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  1. sorry bout the double post this is where i wanted to post and my comp shut down for a sec..... All of us who live in the real world where there are some rules as far as insider trading and sealed bids. Our govt calls a foul if Monopolies emerge. If one company tries to get a contract they do so with a sealed bid. This way each company has an opportunity to sign each contract. It brings a somewhat level playing to business. The Yankees do the opposite. They wait until everyone makes their offers and then double it. This ability to bring basically every single free agent they want to their team has worked well for them, unfortunately if it continues it will leave 2/3 baseball cities in the cold for a long time coming. When one team has so many all stars they bring more fans to each game and make more money and continue to spend more money then all others. Some would say the yankees being the lifelong dynasty attract fans to baseball. I would disagree. Using most MLB teams as a farm system works good when you have a yankee budget but, It will be the demise to baseball if not changed. At least if they are going to keep the existing cap system they should at least go to a sealed bid system. This will at least give a few teams an opportunity to sign 1 or 2 of the high end free agents.
  2. Puddy has a pretty good one with a guy that wont stop singing until you shut down your computer
  3. Jerry Jones will never win a Championship. He has a Steinbrenner mentality in a league with a hard salary cap