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  1. We have 15 ppl so far. Looking for more. Draft is tonight at 630 pm est. League name is Philly Cheesesteak AIM: phillyfan0627 PSN RAWxTALENT--- Thanks!
  2. I have 15 ppl. We could work together. Most of mine are random ppl through out diff socom clans. If most of ur ppl are in ur clan i could shoot them invites and give who ever the commish powers! My draft is tonight at 630 though.. we could change it! AIM: phillyfan0627
  3. Ahh been awhile since i been here. Saw ur post BULL so I figured I'd stop and say HI!
  4. After reading this I would of thought you owned the bears lol... Love ya prane!
  5. Was just a matter of time! I hate to use this word specially relating it to sports, but T.O is a cancer! He Killed the niners, he killed the Eagles and only reason he join Dallas was to laugh in the eagles face for joining a team the eagles and fans hate!!! BUt tell you the thruth hes done nothing, but help the eagles since joining! I wish he stay in dallas so he can kill the team some more lol http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3833575
  6. Emotional victory? Not sure I see how beating the Giants is an emotional victory, but you could be right. To me any how an emotional victory is having to have TB lose and the bears or Vikings lose AND BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF THE COWGIRLS just to get into the playoffs!
  7. NFC Eagles @ Cardinals AFC Ravens @ Pittsburgh My picks are in orange!
  8. Eagles just wore down the Giants constantly putting 3 points up on the board! COME ON EAGLES FAN SING ALONG WITH ME BABY Fly Eagles Fly. On the road to victory. Fight Eagles Fight. Score a touchdown. 1,2,3. Hit'em low. Hit'em high. And watch our eagles fly. Fly Eagles Fly. On the road to victory. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Well hopefully the trend of upsets continue tomorrow lol

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