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  1. This one isnt even a contest. Elisha Cuthbert is basically the perfect woman to me, speaking of appearance anyways. She is my minds image of an absolutly complete and perfect woman. Unbelievable, beyond my comprehension how she can be that gorgeous. I just dont understand. I think she might be in my top 3 favorite chicks of all time.
  2. I sent you a PM Hanni.. get back to me when you get a chance.
  3. Yeah but i can do all kinda shit on my blackberry too, Only I dont have to be next to a plug or in my car. Seems like the Iphone battery lasts about two hours if you listen to music. I cant handle that. I listen to music for like 8 hours solid everyday, I'd have to charge the iphone like 5 times in one day to do that.
  4. Yeah, Im not At3dave anymore and Im not in Youngstown. Its AT3Navy and Im in Chicago, IL.. Ha!
  5. at3dave

    Sons of Anarchy

    HOUSE season 5 on torrents? I'll have to find a link.
  6. I grew up and went to high school with... I think he's your Number 3 Reciever.. Brad Smith I'd like to see this cat get the ball.
  7. I always root for the Hometeam, which would be Cleveland in my case, I just dont let anyone know or see me doing it, LoL. I am a die-hard cowboys fan and have been since like 89 before everyone else jumped on. I HATE PITTSBURGH about as much as I love the Cowboys.
  8. at3dave

    Sons of Anarchy

    Know what sucks is that I missed the entire last season. It's on what? the 6th season? I missed the entire 5th season, I really need to go back and watch them. I would get them on DVD but i aint rich.
  9. at3dave

    Sons of Anarchy

    It was last season, but I can swear I watched the 2 hour season opener on a Tuesday. Maybe Im just retarded i dont know.
  10. ID.. I'm in Bloomingdale, it's like 20 miles west of chicago actually, Im not really directly in the city, but i come to the city anytime Im looking to do something. Im lookin to go to the "Bottom Lounge" on 10/24 because Lucero is coming to play there. They are one of my favorite bands. I haven't been able to find out what drinks are going to cost me there, but tickets are only 16.00 bucks. Let me know what's up,. It's budget week every week for me. LoL
  11. All I know is I just got here to Chicago. I thought it woulda been nice to have them here. It would have cost a few dollars maybe, but they would have added alot to the city, fixed the roads, built new roads. All that kinda stuff I thought people would want. Look i dont know shit about this city yet. Somebody needs to tell me where I can go out and drink for a night without spending 200 dollars to get drunk. That shit was crazy the other weekend, I had like 10 mixed drinks and a meal... spent 200 dollars. WTF is that about?
  12. at3dave

    Sons of Anarchy

    Right, I DVR'd the first two episodes and forgot about it, ... so I watched the first three episodes kinda in a row, and it seems like I been waitin a month for the next one. The other thing Is i watch house,... so its real rough because House is on tueday's as well.
  13. Don't know how I forgot it and how it didn't get mentioned., but I thought IN BRUGES was one of the best Colin Farrel Movies i ever seen. LOVED it, and.. Boondock Saints... nobody mentioned that.. for real? Definately, Maybe.... (i guess it fits my life so i liked it more then other people will) You Kill Me.... Tea Leoni all excellent. But In Bruges I think is one of my all time favorites.. Im not sure its a popular movie... trust me, if you havent seen it, watch it.
  14. I havent played SOCOM since patch 1.3 LoL
  15. at3dave

    COD MW2 Poll

    I don't remember ever playing it any other way.