “I’m Ridin Solo” it’s “I’m Han Solo.” It is very alienatin to fans and I could only shake my head in shame as Han Solo danced in the very carbonite case he was trapped in and Princess Leia  enthusiastically dancing in front of Jabba The Hutt. If you’re light hearted you’ll be able to laugh at how bad the songs are but if you’re a huge fan it’ll make you want to Death Star your 360.


If your a longtime fan that was hoping to live out your lightsaber dueling fantasies your wait is far from over. With all of it’s polish and control issues it has a very limited adult appeal but kids will probably enjoy it ( and no I am not one of them and I swear Shane if you make an age joke…). It is just a set of poorly executed Star Wars mini games that do not deliver on the Jedi epicness fans want. I have not lost hope for a great Star Wars game though. Maybe Microsoft will see it’s mistake with this game and make one that fans deserve (also maybe Sony with the move and PS Eye). So until then continue having your lightsaber filled dreams because hopefully this is just another drill.

Final Score: 5.0/10





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Powerful companion app Halo Waypoint now available on mobile devices


Microsoft have announced that they are porting the powerful Halo Waypoint over to the mobile version of the franchise for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. Halo Waypoint has been around as a console-based app for a couple of years and provides “near real-time” information on weapons and vehicles for the game you are currently playing as well as birds-eye maps.

Probably the biggest plus though is the ATLAS strategy system developed in association with strategy game maker Brady Games. The feature includes full maps for Halo: Reach with pan and zoom support as well as item locations. In Matchmaking Multiplayer the maps will only show the default spawn locations of weapons, powerups and health packs. However because of the near real-time system, custom games will show the current location of all weapons and powerups including those held by your friends who may be cloaked.

ATLAS will be a paid in-app upgrade priced at $4.99 on most devices in the US. Halo Waypoint was released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 on December 10th.

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“March Multiplayer Madness” Video Offers First Look at “Halo: Reach” Multiplayer Beta Mayhem

LONDON – 3 March 2010 – Can’t wait to jump into the “Halo: Reach” multiplayer beta on May 3? You’re in luck, because a thrilling first look video of “Halo: Reach” multiplayer action is now available. The “March Multiplayer Madness” video was captured from the game’s alpha build and offers a glimpse of…well, we don’t want to give away all the surprises do we?

Rest assured that more info is coming down the line as the launch of the public multiplayer beta nears. As a reminder, players will be able to access the beta, which launches in just two months, through “Halo 3: ODST.” Developed by acclaimed studio Bungie, “Halo: Reach” is being published by Microsoft and launches in autumn 2010 exclusively on Xbox 360.

The “March Multiplayer Madness” video is available now on, and Xbox LIVE.

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