Urgent Frequency Ep. 99 – Starhawk Senior Designer Andrew Weldon

Lightbox Interactive Senior Designer Andrew Weldon joins us for an EXCLUSIVE interview, where he spills the beans about the Starhawk 1.04 Update & DLC. Get comfy. Because we don’t leave anything out.

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United Mercs Crowned the Urgent Fury Dust Champion on Starhawk

UNIT brings home the gold after a long hard battle to comeback and win it.

After a grueling 12 weeks, we had 6 teams that entered into the Dust Championship. Normally we expect a smooth playoff but not so much this time. Teams were faced with the dreaded XMB Kick randomly, teams cheating and for one team an endless battle of fatigue. But in the end a champion rose from among the ashes to be crowned the UF: Dust Champion for Starhawk on PlayStation 3.

United Mercs gained entry into the Dust Championship by winning the second of six deployments serving as the preliminary events leading up to the championship followed by a long battle in the championship ending with a final record of 4 wins and 1 loss.

Their only loss came from Mech Warhawk Society which by far was the most handicapped team with the majority of their members are in the UK making the match time in most cases 3am BST. After facing and eliminating Killer Instinct, UNIT returned to meet MWHS in the Semi Finals is a win or go home situation. UNIT held strong winning the Semi Finals only to have to return Friday night to face MWHS again, now a third time. At this point both teams had a 1 – 1 record against each other and whoever won would be crowned a Champion and the team that loss would have to settle for second place.

Watch live video from Urgent Fury Gaming Live on TwitchTV

Each team set their fate by choosing their maps, modes and loadouts for the finals, here is how it was laid out:

  • Map 1: Scourge- Conduit – CTF – Air Superiority – Chosen by UNIT
  • Map 2: Dust – Outlands – Team Death Match – Lone Wolf – Chosen by MWHS
  • Map 3: Space – Orbital – Zones – Lone Wolf – Chosen by UNIT
  • Map 4: Dust – Outlands – Zones – Ground Pounder Blitz – Chosen by MWHS
  • Map 5: Cypress – Orgin – CTF – Classic Beta Blitz – Chosen by UF

In the final match Unit was given home field advantage so their two maps came in the first three rounds, which being the best of 5, that played in their favor.

Round one: Unit took the map 2 – 0
Round two: MWHS took the map 65 – 57
Round three: Unit took the map 2935 – 917 Time Expired
Round four:  Unit took the map 1401 – 1146 Time Expired

Both teams fought hard to reach this point and we commend them as well as Killer Instinct which received the MVC (Most Valuable Clan) award.

Over the next week we will be announcing the next line up of tournaments for Starhawk including the Starhawk King of the Hill Series. The series will include a King of the Hill set up for each of the team based modes where teams can challenge the King and attempt to take his crown.

We will also detail the next league which will run on Tuesday and Thursday Nights every month. So get over to www.urgentfury.com and get your teams set up.

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Starhawk gets a patch and Commander Fury prepares to get the skinny on all the DLC

PlayStation announced today that Starhawk would receive a boat load of goodies with the next Patch. Lightbox followed that up with a more detailed post outlining many of the changes coming with 1.04 as well. Not only that, as the fan base has asked for many times, we are seeing the release of a digital version as well.

I did check with Harvard to clarify if Coop would be included in the Multipayer version, and he explained the two apps are either All Solo or All Multiplayer. He also confirmed the Single Player only is currently available to PS Plus users in response to a question posed on the blog.

What could this possibly be?

Well we have more coming as well, Commander Fury will have Andrew Weldon who is the design lead on the unannounced DLC joining us for the next podcast.

Commander Fury will get down and dirty with Andrew about the new content, if there is more than meets the eye and how the DLC will work. I hear there is a truckload of DLC coming so I think Dylan may be holding out on us.

If you want to provide any questions for the interview, please comment below and we will select a few of the questions for the interview.

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With Starhawk just days away, Fans are rewarded with all kinds of epicness

Here we are, the last weekend before Starhawk releases on Tuesday May 8th, and it has been an exciting ride for sure. We have met a great community. But don’t fret there is still plenty of exciting things to do before release day.

