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  1. he was in USA and Renegades or something
  2. ok well i'll see what i can do. We are not criticizing, we are trying to participate and have been told we can not two out of two times so far we might be coming off as whiney bitches but thats not the case dude just trying to get our foot in the door and understand how shit works. It's much different then any of the other organizations we've been apart of and participated in. I've never heard of CT. Honestly the only reason we are interested in playing with you guys is for some new competition and because Chili is such a cool ass "chill" dude from my past. We've heard you guys are competi
  3. 30, 40, 50 members? We're a close tight knit family clan and would never want to be that large. We make sure every member that joins feels welcome and knows all the other members. In a clan with 50 members, people get lost and forgotten about, a clan of 50 could not possibly know each of their members as well as a small clan knows each of theirs which is one key element my clan strives for. "Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity" to me has nothing to do with accountability 5 days out of a week. Most clan wars from where we come from are 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours long of which I personally wou
  4. not sure who PSU members are but k thnx btw go ducks! edit: errr did research found the ps universe never been there oddly enough =)
  5. If a clan beats the eval team on the first war do they need to commit to another 4 wars? 5 days out of the week for 8 players is quite a commitment from any clan... for my clan personally my members work and have lives outside video games. Not trying to offend anyone so if someone wants to write back a nasty remark it's really not necessary; just trying to understand the rules and/or guidelines.
  6. Thanks guys, those posts are much easier to see where you are coming from then some of the earlier posts. Also just wanted to say I wasn't trying to threaten the community by not participating was just letting you know that if we were turned away from 2 tournaments in a row (we tried to join black but were told no more teams would be accepted before it started) that we'd feel not welcome for future tournaments. Also I'm sorry if by writing about previous events/ladders etc. it sounded pretentious as that was not the intent, I was just trying to more so let you guys know the type
  7. Who said anything about changing the rules for me and my clan? I kept asking to show me where these rules were that you guys spoke of. I've known an admin on the site for years longer then this site has been around and one of our members was an old school socom2 veteran of the site in its early development both of whom could vouch for me. They would and should both know that I would not ask for anyone to vouch for a clan I run without being assured my guys would act and play respectfully. If you guys don't want my clan in this tournament then you can bet we won't be returning fo
  8. Thank you very much, very understandable stance as a website and a community and I can respect that. I can assure you iNv will uphold to the level of respect that you expect from your community members. We have been a tight clan that has stood the test of time where many clans fail. We have been together since early 2007 This may not seem like a long time to a Socom 2/3/CA clan but we have been tested time and time with dry spells of no games being out (ps3 only clan) and making moves from one game to another while sticking together. We've competed on multiple ladders, tournaments, playoff
  9. There are many tourneys hosted within the our community here. The Horsemen Tourny just happens to be one that is open to veteran members of past tournys. UF Black will cycle back around very shortly, meaning the Black that is coming to a close shortly will start again shortly. That is the tourny newcomers to UF can play in to get to know us and we can get to know them. Its like inviting someone to your home for a party, you would want to know theyre demeaner before you invited them. Black gives us a chance to get to know you. If we invited 30 clans in 10 of which we didnt know and
  10. That's EXACTLY why. I mean, we've had 2 teams drop in THIS black tourney alone. Not to mention the numerous clans that showed their true colors in the past. You must have participated in a previous tourney in order to play in a sponsered tourney. To prove that your clan contains the upstanding and respectful members that our UF community looks for. It makes PERFECT sense... Hope this helps A. It's no where in the rules. B. I received an e-mail invite for some reason, why? Subject: Urgent Fury Command: UF: HORSEMEN TOURNEY NOW LIVE! C. My team/s are willing to pay mone
  11. Wow... Where does it state this in the rules? I do not see anything under any applicable rule sections including: Rule Set # 0, 1, 2, 5 The only evidence I can find to remotely support this is that on the sign up page it asks if ALL members of the roster have participated in a prior UF event but no where does it say that this answer will determine someone's or a team's eligibility. I have 10 players already in my clan ready to sign up
  12. Sup yall, again new the community and my clan has been in a bunch of tournaments that have a ton of rules so I wanted to be sure. I didn't notice any rules about age. Some of my players are minors is this a problem?
  13. some nice ass rides in here, i love the classics. this is what i drive nothing special but i like my stereo 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid (this is obviously not MY car but i dont have one of the body) (same thing not my car but exact same inside) my navi in my car omfg i love navi my stereo i have a JL Audio 12" W7 sitting on the top of the ported box is a 4 Channel US Amps Hybrid amp that runs my 6 1/2" mids and my tweets up front on the back of my box is the amp pushing the sub 1000x1 monoblock JL Audio amp
  14. just current? so no cod5 either?
  15. is this site going to be active on resistance2? had anyone from this site play R:FOM?