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  1. Fort drum? I live about 2 hours from there ( I believe that is the 10th mountain division)
  2. Yea first child for us. He was born 1/21/12 @ 1:12am officially. What an amazing life event. Sucks being stuck at hospital but this is the most free time I have had in a while haha
  3. Thanks guys, after 17 hours of labor, we had our son, Jace, at 1:13. We have both been up for over 24 hrs and might try to get a tiny bit of sleep now. He is just amazing!
  4. I just checked and all looks good buddy! I came out of shower last night and jumped in bed lol. Made for an early morning though
  5. Just got back home, I am jumping in shower and ill see if the sites back up. If it isnt Ill give you a shout if you got time. Thanks man!
  6. anything on this? My site forums wont load up anymore.
  7. well Its going to be a banner at the end of a road to let people know about our track. So standing out is kinda importaint In my opinion, black and white checkored screams racing. So maybe I should have more black and white checkored as a background color. The Name of the track is, "Mad Joes R/c Raceway" We race remote controlled cars. I basically want people to see the banner and be like, "oh no shit, I didnt know they had a rc track down there" Thanks for any help guys!!!
  8. I have a hobby shop that i run and with the shop we also have a offroad track that we race on the weekends. Well I need to make a banner for the end of the road so people know where the track is easier. Im definatly not a creative person at all. I know how creative members of our community are and thought maybe I could get some help. Either critisizm or ideas or a whole new desing. Im up for anything. The banner will be 4x8' full color double sided. This is what i have so far. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. I drink redbull alot, But a new one that just came out is CL-ONE. Red bull fought it because it has the same ingredients as redbull with only a tiny bit more of one thing to make it "different". Thus the kinda CLONE name. Its cheaper too. Check it out next time your out and about. My distributor gave me some to try and I was very impressed!
  10. What do I have to do to get on the list to receive these e-mails? Am I not signed up for something?

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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