Starhawk exclusively on PlayStation 3

It started with the much-anticipated Top 14 Questions compiled by HawkStarJay after the beta completed in late March. Of course the rabid fans would not let up about the video, and just like they promised, not only did Dylan deliver, he knocked it out of the park by providing more details than we could ever ask for.

Now this is a long video as we decided to take the video and post it in the full version, so it is about 30 minutes long. Let me break down the questions for you with a time stamp to help you out.

1. 01:32 – Can the speed of the melee “Drama Kill” animation be increased?
2. 02:18 – Will the strength of the air combat be increased?
3. 05:18 – Will the power of the Flak Gun be adjusted?
4. 07:43 – Will there be an additional map variety in the release versions of Starhawk?
5. 10:29 – Will any maps contain pre-built structures?
6. 12:29 – Can the flight ceiling be raised?
7. 14:13 – Can the speed of the vehicles be increased?
8. 15:19 – Will the rift energy economy be adjusted for the release version of Starhawk?
9. 17:52 – Will the strength of Torpedoes vs. Bubble Shields be adjusted?
10. 19:47 – Can the building cap of 32 be increased?
11. 23:00 – How will base camping be prevented?
12. 24:57 – How will the idea of “Turret Spam” be addressed?
13. 26:00 – Why is there no vehicle Health Bar?
14. 27.16 – Can you provide more information on load outs?

BONUS. 22:22 – Zones Bonus Topic – Dylan Expands on some changes to Zones Mode

Saturday evening we got the next punch as Lightbox got the gang together to show off some Multiplayer Game footage live via their UStream Channel, it was quite intense and was the first live look at many of the maps and modes that we will all experience on Tuesday. We were soothed by the commentary by Rico (IT Manager and QA Lead for Lightbox Interactive) which turned into some Q &A and then the “Pete Request Line”. They did great and everyone in the live chat had a blast getting Pete to drive off cliffs, show off different guns and tools as well as give an epic Dog Fight Match to end the evenings Gameplay.

Not only that it was broadcast live to PlayStation Home users in theater 6, here is some footage from the theater.

Now it’s not over yet, so tomorrow between 5pm – 8pm Pacific Time (0000 – 0300 GMT) you can once again head over to UStream and check it out as the head honcho himself, Dylan Jobe, who will be co-hosting and providing you with guided previews of our Single Player, Co-Op, and Multiplayer modes in the game. There will also be some prizes and a special announcement…

Sign up for Urgent Fury Dust today only on PlayStation 3

Of course don’t forget that Urgent Fury is hosting one of the first Tournaments for Starhawk right out of the gate beginning on May 14th. Many of you are asking why so quickly, well we know there are many established Warhawk Clans that will be headed over to Starhawk and they don’t need a month to get their team together. The first two deployments are especially for you guys, head over to Urgent Fury to get the scoop on Urgent Fury Dust and get your teams signed up. We will close up registration and rosters on the 13th.

We will then open up Registrations for Deployments Three and Four on May 16th.

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Starhawk Coop turns SXSW upside down!

Well at least for all of those that came by to check out Austin based Lightbox Interactive’s Starhawk booth at SXSW’s Screenburn Arcade  this past weekend.

The demo consisted of 6 rounds of ground pounding action and air to air combat as you are working to protect your Rig from the Outcasts who are hell-bent on destroying it in the Echo map.

The rounds get progressively more intense as the Outcasts come at you first on foot, then via Razobacks, OX Tanks and then from the air in Hawks. You are not stranded though, you have the full build and battle system at your disposal, and for the first time we got to see building upgrades outside of changing a wall to a gate.

The Beam Turret included two upgrades, the Flak Cannon, which is like an anti- air gun and then a rocket launcher that took aim on all ground vehicles. You are also able to pair up via online with up to four friends or if you got a buddy at home, he can take a spot via split screen.

One notable mention by Dylan Jobe was the reaction to the younger kids that were playing in the booth. I brought some of my younger cousins to check out the game and not only did they have a blast, Jessie was the first to complete all six rounds.

