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  1. yeah that works.... send me a message with FR, my wife and i have been doing an uno doubles ladder so been getting asoem weird GT's , so i don't want to delete it by accident..six
  2. my Gt is my user name here tF SabreSix
  3. eventually chili and i keep missing each other online, time hit me up and you can play with us , a bunch of us are on nightly..six
  4. sweet!..looking forward to some of the great clans here at UF, both on the forums and the battlefield!..six
  5. chili check with mike(Audyo) he is one of the main admins there, he would have that answer for you..six
  6. we had a meeting this evening and we have the day kinda figured out, we were thinking of the thursday after new years which i believe is the 8th..give everyone time to recover and get home from their travels..six date will be posted once 100%..six
  7. ok will see what i can do i am gonna have them look for the same name that is posted here and see if they can validate you or see what the problem is..sorry..six
  8. yeah what pete said!! was never meant to be on new years eve, its a new years celebration, planned for a couple days afterwards.....six
  9. i let audyo know..are you still having problems..six
  10. the Family cordially invites you... to ring in the new year with the first annual.. tF New Years BASH! Come play with tF on such games as: Call of Duty: World at War Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Gears of War 2 Gears of War Halo 3 UNO Texas Hold Em AND MORE! (List subject to change. Date subject to change) For more information please check
  11. message posted on site...send a live message to tF Audyo, hopefully they will take care of the issue very soon for you, six
  12. hmmm...i will post a message to admin not sure what the deal is...thanks for letting me know..six
  14. we there are always a few of us on, i know you get on later in the evening( time zone difference) weekends i am usually on late saturday so...soulslayr always has guys playing with him...but looking forward to playing soon with ya..six
  15. any clans looking for affiliates for scrims,etc or just a way to advertise your clan, check us out at and check into our affiliate program , just ask chili his clan is now a proud affiliate of the family...thanks again chili...when we gonna get a WAW scrim going?..six