Medal of Honor Warfighter Review

 So I know it seems I am running behind on this review, it is because I really wanted to get some good stick time before I gave my opinion on the game. Setting aside what I have seen around the net, I felt the only true justice would be to play this game in full […]

PAX 2012 Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Community Event

Before I get into the “meat & potatoes” of Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, and my experience with the game during the PAX 2012 Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Community Event…I should give you a little background intel about myself. I am not just a fan of the Medal Of Honor franchise. I am a battle hardened […]

The Walking Dead Episode 1 Review

The first episode of TellTale’s five episode The Walking Dead series has been released. Want to know if it’s worth the brains it’ll take to play? Read on to find out!

Starhawk Review – Reaching into a Whole New Shooter Frontier

Starhawk is by far one of the most anticipated new exclusives for PlayStation that I have waited for all year. I briefly saw it at E3 last year and then went full force into the Private Beta last November. I have eagerly awaited to get my hands on this gem produced by the masterminds at […]

Ridge Racer: Unbounded Review

Ridge Racer: Unbounded, is like none of its predecessors, it has been overhauled and now has a fierce, rebellious feel to it. They have moved away from the clean-cut circuit racer that we all know Ride Racer as being and now it’s all about Rampaging through the city of Shatter Bay, this is what we […]

Urgent Fury: Kinect Star Wars Review

This is not the game you are looking for.

MLB 12: The Show – So real. It’s unreal.

I love baseball. I mean, I really, really love baseball. As a kid growing up in Detroit, Michigan in the 70s, I remember loving the Tigers before loving just about anything else. Through the years, my passion for the game has only grown, and as a father, it’s been the source of great joy to share […]

Unit 13 Review on the PS Vita

  Anyone who has read my article on the PS Vita will know that I was very complimentry about the new handheld. But the hardware has to have good software to show it off and the first of these new games is the third person shooter, Unit 13. Developed by Zipper Interactive, Unit 13 is […]

Binary Domain, is it a Sleeping Giant in the 2012 Shooter Category?

The best way to describe Binary Domain would be to say it is a third person Tactical Shooter that meets iRobot. Now keep in mind I had not really even heard about this game until I found out there was going to be a BradyGames strategy e-guide for this title. I had the pleasure to play […]

Battlefield: 3 Now ‘Banned’ in Iran…

Story by: CritiKiL First the Lawsuit, and now This? ~ Iran has banned this video game in all of Iran, which is very popular here in the USA. In the picture above, it shows the US invading Iran. With the latest incident leading to the killings via Drone-airstrike by NATO, this video game is the […]