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UF: Road Rage for Gran Turismo 5

You've been here before.
It's just like any other battlefield.
You can feel the crosshairs on your back... but you're not afraid of the sound of a machine gun, the blast of a grenade, or the swift, silent kill of a combat knife.
As you approach the last corner, you can feel the sweat on your brow.
You feel the cold steel grip in your hand, and then you remember.... on this battlefield, you have no allies.
Urgent Fury is proud to announce "Urgent Fury: Road Rage".
The first ever SportsZone tournament event for Gran Turismo 5....
exclusively for the Playstation 3.

- Featuring a 16 race, 16 week racing season.
- $250 worth of Playstation Store credits to the Top 5 finishers in championship points.
- Gold Chrome, Silver Chrome, and Bronze Chrome cars awarded to the top 3 racers weekly. The Urgent Fury Tournament team is ready and anxious to bring you its biggest leap from online tactical shooters to date.
From go-karts to street cars to the fastest race cars in the game, every race will leave you on the edge of your seat. The Gran Turismo brand has proven itself as the hottest racing simulator in the world.
And it's only fitting that this game finds a home at the hottest online gaming tournament site in the world.
Think you're the best? We'll give you 16 races to prove it.
See you on the track!!! Sign up today!!!

UF: Endurance for Socom 4

Urgent Fury: Endurance
Socom 4 (PS3)
Tournament Launch Date: June 23rd, 2011
Endurance has launched its final campaign and will start the Tournament of champions. We would like to thank all of the clans that have participated in the tournament and look forward to the upcoming crowning of the Endurance Champion.
Endurance will consist of 4 monthly segments in which teams will battle 3 nights a week for 4 weeks with a monthly champion being crowned at it's conclusion. These monthly champions will then take to the battlefield at the conclusion of the 4th campaign , in a Tournament of Champions. Can your clan ENDURE to take the crown of the Tournament of Champions?
Endurance will also be a measuring stick for new clans to the Urgent Fury community. That's right, Endurance will also be an evaluation tournament for incoming clans. Any new clans wishing to call Urgent Fury home will need to compete in one of the month long segments of Endurance. Your clan will be evaluated at the end of your segment and then notified if your clan has passed the test. A passing evaluation is needed, not only become a member of our great community, but to also be considered for our invitation only Tac-Map tournaments.
At this time, we would like to say thanks to all the clans who call Urgent Fury home, as well as those returning and new clans to Urgent Fury who choose to participate in this Tournament of Champions event.
For more information please see the Endurance section of the forums.

New to Urgent Fury?

New to Urgent Fury? Read to find out how to get Started....
What to do first?
Registeration on Urgent Fury allows you access across all areas of Urgent Fury. If you are looking to jump right into gaming, you can do so by heading over to Urgent Fury''s Gaming Arena. You will see the UFGL link on the top menu bar.
If you want to become eligible to be apart of the fun of an Urgent Fury TACMAP or other Large Tournament event, see below for how to qualify.
How to Qualify for Invite Only TACMAP tournaments?
Urgent Fury holds "qualifying" tournaments each month to allow new clans/teams to game with veteran clans/teams.
In order to play in any of the invitation only TACMAP tournaments or other Tournament events, a team must have completed a qualifying event without any kind of issues. Successfully completing a qualifying event are described below.
A qualifying event is a league style event. Current Leagues include Socom 4 and Resistance 3. Coming to the party will be Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Other games will be added as we see that the community will support them. Once you have qualified under one game, you don''t have to qualify if you Clan / Team switches to another game.
Successful Completion Defined:
To be accepted into Urgent Fury, we evaluate clans based on several factors. Most importance is placed on maturity and respect for one another whether on the battlefield or off. We strictly forbid all forms of cheating and glitching (lag emulaters, outside comm sources, quicksniping, softspotting, etc.). Our goal here is to create a community of clans that can play in a cheat/glitch free environment with upstanding clans that maintain a high level of respect and maturity. We don''t claim to be perfect, but our mission is clear. And we make every effort to ensure the standards we set are maintained.
If we discover that people are disruptive and are not obeying the rules, then the Directors / Admins, reserve the right to cancel your account.
First thing to do is to Register. By registering on Urgent Fury you gain access to the forums and other areas of the site.
If you are looking to jump right in, make sure that after you register, head to the forums. There you will find what is currently happening around the community and you will even see the forums where the Tournaments are located that you must complete before being eligible for an the invite only event.
- Urgent Fury Command

UF: Revolution for Resistance 3

[h=2]Urgent Fury Revolution is a Thirteen Week Tournament Series for Resistance® 3 Exclusively on PlayStation® 3[/h]
August 28, 2011 Simpsonville, SC: Urgent Fury and BradyGames present Urgent Fury Revolution. Revolution is a Resistance® 3 tournament designed to give teams of six players an enhanced experience competing online in a cheat free and respectful environment. Each team will battle it out online in four versus four matches, earning points to determine their seed in Championship tournament to be held the week of December 26th, 2011.
The grand prize will be announced at a later date. See our ad in the BradyGames Official Strategy Guide for Resistance® 3.
To be eligible to compete in the championship tournament, a team must complete at least one of the three week pre-qualifying events. These are scheduled as follows:

1. September 19th - October 7th
2. October 10th - October 28th
3. October 31st - November 18th
4. November 26th - December 16th Each match will have a scheduled map and mode assigned so that players can experience the variety of features offered by the Resistance® 3 online multiplayer environment. These matches are played at 9 pm central standard time on select weeknights. Having a six man roster allows for teams to adjust around any scheduling issues their members may have. Additional information can be found on the Urgent Fury Resistance® 3 Tournament Portal at
Revolution also serves as an evaluation for teams to gain the eligibility to compete in Urgent Fury End of Days, an invitation only TacMap tournament to begin in January 2012. The patent pending TacMap tournament is based on the classic board game Risk®, where teams compete for thirteen weeks attacking and defending to take over all of the territories of a designated map while using online game play instead of dice.
KontrolFreek Heritage Edition