What we really can’t wait for is to get our hands on is the single player campaign… this is being kept under wraps, and based on what we have seen so far in the Multiplayer Beta and Coop Demo… the campaign will be an epic part of the game.

Unlike Warhawk, the spiritual successor to Starhawk, we will get the story behind it all, connecting you further with Emmett Graves as the story of the Rifters and Outcasts unfold.

Starhawk releases May 8th, 2012 in North America and you can preorder the Starhawk GameStop exclusive Limited Edition now.

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Starhawk’s release of 1.3 gives us a first look at clan management. – UPDATED

As you can imagine here at Urgent Fury, our community members are always first to look at clan management when it comes to the next shooter title to grace their inventory.

Click here to discuss the upcoming tournaments for Starhawk

Well Starhawk is no different, many of us have asked for more info when it comes to the clan management, and Starhawk delivers. Not in talk or bullet points, but in hands on!!! With the release of version 1.3 of the beta, you are able to get your grubby little hands on some clan management action.

We have put a little video together so you can watch the set up and invite process involved with Starhawk:

A few of the new features to point out:

  • Clan Tags can contain five (5) characters
  • Give members Clan Titles
    • Top Pilot
    • Top Driver
    • Chief Builder
    • Offense
    • Defense
    • Most Deadly
  • Clan Banners

Now there is an Elite Clan Code box in the clan banner section, and we are looking to get more details about this function.

Over all the clan management is sleek and very easy to use, almost back to the basics that we all have been looking for. Invitations can be sent via the Social bar, in-game and by typing the name. Clans are able to post Clan news, check out the leader boards and even see the overall KDR of your clan.

Now this is just the first look and it may not represent the final version, but even at this stage it is better than most games that have come out over the last year.


We are giving you the scoop on the “Elite Clan Code Option” in a conversation today with Harvard Bonin, Jr. today he revealed what this is going to be used for:

“We are creating unique banners for long time, special clans. We will give them a number that allows the clan officer to access that special banner. No one else in the world will have that banner.”

The Starhawk team will be choosing the clans that receive this, is your Clan one of the Elite? Only time will tell.

It is little things like this that shows how much the Santa Monica Studios and Lightbox Interactive Teams actually do care about their community. This is another first that we have seen, and well we think it is BADA$$.

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StarHawk has been awarded the Urgent Fury 2012 Multiplayer Tournament Title of the Year

Back in September, we previewed StarHawk for the first time on UFreqTV in PlayStation Home for our fans. Even before this, right away Jack (UFreqTV’s Host) pointed out at E3 that we need to keep an eye on this game. He talked about how the “Build & Battle” would bring a whole new element to our tournaments when the time comes.

Then came the Private Beta in November, and boy Jack was not kidding. Right out of the gate we were ecstatic when we saw that a user could create a Sever/Lobby with a custom title. We had not seen this in a game since Socom: Confrontation. Though many will say, so what, that is not any thing new or special.

Well they are correct  it isn’t anything new, the ability to create a custom lobby was all but a tail from the past until now. Clans putting up Recruiting Rooms, Practice Rooms and Tournament Communities having the Room labeled “UF Blue RVN vs 101” showing the world the clans were battling in a tournament.

And though the Private Beta is a very slim view of what is yet to come, it already has all that is needed for Urgent Fury to launch a full Tournament Offering. The tactical requirements that a team will have to use in this game will make for some nail-biting matches. Throw in the Urgent Fury TacMap element where clans are competing over territories for 13 to 24 weeks to become the champion and you have a recipe for “EPIC”!

We are pleased to present the 2012 Tournament Title of the Year to StarHawk, exclusively on PlayStation 3. Be sure to stay tuned as we begin to announce tournament details and how to sign up.

On top of all the great tactical play LightBox Interactive and SCEA Santa Monica Studios are actually involved with the community responding to bugs, suggestions, gripes and praises. Not only that as one fan pointed out, there were more updates in the Private Beta than in the entire Call of Duty Series. Now we cannot confirm if that is correct, but I will say we saw updates daily and even multiple updates in a day when there was an issue.

