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  1. I ordered 4 game discs on eBay last week, & will pick up a PS2 this week, so i should be on by the weekend.
  2. I'm about to have both set up, so i'll let you know which i like better. So far H-Hour is the better game because it is current & modern, but i haven't been able to play a game successfully yet, but i think it is my connection, not the game. All you need for H-Hour is a controller to plug into your PC & buy the game on Steam for $5 & you're all set, so it's easier to get into, BUT with all of that said... There are 10x as many people playing Xlink, but you have to get a PS2, & the games still so it can be more difficult to get into, but i feel like once you're in the expe
  3. So the PS2 doesn't matter, Slim is probably better.? (because it's newer) I found the games for cheap, but the system is sketchy. lol
  4. I might have to look into this.. I've been itching to play lately. Been trying H-Hour, but my connection is too slow, & not a lot of people playing it. What all do you need.? (anything else) PS2 Controller Headset Games- S2 & S:CA (how do we get the map packs.?)
  5. Chili327

    Xbox One Reactions

    So whats the verdict on this now.. 2 years later.? Forza 6 is coming & im thinking of buying a new console (haven't turned my 360 on or done any gaming in 2 years. lol) Would rather hear from Xb1 owners rather than haters, thanks.
  6. Chili327


    One of the best shows on TV, but i think you have to have a certain type of humor to get it. I know too many people who don't even like it.. weird. lol
  7. That doesn't make sense.. Is there a typo in there.? How can you not charge if you are a Non-profit.? I could see not being able to charge if you WERE a nonprofit, but not the other way around. lol Maybe spend the money to get a new game then have everyone put in $5 for a raffle, it's worth a try for $5. One thing the community can do is click on the ads.!! PS. why are ladders always such a pain to get going.? lol
  8. Got to agree, the zombies are only there to establish (& re-establish) the hell that they live in.. the best part of the show is the day to day life in THAT type of world.!
  9. Yea i cant believe they are all still there, & the music too.!! You guys should try to put together a "State of the Union" flashback tourney, not sure what game would work best, but using the States was the greatest part.!! He not very technical.
  10. Yea, back when State of the Union was the first tourney.. I think this was the url.. I forget exactly the deal, but they used to have numbers in them along with your name. (IE: 21) Here was our clan forums at the time.!! [=R=]Renegades And website.. (not sure why they are still up. lol) Here is one that i found. lol (not UF related) I have a bunch of old addresses saved in a folder for clan sites, etc. Ahhh, memory la
  11. Yea the Clint Eastwood one was awesome.!! I really didn't like the Chevy one, it felt like they were trying to pull the wool over our eyes. (Even though i'm a Chevy guy, i'm still bitter about their bailout ) Never saw that Camry one, but that was pretty cool too.!
  12. Well my "Join Date" says 08-31-2006, but i was here long before that. Before it was vBulletin it was SMF & before SMF it was ProBoards, which i also had the most posts on. lol So 7 years ago id say i was probably here, playing Socom 2, & waiting for map packs.