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    AAPG Boot Camp Season 2 Registration Now Open

    After feedback from Season 1 we have adjusted how Season 2 will play. We have increased the match size to 7 v 7 and roster size to 32 players. One of the biggest changes will be the best of 3 matches. Many of our players have asked for this so here we go.
    We are going to limit the teams to 24 with divisions of 6 to shorten the length of the league schedule. We will continue with the Sunday - Tuesday Schedule at 9pm central.
    All of this is to eventually build up to a TacMap Tournament. We are getting everyone used to long schedules, so when you are recruiting be sure to talk about the need to endure through a schedule with several weeks.
    Register for Season 2 today:
    Be sure to spread the word too!!!

    Sponsor Spotlight - Rogue Energy

    When looking for partners for Urgent Fury, we try to find unique opportunities. The gaming industry is flooded with Energy Drinks and we have even talked with some of them. At some point I stumbled on Rogue Energy and thought, ohh look another energy drink. Well boy was I wrong! I started doing a little research and found that while yes they are a gaming drink that provides energy and focus, it replaced all of the unhealthy junk out there and replaced it with good stuff.
    So what did I do first? I ordered a Starter Kit to check it out. Now it came with a bunch of packets and I not being one to try this alone, I decided my day job co-workers would be perfect test subjects .
    So we all took a different flavor and "gave it a shake", ha I made a Funny. The fellas at work were surprised that the flavor was exactly what they picked. No off taste to it or aftertaste which was a big deal.
    I went for the Strawberry Kiwi as it seemed to be the flavor that I would like out of the Starter pack and enjoyed the heck out of it. The taste was great, no powdery feel to the drink like you get with some of the cheap water flavor packs out there and no aftertaste. Most of you know that I basically bleed Dr. Pepper, so for me to enjoy a drink that is not DP says a lot.
    Now my next order will actually be the Peach Iced Tea. That is one of the few drinks I can really enjoy when I am not slamming down the DP. 
    So with that being said we joined the Partner program to pass on some saving to you guys and gals out there in our community. When you go to the Rogue Energy Website, you can use the coupon code "urgentfury" and save 10% off of your order. To be transparent we do get a little kick back from their sales when you do use the coupon, which does help keep the community going. So we save you money and we get a reward in return, that's a Win - Win for everyone.
    If you are one of those that lives off energy drinks, head over to Rogue Energy and give it a try, go to today!

    UF Boot Camp is Coming for America's Army Proving Grounds

    With the addition of Private Servers we are calling on all active teams to prepare for the UF Boot Camp League for America's Army: Proving Grounds! The best part is you can download the game for Free, click here.
    UF: Boot Camp will accept up to 24 teams split into two divisions. Teams will play each other in home and away matches throughout the season.

    We will then take the Top 8 Teams to a championship bracket.

    Registration for season 2 will open soon.

    It is important to know Urgent Fury strives to provide a respectful competitive community and lives up to their motto: "Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity".

    Matches will be held on Sunday & Tuesday Evenings at 9pm central time to best serve east and west coast players.

    We are always accepting feedback and will be happy to field questions here (I do not always get notifications of replies) or in the League forum on Urgent Fury

    You can also find our standard rule set by going to

    Since this is the first League for AA: PG we will use this to prepare for future leagues as well. With the community we hope to make these events a great success.... Good Luck.

    Stack Up Call to Arms on Veteran's Day 2018

    Urgent Fury once again is answering the Call to Arms by This time we will be hosting an all day stream live on Twitch featuring the US Army's Official Game: America's Army: Proving Grounds.
    We call on all of our community to take a minute and head over to our Stack Up Donation page and make a contribution, either financially or even as simple as sharing the event. Go to today and you can even Join the Team and help us make our goal!
    What is Call To Arms? 
    Call To Arms is Stack Up's year-long donation drive that directly supports our mission of using the awesome power of gaming to support US and allied veterans and active duty service members around the world! Learn more about how YOU help the troops through Call To Arms by watching the video below!
    Call To Arms allows all of us to come together and support the troops by doing the things we love: gaming! From hosting your own livestream on Twitch or Mixer and posting videos on Youtube, to hanging out for game night with some friends on the couch, you can support the troops in your own way! 
    How does Call To Arms make a difference?
    CALL TO ARMS powers the following Stack Up missions:
    SUPPLY CRATES: Giant boxes of the latest in games and gear sent to combat zones, humanitarian missions, or troops recovering in military hospitals to raise morale, build camaraderie, combat PTSD, and fight the rising tide of veteran suicide.
    AIR ASSAULTS: Flying deserving veterans to gaming and geek culture events such as Penny Arcade Expo, Comic Con, or E3.
     THE STACKS: Our local volunteer teams, coming together to support military personnel on bases and around their community.
     StOP SQUAD: Stack Up’s suicide awareness and mental health support team. Our trained volunteers are on call 24/7 if you’re looking to talk with someone about your problems. We’re here to help.

    Introducing Team Invictus

    We are proud to announce that the next generation of Urgent Fury has decided to create a competitive team. NightHawk99 of CBF has created Team Invictus and is currently recruiting members for Fortnite. There is also plans to have a team for Call of Duty Black Ops 4.
    You can find NightHawk99 aka BakedBurch streaming almost daily on the Urgent Fury Twitch Channel. Be sure to join them for #FollwerFridays and #SubSundays for special events with Follwers and Subscribers.