The public beta will being on January 17th, 2012 and you can find all the details on the PlayStation Blog. And rest assured you will see at least one UrgentFury.com server up and running almost daily.

Also keep your eye out for Episode 93 of Urgent Frequency as Commander Fury is joined by Sr. Producer Harvard Bonin as they sit down via SatCom and discuss StarHawk and what Harvard’s job really is in the grand scheme of things. This episode is due to release on January 15th.

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I am addicted to the StarHawk Private Beta!

Recently Santa Monica Studios and LightBox Interactive launched the StarHawk Private Beta and after getting a code from GameSpot, I decided to try it out.

My initial reaction can be summed up in one word, AMAZING. Over the last couple of weeks we have put up an UrgentFury.com Server/Lobby, yes I said lobby, in which some epic battles have been witnessed on several occasions. I have no clue how many hours I have logged so far, but three to four hours at a time, you will find me in an endless battle on StarHawk.

In the beginning I was a total noob trying out the different buildings, driving the Razorback like a beast and flying the hawk like a two year old crashing dad’s car. Little by little I got the feel for the rifle that requires you to shoot in bursts if you want accuracy. Who would have ever thought that Spray and Pray would not work in a shooter, hehe.

Next up, I mastered the sniper rifle with a laser from Weird Science. That thing is true to any laser, no matter how far away, you are going to get that red dot and “Boom HeadShot!” Now once you put a supply bunker down, you are now truly prepared to battle with a Rocket Launcher and a Shotty. These are essential if you want to make it more than a couple of minutes against the Hawk attacks and Razorback assaults. Get a couple of rockets into the Razorback and boom. And if the driver is crazy enough to jump ship then bust a few buckshots in them and down they will go.

So let’s talk about the modes, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag… Initially the beta only launched with CTF which forced players to traverse the maps to capture the flag to win. In Acid Sea the flags are located on top of a structure and this became a wall building extravaganza. It did not take long to learn if placed correctly you only had to build three walls on each side encasing the ladders. But even that is not full proof, all you have to do is wisely park a Razorback next to a corner and jump over.

The true trick to CTF is to do a quick grab as soon as the match launches, unless the team is well prepared you can run in and snag a flag with the Razorback within thirty seconds gaining the lead.

Now in Space, the flag is sitting on the deck and if you build three or four walls you can trap the flag, just make sure you build the walls with the ladders facing out. If you do it this way, once the play gets the flag they are stuck unless they are in a hawk. The hawk is able to jump over the wall. Of course it does not take much to blow up a hawk when it is on the ground, so you better have a backup plan ready.

Team Death Match is a well-known mode to all gamers alike and StarHawk is no different until you factor in that you have Hawks rivaled by Beam Turrets, Snipers in Towers behind a Force Field and players owning their area from a Supply Bunker.

TDM can become chaotic very quickly with a little team work. I have seen a team immediately take hold of the center of both maps with a Spawn Beacon, Supply Bunker and Force Field. And unless you are downright crazy, you are lucky to ever recapture the center. But the true key is to take the left or right areas on both maps. This gives you access to rift barrels for easy fortification.

Adding the Build and Battle element makes StarHawk an ever evolving game. You never know what you may be up against when you get to the enemy base.

We can only commend the community support we are seeing from the gang over at Santa Monica Studios and LightBox Interactive. They are truely responsive to bugs, suggestions and complaints. Updates roll out quickly, even within hours as was the case just this week. Keep up the Great work fellas!!!

Overall we give StarHawk’s private beta 5 Fists of Fury out of 5!!! The private beta has been extended through January 3rd so forget the family. Lock your doors and man up. Get that rift and build your foothold. StarHawk is going to be an Epic win for PlayStation in 2012, and you can bet that a Tournament or two will be announced by Urgent Fury.

Watch for the UrgentFury.com server and jump in, we always set it to All Mic and Randomized Teams making for some great times, see you on the battle field.

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