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  1. I'm not going to make some long ass winded post like yours Undertow. Nor will I post incorrect Private Messages adding nonsense that was never written. This "high road" that you speak of, evidently you need directions to. We are not your "lackies", we are not under your control. Your childish rants mean nothing to us. If your staff and clan members do not want to participate in our forums, they can simply stay away. Just because you stomp your feet and make demands, doesn't mean you get your way. And, yes, I do find it VERY sad that you feel like you need to control adults that can make their own decisions. Sounds like you don't trust your own members to not involve themselves in a "conflict of interest" Looks like you are the "desperate" one here. If there is a "smear" campaign as you want to call it, then that is on you. We are more than happy to take your "artwork" off our website, in fact, that was the plan before you "demanded" it. It is very sad how you are handling this. I would have expected more from you, the one that puts himself on this pedistal above everyone else in this community. You do realize that you're making yourself look like an idiot, right? Good Luck to You. PS...Smear it up...I'm sure that's what people who take the high road do.
  2. Oh Noooooooo! Come back OGC :'( Good Job Boy!
  3. My thoughts exactly. But this doesn't mean, Klotch, that you couldn't come up with a way to do could do reviews on the PS3 Sports Games, we really haven't covered any of those. If you can whip up something quick about the Nascar demo or any other sports demo, we could get you in the Season Opener. Get with me thru PM and we'll talk if you want. I think it's a decent idea, needs to be more gaming related...does your hockey player friend play PS3 Hockey games??
  4. bummer to see you boys played a good one...good luck to you in the future!!
  5. What you look like me? Awfully feminine don't ya think?
  6. Remember this includes: Recruiting Information New Website Tournie Info New Member News Also, if your clan has a video that you would like to share with everyone to get your clan known thru out the community, send it in! It just might make the front page of our website. Check out LPK's clickable banner at
  7. Who has the best question? He hasn't been stumped yet!!
  8. Have a question and want it to be answered sarcastically by SAW_Killer of Ask Dv8? Submit your questions ASAP and see how SAW answers them on our next show! Find out...Is 1 the loneliest number?....How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The answers to these questions and much more on Ask Dv8 with SAW_Killer featured on Dv8 News.
  9. Remember, the show is your show, the viewers are the ones we're trying to showcase. The more involved you are not only on our forums, but our show, the more your voice is heard!
  10. Even if you don't make the deadline for this show, there will be 11 other shows you can try to make